Tesla’s Latest Hell Is A Three Month Wait For A Model 3 Bumper

Tesla described 2018 as the “most pivotal year” in their history as the automaker was able to sell nearly 140,000 Model 3s. This means the car was the best-selling premium vehicle in the United States last year.

Tesla was able to achieve this despite problems at the Gigafactory and issues at their production plant in Fremont, California. The problems have largely been worked out, but the flood of new Teslas is creating issues of its own.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the rapid increase in production has exacerbated the company’s notoriously slow repair process. In essence, more Teslas on the road mean there are more Teslas getting in accidents and needing to be repaired.

Tesla owners have struggled with long waits to get replacement parts and it appears the issue hasn’t gotten any better. The publication talked to one Model 3 owner who had to wait for three months to get a replacement bumper for their car.

Bumpers are pretty common replacement component and a three month wait is staggering. Tesla forums are also peppered with reports of long waits and the issue goes back several years.

Unsurprisingly, the delays have been met with frustration and anger in some cases. This is understandable as getting replacement parts from other automakers is a pretty quick and straightforward process.

Tesla is aware of the issue and the paper noted CEO Elon Musk has stated his top priority for this quarter is to improve how the automaker services its vehicles. Of course, this won’t be an easy process as a lack of replacement parts can’t be fixed overnight. However, Tesla sales have shown signs of softening so more parts could be directed to repair centers.

  • Arthur Burnside

    Tesla is looking to set the biggest drop in sales by an automaker with the Model 3 this year. Tesla can’t give them away.

    • Nick Hebert

      Calling FUD on this one. 35k model 3 is around the corner. Prices across the board are coming down and will continue to come down. Model Y reveal will convince more buyers as it brings attention to the brand. Consumer Reports ranked it number 1 in vehicles that bring owners the most joy. Their is not a single bit of data that indicates their momentum is going to take some kind of nose dive.

      • Mr. EP9

        35k Model 3 around the corner? Sure. It’s not like people have been waiting since 2016 or anything like that. Also, Consumer Reports also called the Model 3 one of the most unreliable as well. But when that “affordable” Model 3 comes about give me a shout. Lord knows Tesla has been dragging their feet on the thing.

        • Nick Hebert

          FYI I reserved on day 1 and got my LR AWD months ago. I had no problem waiting.Bringing a compelling car to mass market at the price targets they’re setting is extremely difficult. Zero issues so far. I’m not sure what CR has said in terms of reliability (not a lot of data yet anyways for such a new car) but last I recall, they didn’t recommend it last year citing inconsistent braking distance (which was a simple algorithmic OTA update fix), being against controls on the screen, and ride quality (stiffness) concerns. After Tesla fixed the brakes, CR retested and guess what? They gave it the Recommendation. The car rides great. Done several long distance trips and comfortable the whole way. Have their been minor issues? Yes. Are there way less moving parts than an ICE car to worry about fixing? Tremendously so. I’m not here to sway you, but you should give the car a second look and dig deeper into what is said about the car. The biggest reliability factor is the battery and overall Tesla has shown the battery can last easily over half a million miles. Just look at the highest mileage ones on the road today still on the original battery. And this is only with current battery tech. The next gen stuff is going to be considerably better and is maybe 1-2 years away.

    • benT

      Audited numbers say that the company can’t give them away because the full production run for the next 18 month to 2 years are already sold and deposits have been paid.

      Someone owns each and every one of them, and the company has not yet commenced for production of a RHD model – for UK, JAPAN, Australia, HONG KONG, INDIA, Brunei, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, INDONESIA, and Sri Lanka, KENYA, SOUTH AFRICA, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, Namibia, Swaziland, Uganda, and Tanzania and DOZENS of other smaller countries.

      That’s about 2 billion people, or maybe a few less, who can’t yet order one for their own country.

      At present, Tesla is simply directing enquiries to their websites where you can buy with a credit card or proof of funds available and not advertising comparatively or otherwise – apart from general corporate notes regarding upcoming new vehicles – 4 trucks, one sold out sports car and possibly a full scale utility or three.

      Can’t – for the life of me – see anything like your view of the world.
      On the other hand my sphincter is still wrinkled.

    • stockinbug

      Really? Bloomberg Model 3 tracker shows they have recently hit a burst production rate of nearly 9000 cars / week on model 3. Why would they be doing that if demand was slowing?

      Tesla critics have ALWAYS pretended that demand wasn’t there, even as sales kept climbing, even after Model 3 made it onto the top-ten best-selling car list last summer.

      Wishing doesn’t make it so.

  • Ben

    I honestly don’t hate Tesla and I want them to succeed, but I just can’t stand some of the owners! They’re always taking a dump on every other car brand or act like we’re morons for not adopting EV technology at this point in time. That smug arrogance reminds me so much of Prius drivers (2008-2012) or the “My car is better bro” attitude of Hummer drivers.

  • Mr. EP9

    Any other car brand this would be unacceptable but Tesla owners just take it on the chin. Why? Who knows?


      Just because they are fapboys

    • geo241

      I am on my 3rd Tesla and I agree there are too many “fanboys” who feel the need to cut Tesla way too much slack, IMHO. I have been waiting for 4+ months for a replacement passenger sun visor as the car was delivered with that element’s mirror shattered! Further most of us who were delivered the PERFORMANCE Model 3 in early production still do NOT have the carbon fiber spoiler we were supposed to have as part of that package.

      Cosmetic details for me and my car is totally drivable for my single car household use, but just a small example of Tesla NOT having parts and not getting them to their customers. Am I still a “basically happy” Tesla owner? For sure, the Model 3 is the best performance experience for the $$$ out there and an amazing “economy car”as well.

      But this buying experience pales in comparison to what I enjoyed with the 2013 and 2015 Model S vehicles.

  • MD

    I just test drove a Model 3 in Los Angles yesterday. I configured the one I want, and they said they can have it to me within 48 hours. They have inventory of all the basic models sitting in various places around LA. Sales have slowed and inventory is building up. Unfortunately, unlike other car dealers, they don’t have the ability to make me a better deal on the price as a result.

    I may or may not get the model 3. I’m thinking about it this week and reading up on long term reviews. I think it’s a fantastic car and the best ev for the price of course. I just worry a bit about issues like repairs and I know from others that this is a real issue.

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