Slippery When Wet: Driver Loses Control, Rolls Over Snow Bank

The man behind the wheel of this car was doing a little over 60 km/h (37 mph) when he started to lose control and, unfortunately didn’t manage keep his vehicle on the road.

Now, whether it’s snow, ice or just slush, driving at a low speed is the best advice for any type of slippery road surface.

According to the video’s description, other drivers pulled over and offered assistance. Judging by the sounds coming from the car after the crash, the man was conscious and moving.

While the situation was dire from the moment the car began to slide around, it does look as though a more experienced hand might have prevented it, potentially stopping the car from going over the snow bank.

It’s also possible that the car could have started to slide even if the driver was traveling at a lower speed; however, this would have given him more time to react.


  • danno

    Sped up before getting to the curve, and that was enough to lose traction, and roll it,

    • Bash

      To be fair, i think he tried to slow down and reduce his speed a little bit, it clear in the clip, but i guess it wasn’t enough, that plus maybe the sudden/fast steering.

      • jsz00

        Nah, just look at his speed on the caption

  • Infinite1

    He braked while in the curve which is not a good move, should of braked before the curve.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    I am sorry for him. Low speed and all…still it’s a moment for crap like this to happen.

    • jsz00

      60 km/h is not a speed you want to enter into a turn in conditions like that

      • Wandering_Spirit

        There is a clean path where you can actually drive at that speed if you check. I think he ended up a bit on the right side and that happened.

  • ace_9

    That brown melted snow is a clear indication to slow down before such curve. That was totally drivers fault. It is very common type of surface on roads in winter and it is almost like ice. Even getting straight on such surface at higher speeds is triggering the stability control in modern cars and driving 60 km/h without any attempt to slow down is the same as intentionally crashing the car.

  • Puddingpopper

    Get some snow tires ya wanka

  • Harry_Wild

    kIndon’t think he should of braked at all on a highway where there is no cars in front of you! Braking is what cause the skidding!