Driver Captures Dramatic Car Pile Up On Snow-Covered Highway

A 40-vehicle pile up occurred late last week in Muskegon, Michigan along southbound U.S. 31.

While dozens of vehicles were involved in the massive accident, nobody was seriously harmed. According to MLive, three people had to be taken to the hospital, to treat minor injuries.

The man who shot this video, one Jim Perreault who gave us the “play-by-play”, says that even though he managed to avoid hitting anybody, his car was hit three times by other drivers attempting to brake – one of them even rolled his window down to apologize.

Muskegon Township Police chief David Wypa reported that the pile up happened right after another accident took place on the freeway shoulder, between a stationary tow truck and an out-of-control vehicle.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t help but notice how people tend to exit their vehicles in situations such as these. The best course of action is always to stay put and attempt to inch forward (out of the way) as much as possible, unless your car is already stuck.

Note: Mind the explicit language


  • LeStori

    The lesson here is Humans are the most stupidest creatures on the planet.

    • dumblikeyou2

      proof in the pudding

    • Yeah, just look at how he’s holding the camera.

      • Bash


  • rover10

    Spot the brain cells??????? One has to question if drivers are truly good enough for such conditions, and should the Americans adopt Scandinavian type driving tests, which major on snow conditions. The way the weather’s going, we might have to change the way we drive?

    • Moveon Libtards

      Oh, no, you just KNEW that some moron would turn this into an anti-American whine fest. Save your anti-American inferiority complex.

      You should see the driver’s in CANADA…They are DUMBER than this. Ever driven Highway #401? One of the most dangerous roads in North America because Canadians are idiots. High speed, erradict driving, poor road design, etc.

  • Johnny

    As a Canadian I don’t get it. I understand its a snow storm, but these cars crashing seem to be coming at a higher speed rate crashing. Yet the ones driving very slow manage to avoid the carnage. It don’t seem to be foggy in this video. Its Michigan, am sure most have winter tires. Up here in Quebec 4 winter tires is mandatory by law, and people drive at reduced speeds then whats indicated on signage.

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      “am sure most have winter tires” hahahahaha!! This is in the US. The home of “I must be in front off everyone else no matter how fast I need to drive”

      • Moveon Libtards

        Canada is worst. Driven around Toronto lately. Arrogant and low-skilled drivers. High accident rate.

        Save your anti-American inferiority complex. You really showed your insecurities.

    • Moveon Libtards

      What are you talking about as “a Canadian”???! Highway #401 in Ontario is rated one of the most dangerous highways in North America for a reason and snow tires are mandated. Canadians drive at high speeds in blinding snowstorms. Snow tires wouldnt do crap for most of these vehicles just like it doesnt on the 401 around Toronto where there are massive pileups every winter. Just speed, weather, reduced visibility, idiot drivers, etc. Just dont drive in bad weather like this.

  • Michael Smith

    The problem lies is that US Drivers think because they have AWD or 4wd or snow tires and or chains that it is OK to drive the posted speed limit during inclement weather…. Those conditions should mandate driving a maximum of 25 mph

    • jsz00

      Canadian drivers are the same to some extent

      • benT

        Australian drivers are not like that………………………

      • PlonPlon

        Yes they are.

  • Emoto

    I’ll have “Driving too fast for conditions” for 1000, please, Alex.

    • Auf Wiedersehen


      And next I would take, “Ways to die when exiting your car in a pile up” for 500 and hope it’s the double Jeopardy.

      • Emoto

        Yeah, no kidding. Standing around in the “impact zone” is not terribly bright.

  • ace_9

    That was nice 🙂 American sheeps on snowy highway. And the mobile phone journalist was waiting comfortably in his car to be hit by some typical drunk american trucker 😀

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      Not sure where you live or if know but probably 80% of truckers in the US are immigrants from India, Mexico, Iraq, (insert country name here) and most can’t even back their own trucks let alone speak English or follow GPS or simple given directions. I know from dealing with them every day…

      Nice try though…

      • dumblikeyou2

        They also follow the “rules” of the roads from the countries they’ve originally come from. Lately, all I ever see are truckers using the very left lane for passing and also driving in for long distances before getting back onto the right. And they get away with it all the time.

        • Auf Wiedersehen

          Well, if they drive a truck here, we kinda have our own rules. One being know how to correctly drive the vehicle you are driving including backing it into a dock if necessary.

