New Hyundai Crossover To Debut In NY, Will Slot Beneath The Kona

The New York Auto Show is two months away and Hyundai will use the event to introduce a new crossover that slots beneath the Kona.

Speaking to Motor Trend, the head of Hyundai’s Global Design Center in Namyang revealed the crossover will be smaller and “distinctively different” than the Kona. SangYup Lee went on to describe the model as having a “very boxy, bold, bull-doggy character.”

The crossover will go on sale later this year and be positioned as an entry-level, niche vehicle. As a result, the model will likely be more affordable than the Kona which starts at $19,990 before destination fees.

Little else is known about the model, but it will likely become one of the smallest crossovers in the United States. There’s no word on dimensions at this point, but the Kona measures 164 inches (4,165 mm) long, 70.9 inches (1,800 mm) wide and 61 inches (1,549 mm) tall.

Specifications also remain a mystery and it’s unclear if the model will be offered with all-wheel drive. An increasing number of small crossovers aren’t available with all-wheel drive and Toyota has admitted this is negatively impacting sales of the C-HR.

Regardless, Hyundai has high hopes for the model and Lee said the automaker wants to be “ambitious with CUVs.” It remains to be seen if ambition will result in increasing sales, but the company apparently sees the A-segment as a white space that is ripe for the picking.

Note: Hyundai Kona pictured

  • SUVguy4ever

    Derek Zoolander would say: “What is this? An SUV for Ants?”



      he’s lame and corny

  • Dude

    The Kona is already so tiny lol

    • JRP

      I think the Hyundai Styx may be the same size as the Kia Soul, and most likely as body as it.

      • diesel_vdub

        The Kona and Soul and virtually the same size. Same width, Kona is an inch longer, Soul is 3 inches taller.

    • bd0007

      Likely that the next gen Kona will grow in size (as will the next Tucson).

  • Felipe Politano

    …and there goes the Accent.

    • Socarboy

      Probably true, the Kona superseded the Accent hatch


      nah, they’re replacing it in south korea. It’s not confirmed in the states.

  • PhilMcGraw

    Hopefully it will be a two-door vehicle. Since the guy mentioned a “niche” vehicle I am guessing that could mean foregoing the four door and just having a two door vehicle. I could see it being successful that way actually, but if they try to cram four doors it’s just going to flop.

    Case in point: Ford Ecosport. That vehicle is much too small for four doors.

    • Matt

      You’re going to turn away a lot of sales with only two doors. Considering it will be about the size of other small four-door SUVs you can already buy in Europe (Renault Captur, SEAT Arona etc) – four doors is a must, otherwise it will be seen as impractical and a novelty vehicle.

  • Socarboy

    Should be successful, I’m beginning to see a lot of Konas running around the South Carolina coast

  • NoMan2015

    It’s called the Styx and there are numerous spy shots of it out there.

  • SpongeBob99Swell

    …what?! Aren’t Sub-Compact Crossover SUVs like the Kona itself already puny enough as it is???

    If you’re really expecting a utility-purposed vehicle smaller than a puny crossover, small hatchbacks exist.

    …The SUV craze gets craze-ier (pun intended) the more I think about it at this point….

  • Paul

    It will most likely sell because it’s size will make it affordable, whereas a lot of other stuff is just too pricey for a lot of folks on limited budgets.

  • bd0007

    There will be a market for an A-segment crossover, esp. in Europe.

    W/ the addition of the Styx in the lineup, would seem to bode that the next Kona will grow a little in size.

  • Interested buyer

    Hyundai Creta (not create).
    It’s the one.
    Go search it up
    It’s a available in India now ….

    • Enoch Gabriel Gonzales

      No. It’s the styx they will launch. Creta is made for emerging markets, and USA is not one of them

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