2019 World Car Of The Year Award Down To 10 Finalists, Vote Your Favorite In Our Poll

The 2019 World Car of the Year award will soon be attributed to one lucky and extremely competent car, following another elimination round set to take place on March 5 in Geneva. Ultimately, the winner will be crowned on April 17 in New York.

A jury comprised of 86 international automotive journalists used their expertise to cut the ballot from a total of 40 contenders to just 10 finalists. Here they are in alphabetical order, sorted by category:

2019 World Car of the Year: Audi e-tron, BMW 3-Series, Ford Focus, Genesis G70, Hyundai Nexo, Jaguar I-PACE, Mercedes A-Class, Suzuki Jimny, Volvo S60/V60, Volvo XC40.

2019 World Urban Car: Audi A1, Hyundai AH2/Santro, Kia Soul, SEAT Arona, Suzuki Jimny.

2019 World Luxury Car: Audi A7, Audi Q8, BMW 8-Series, Mercedes CLS, Volkswagen Touareg.

2019 World Performance Car: Aston Martin Vantage, BMW M2 Competition, Hyundai Veloster N, McLaren 720S, Mercedes-AMG 4-door Coupe.

2019 World Green Car: Audi e-tron, Honda Clarity PHEV, Hyundai Nexo, Jaguar I-PACE, Kia Niro EV.

2019 World Car Design of the Year: Citroen C5 Aircross, Jaguar E-PACE, Jaguar I-PACE, Suzuki Jimny, Volvo XC40.

After the April 17 finale, we can look forward to the World Car Garage, scheduled for the fourth year at the London Motor Show in May. It will not only celebrate the 2019 winners, but also offer a glimpse at the 2020 contenders.

While the main 2019 WCOTY award is the most important one, we’re interested to hear your thoughts on the other categories as well, so sound off below.


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  • StrangerGP

    Suzuki Jimny – most honest and beautiful car revealed last year.

    • It’s nice, but not for the world.

    • nastinupe

      It’s ok for India lol.

  • do I have a none of them option? These all together didn’t excite me at all in any perspectives; being practical, family use, innovative, sporty&dynamic, any other?
    I’d love to see a model 3 or a good sports car there or at least something new but had a shocking entrance to the market.

    • brn

      There are a few that may be deserving, but I agree otherwise. The choices are such that I’m likely to vote against some of the cars, rather than for them.

  • I think the world car should be sold on every continent. some of the contestants are not.

    • Matt

      Nah it should be based on merit, not where it’s sold.

  • Adilos Nave

    The I-Pace should clean house.

    • lagunas3ca

      Joke of the Year

      • Matt

        Why do you hate it so much?

        • donald seymour

          Umm…Matt, reliability?

          • Adilos Nave

            It was just released. How in the ever living hell could you have any data regarding reliability yet?

          • donald seymour

            Very true. However, Jag’s and it’s sibling have a horrible track record for their reliability even in their newly released vehicles.

          • Adilos Nave

            Compared to what? I have zero vested interest in this other than I simply like the car so completely honest question. Jaguar and Land Rover definitely had reliability issues in the past, no doubt, but I thought they had improved dramatically since being purchased by Tata.

          • donald seymour

            Wow, ouch, I’m sorry to break it to you, but Tata didn’t change their corporate culture. They’re still having issues with reliability in regards to electronics, which is a major issue in today’s automotive climate.

          • Matt

            Reliability isn’t a criteria in this award. Any number of these finalists may have some catastrophic failure waiting down the line.

        • lagunas3ca

          It’s ugly, expensive, and doesn’t compete with any other vehicle in its “class(es).”

      • Adilos Nave

        Seriously? It seems really impressive.

        • donald seymour

          On paper it does, but in the day to day life concerning reliability, no.