          And left hand lane hogging is ALL drivers. In my state, you can be written a ticket for it but most of the police are sitting in school zones and construction zones shooting fish in a barrel for local revenue. Left lane hogs are one of my biggest peeves but never gets any attention.

          My point before was, trucker stereotypes are no longer fat Americans who like country music and wear cowboy boots.

          • Moveon Libtards

            You do know that Mexicans are ranked the most obese peope on the planet now. Making fun of Mexicans lately?

          • dumblikeyou2

            Many states prohibit trucks from using the left lane at all. Lately, this doesn’t seem to matter to today’s trucker as they have no problem using the lane to pass and hang out in for elongated periods of time. I have no doubt that what you say isn’t true when you speak of today’s truck drivers.

      • ace_9

        Ok, I did not know that. I just know that they are often horrible and dangerous drivers. I did not know, most of them are immigrants.

        • Auf Wiedersehen

          I agree, they are horrible and dangerous drivers, regardless of where they come from. Most trucking schools send them out barely prepared and pulling 60-80,000 pounds around the rest of us and hope for the best.

    • Moveon Libtards

      Are you triggered? Need a safe space. Its people like you why President Trump is in the White house. Karma.

  • BlackPegasus

    Autonomous driving cars would have prevented this.

    • gbmike25

      Right, because a robot can see through white snow and clearly identify a white lane marking ….. or maybe they thought of that, who knows…? … Oh wait, maybe that’s the point, by then, dumb humans will not be driving and dumb robots cant see the lane markings so also not driving = no crashes 🙂

      • Status

        Actually, if an autonomous car drove over the same road in the summer months and cataloged all the road markings and signs, using the same reference data in the winter wouldn’t affect the autonomous car. The data could then be distributed over via cloud to other autonomous cars that have never seen that road before, and then they would know where the markings are.

        So yeah, a robot could see through white snow and clearly identify a white lane marking. All humans can do is guess where the lane markers are, and the above video is evidence of what happens when humans try to make uneducated guesses.

        • gbmike25

          is that fact? just curious…. didn’t think of that

          • Status

            I don’t know of any automakers or software developers doing it as such, but to not have a established database of road markings and signs to better aid an autonomous car in making its decisions would be detrimental to their development.

            The autonomous car wouldn’t be making snap judgments on the fly. With the given inputs from cameras and sensors, it would compare it against the database of other cars that drove the same road. That’s 2 forms of machine learning; the dynamic (on the fly) and the historic (database) that would better inform the autonomous car.

    • jsz00

      Actually, it wouldn’t work because the cameras and sensors are covered by crap… and your ordinary soccer mom would think that she can go faster to her destination by turning it off.

  • Moveon Libtards

    Looks like typical day on Highway 401 in Canada with all my dumb fellow Canadians behind the wheel. No different.

  • exeptor

    Shits like that happen everywhere. I can’t blame americans for not being a good drivers. It is a big country with lots of cars and really heavy traffic and even statistically it is pretty normal to see such things. Plus the conditions a far from normal winter road. If there is an ice under this snow there is no winter tyres, no awd, nothing – even 25 mph is a perfect for a nice slip. I can see in the video that other cars hit the man with the camera in relatively slow speed. I can’t imagine if they hit him with 60 mph – the result would not be the same.

    • brn

      Thank you. I get tired of the “Americans are idiots” comments.

  • Wyoh

    They also follow the “rules” of the roads from the countries they’ve originally come from. Lately, all I ever see are truckers using the very left lane for passing and also driving in for long distances before getting back onto the right. And they get away with it all the time.


    • Bo Hanan

      * Dry weather? James Bond!
      * Snow/bad weather? The Pope.


    This is why authorities often tell people to stay off the roads – depending on conditions of course. Also, considering the temps up in that area – around -20+ degrees last I recall – I’m surprised people would even be out and about. I’d figured they just stay indoors and keep warm. But I’m guessing they still had to go to work.

  • Matt

    What maybe surprised me the most was that only a few drivers seemed to have their hazards on.

    • Bo Hanan

      Before, definitely after the fact.

    • jsz00

      I think that’s what contributed to the pileup… no one knows if a car is stopped or braking due to poor visibility.

  • brian

    Put the car in Sport mode take it out of eco might have help

  • jsz00

    People with winter tires and SUVs need to realize that they’re not invincible.

  • Rzrlf

    the real tragedy here is that they filmed this in portrait

    • El-diablo

      But turning the phone over takes too much time in the moment

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