GM’s eBike Brand Named ARĪV, Launches In Europe With Two Models

Back in November, GM asked fans to help it find a name for its new eBike brand. The automaker eventually chose the ARĪV moniker, so this is how it will be named from now on.

The new company launches with two eBikes: the compact Meld and the folding Merge. Engineered and designed in GM facilities in Michigan and Ontario, the ARĪV eBikes benefit from the company’s experience with electric vehicle motor software and controls.

Both feature an all-new motor built specifically for them that delivers “top-of-segment power and torque for its size,” according to GM. While they didn’t reveal the motor’s specific output and torque, they did say it enables the eBikes to reach a top speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph). Additionally, GM said the bikes offer four levels of pedal-assisted power.

3.5 hours for a full charge, 40 miles of range

As with the engine, the battery was designed and validated to rigorous testing standards similar to GM’s EVs. According to the press release, charging the battery to 100 percent takes approximately 3.5 hours and results in a range of up to 64 kilometers (40 miles). The ARĪV Merge and Meld offer standard safety components such as integrated, rechargeable front and rear LED safety lights and oversized brake rotors.

GM’s eBikes have a compact design that allows for easier transit and more convenient storage, especially the ARĪV Merge which folds and can be rolled on its two wheels while folded. Both eBikes feature a walk mode which assists users in walking the bikes up steep terrain by engaging the motor. For a clean look, the Meld and Merge feature internal cable routing.

ARĪV Meld priced from €2,750, folding Merge from €3,350

On the tech front, the eBikes can connect with the ARĪV app via Bluetooth, providing the user with riding metrics such as speed, distance, remaining battery level, motor assist level, distance traveled and more. In the future, the app will offer additional features including a mode that will help riders arrive at their destination sweat-free. The electric bicycles also come equipped with a Quad Lock mount for attaching a smartphone as well as an integrated USB port to charge mobile devices.

The ARĪV eBikes are launching first in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, where eBikes are really popular. Prices in Germany start from €2,750 ($3,100) for the Meld and €3,350 ($3,800) for the Merge. Deliveries are expected in the second quarter of this year, with preorders available from today.

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  • Ilbirs

    For those who thought GM got out of Europe, now we know that it made a comeback, but not as we were thinking it’d be.

  • Bash

    What is Ariv. Sounds a bit middle eastern!

    • Perry F. Bruns

      It probably tested better than Showup or Getthere.

  • Lesa

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  • Andrew Leitch

    €3500 seriously? Who’s gonna spend that on a folding bike

    • Perry F. Bruns

      Oh, come on. I just looked it up on Amazon and that’s an average pr…oh.

      €3500. No, that’s just idiotic. A bunch of highly-rated folding bikes are under $300, so about €267 depending on daily exchange rates. So basically if you went completely nuts and spent twice that, you’d probably still have an truly awesome folding bike and save yourself almost €3000.

  • Mike anonymous

    Why doesn’t GM just call it “The Chevy (Sorry, I don’t have a good name but I’m sure someone could think of something great)” and brand it as a Chevy product?

    I personally think it would actually help boost Chevys’ public image (which outside of the Suburban, Tahoe, Corvette, Silverado, & Colorado) isn’t exactly at it’s best. It would certainly make GM appear a lot nicer (especially to whoever is buying these things).

    What GM should really be concerned about is it’s products, and the public perception of a brand, because if one or the other (or possibly in this case both) are not doing well, then that could spell trouble for sales (if generating sales is your goal). I personally feel it would have made more sense to brand it as a Chevy product and actually feature it as a part of their ‘transportation’ line-up.

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