Icy Roads Lead To Massive 47 Car Pileup In Missouri

A wicked winter storm hit Missouri on Friday and caused hundreds of accidents and at least three fatalities.

One of the hardest hit areas was westbound I-70, near Oak Grove, which saw a massive 47 car pileup that caused “multiple injuries” and a fatality. The scary scene was caught on video by Twitter user @DanteJ21 who filmed car after car hitting each other.

In the short clip, you can see a Nissan drive between two big rigs before slamming into a white pickup which was involved in a previous accident. Seconds later, another big rig comes barreling down on the accident scene and appears to crash into several vehicles off camera.

It’s quickly followed by a Buick Encore which travels between two big rigs, before crashing into the aforementioned pickup truck. The crossover eventually comes to a rest next to the red Nissan that we saw about 10 seconds earlier. The Buick is then hit by a white Nissan Altima which itself is hit a by GMC Sierra.

The pileup reportedly started with a single accident that occurred shortly before noon local time. The icy roads meant drivers couldn’t stop in time to avoid the accident, so a pileup quickly ensued.

I-70 was eventually shutdown and the Missouri State Highway Patrol used an ATV to check on stranded motorists. The highway was eventually reopened, at approximately 8:26 pm, and police warned motorists to stay off the roads if possible.

Their concern was warranted as the Missouri State Highway Patrol took to Facebook on Friday to reveal they had responded to 598 stranded motorists, 587 crashes, 53 injuries and one fatality since 9:00 am. At little before noon on Saturday, those numbers jumped to 779 stranded motorists, 729 crashes, 60 injuries and 3 fatalities.


  • Adilos Nave

    Conditions looked pretty bleak. But hey, I’m in a big ol’ SUV, punch the gas and let’s see what happens!! The semi trailers were already at a full stop and these idiots go flying through like they are trying to drive as fast as possible in hopes of getting the holeshot.

  • Knotmyrealname

    How STUPID is this!!! How fast are these people travelling in dire conditions? It beggars belief.
    Frankly, hate to say it, but they deserved all they got. The lot of them.

  • Hale Comer

    Anyone heard of Winter tires and driving according to road conditions?

    • Mr. EP9


    • Knotmyrealname

      I saw 3 minutes of ‘no’.

  • Mr. EP9

    Every time it snows it just brings out the worst drivers.


    Damn that’s the biggest tragic happen in 2019. But the guy is right, why would she want to get out of the truck? This is why she needs to be submissive to him and listen to what he’s saying.


    That ford escape doesn’t look too good.

  • Bash

    Those cars are in Misery
    I’ll just leave that here and see if someone notice. lol

  • Marty

    Some people seem to think that keeping the speed limit and the three second rule is enough. But those are for dry roads and good visibility.

    It’s really quite easy.

  • Ben

    I’ve always wondered what would be the right thing to do in that situation? Should you stay in your car and get rammed into more when more cars pile up or should you get out and stand on the side of the road? Both seem incredibly dangerous. If you stay in the car, you could be crushed by multiple impacts or become trapped when a fire starts. However, if you get out, you might get clipped by a driver trying to avoid the pileup. No good option anyway you slice it.

    • Paulbe

      Assuming no fires then its probably safer to stay forward of the action as the line gets longer, and further away.

  • Paulbe

    Dante’s inferno?

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