        • TheBelltower

          It’s pretty. That’s where the impressiveness ends. From a tech perspective, it’s not great. And it’s much less efficient than a comparable larger, faster EV… whose name I won’t mention. 😉

    • SteersUright

      Ever sat in one? Plastics on par with a base Hyundai Accent, with maybe the Accent having the edge. Felt so cheap and flimsy, I couldn’t consider it at its price no matter the semi-decent looks and good performance.

      • liams92

        I’ve sat in one I would completely disagree. Not my choice for world car of the year but to bash its interior is unfair when you look at the competition.

  • eb110americana

    Genesis G70 or e-Tron.

    • Stephen G

      e-Tron?! $75,000 for 200 mile range! This 2019 not 1919!

      • Matt

        They had 200 mile range EV’s in 1919?

        • Stephen G

          The 1915 Detroit Electric achieved 210 miles. It was the only car Henry Ford’s wife would drive.

  • ErnieB


  • Jason Panamera

    World Car of the Year: Focus
    World Urban Car: Audi A1
    World Luxury Car: Q8
    World Performance Car: 720s
    World Green Car: Kia Niro EV
    World Design Car of the Year: Jaguar I-Pace
    World Car which I wouldn’t ever buy becasue I am poor: Every car

  • SteersUright

    Jimny? A cheaply made, underpowered Jeep knockoff? I get that it looks cute and has clearance and all that, but every review says it doesnt feel safe, substantial, nor very refined. In essence, its a cheap toy alternative to a Wrangler.
    Yes, frankly, it looks adorable. But it lacks substance.
    On the other hand, BMW went balls-out with the new 3-series from what I’ve read. Kudos to them.

    • willhaven

      The Jimny is cheap, right?

  • DanSemering

    2019 World Car of the Year: Audi e-tron
    2019 World Urban Car: Kia Soul
    2019 World Luxury Car: Audi A7
    2019 World Performance Car: Aston Martin Vantage
    2019 World Green Car: Audi e-tron
    2019 World Car Design of the Year: Suzuki Jimny

    • nastinupe

      Agree on all except for the Jimny.

    • TheAmerican2point0

      Nah the Audi A7 has a pretty boring interior. I’ve been in one

  • TheBelltower

    The only “world car” that has the potential to be a game changer on this list is the eTron… though I prefer the Jimny. The others are not very interesting.

  • ztamg04

    World car needs to be the Genesis G70, a perfect sports sedan.

  • nastinupe

    F the Jimny? What does it have, 100 hp? Seriously? That thing is a joke. You guys are hyping this thing up more than you did the Subaru BRZ. Just admit that you hate Jeep because the Wrangler JL is an amazing vehicle.

    • willhaven

      I like the Jimny. I wouldn’t mind a cheap off-roader with a glazed donut for a powerplant. As long as it can cruise on the highway at 65mph, I’d be satisfied. It’d probably drive like a brick wall though.

    • brn

      The Jimny has it’s place and is a decent little vehicle. However, it shouldn’t be winning any awards.

    • Eagle By Singer

      100hp…. That’s enough…
      It’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean…..

    • I’d have both the Wrangler and the Jimny.

  • Momogg

    Fuel cell.

  • robotlogic

    The Focus??? Jimny??? Are any of you that voted that way even old enough to drive?

    • ErnieB

      Lmao ?

    • TheAmerican2point0

      They’d be more fun to drive than any of the rest of the cars

    • Mr. EP9

      What’s wrong with the Focus and Jimny?

      • robotlogic

        Nothing, they are just NOT world car of the year worthy!

  • willhaven

    Can it be considered a world car if it’s not available in most parts of the world?

  • Eagle By Singer

    I know the jimny really isn’t anything special. But it’s the only one I’d consider buying.

  • Mike anonymous
    • Mr. EP9

      Jimny’s votes are catching up.

      • Mike anonymous

        That’s what I voted for. I honestly thought the genesis G70 would have come in at the top for most voted though.

  • If you are voting for a Focus, you are looking at a wrong website.

  • Mr. EP9

    Didn’t Ford drag the Focus behind and barn and shoot it?

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