Careless Tesla Model X Owner Clips His SUV’s Falcon Wing

Accidents are never fun, but they’re even worse when they could have easily been prevented.

That brings us to this Tesla Model X owner who apparently forgot to close the left rear falcon wing door before reversing out of their garage. The cringeworthy incident was captured for posterity by the homeowner’s Nest security camera and uploaded to YouTube last month.

As you can see, the driver successfully manages to close the passenger side falcon wing door, but fails to notice the driver’s side door is still open. As a result, the driver backs out and crashes the door into the wall of their garage.

Despite the relatively slow speed impact, the collision appears to cause the top panel of the falcon wing door to twist and break away from the side panel. Undeterred, the driver attempts to close the door only to get greeted by an audible warning.

While the incident could have been easily avoided, it’s far from the first time it has happened. A handful of drivers have admitted to doing something similar on various Tesla forums and on YouTube. In one incident, the crash cracked the top window, threw a hinge out of alignment and caused damage to the crossover’s paint job.

There’s no word on how much it will cost to repair this damaged Model X, but the owner could be separated from their car for quite some time. According to one Model X owner, whose wife drove “through the garage with a wing door open,” a body shop suggested it could take nine weeks to receive replacement parts from Tesla. That post was from a little more than two years ago, though, so hopefully Tesla has built up its inventory by now and repairs don’t take that long.


  • Mr. EP9

    The owner should find a new place to put all those kids toys. They’ll have some extra room in there.

    • BDub

      are you talking about the overpriced cars or the bikes?

  • NoMan2015

    Why on earth would the owner even post this video? To share with millions that he’s an idiot?


    • Jarosław Kotowicz

      Now millions will see this and he will get enough money from YouTube to repair the car.

      • NoMan2015

        Only if it generates ad revenue…which it isn’t.

  • designer_dick

    Tesla’s pointless falcon wing doors meet human stupidity. A match made in heaven.

  • Althea Later

    Hahaha. All that hi-tech tech and no tech to prevent mishaps from human error!!!

    • Mike anonymous

      Exactly! … No matter how much ‘tech’ or (whatever) you have; Mistakes & Accidents happen.

    • TheBelltower

      The X has alarms and warning alerts on the screens when it is put into drive with the doors open. Definitely a boneheaded move on behalf of the driver. What’s even more stupid is that they posted a video of it.

  • Six_Tymes


  • FordMopar

    I have a normal car and it gets my attention that one of doors is ajar before I back out. This driver is dumb as a rock. Tesla can’t even make the car stop itself? My parents’ new Fusion with shift knob and when it’s in D mode and the door is open, it automatically puts in Park.

    • Haggy

      Tesla does the same thing, but if a driver ignores the warning, then it could happen.

      If the vehicle is in D and the driver opens the door, the Tesla will switch to P. But this is an example where the driver wants to move the vehicle knowing that the door is open (or paying no attention to the warning) and not one where the driver is about to step out while it’s in gear.

  • Tinky-Winky

    sh*t happens

  • Jay

    Falcon wing doors are cool but I think a model with regular opening rear doors would outsell.

    • TheBelltower

      I don’t know if it would sell more, but it would certainly be less complexed. I chose the X over the S because of the power doors and the ride height.

      • Jay

        You’d still have the ride height but think of the amount of time you’d save not having to wait until the doors open and close. Sure it may seem like seconds but over time they add up like pennies.

        • TheBelltower

          The waiting time for the FWD is quicker than a power door on a minivan. Plus, they can be opened and closed remotely… so no waiting. Regardless, any time loss can be made-up with the absurd acceleration. There is no reason to assume that any manufacturing efficiency would be passed-on to the buyer. Are Range Rovers cheap because they use conventional barn door technology?

          • Jay

            The Range Rover would most likely cost more if it had power opening doors. Not sure your point of asking that but my answer would be yes the barn door opening model would be cheaper than the electric one. Secondly even if it had conventional opening rear doors they could still be opening and closed electronically and remotely if they wanted them to. Lastly yes acceleration is fast but you’d also be on the road faster if you didn’t have to wait for the doors operation too am I right? Side bar. I did some digging a while back and there are plenty of X owners that would prefer the traditional rear door over the cool FWD.

          • Zcat

            Not trying to be, “that” person. But, commas would help,,,lol

          • Jay

            Here have some. ,,,,,,,,,,,

          • Haggy

            Plus, a power door on a minivan can smack into a garage door and get scraped on the bolts if you inadvertently open it with the fob when the garage door is in the wrong position. The Tesla won’t let the doors hit anything unless you physically move the vehicle with a door open and ignore the warning.

            You could leave the back door open on any car and have the garage door opening snap it backwards and twist the body.

  • mihsf

    Good riddance.

  • FordMopar

    I’m baffled by Tesla for not making it stop itself. Current Fusion with shift knob in D mode, it would automatically shift to P right away as soon as the door is open. I saw it myself in person. That’s how it’s supposed to be done.

    • Haggy

      The door was probably already open when the driver shifted to R.

      • benT

        You can do “stay in Park” if doors are open.

        Doors can be held shut until handbrake is on f’rinstance……….

        • Haggy

          Yes they could. Instead they chose to give the driver clear warnings. If you are the type of driver who ignores seat belt warnings for your passengers, I suppose you could miss this one too.

          • benT

            “If you are the type of driver who ignores seat belt warnings……..”
            I’m not and I do not go in cars that do not have seat belts.
            I insist that people belt up or get out.
            My points were that I am surprised the Tesla did not stay in place until doors were shut.
            QUITE an oversight.

          • Haggy

            In that case, you’d be the type not to ignore a warning when doors are open.

            It’s obviously not an oversight if they decided to do something under those circumstances. Of course they could have decided not to let the car move at all. But they decided that a clear message and alarm would make it clear, and they decided to let it move, just like virtually all cars.

    • benT

      top suggestion!
      Odd that even old buses (Scania, Volvo, Daewoo,,,,,,) can be made to not go forward without doors closed yet this happened to the Tesla………..

      • FordMopar


  • Jay

    I drive a bus and it will not engage the drive gear if either rear door is open. Both have to be manually opened ironically. I’d say my bus is more advanced than this Tesla for that reason alone but I’m sure a software update would fix this issue for the X.

  • anthony801

    herding kids not an easy task. You tend to forget things and lose track of what your are doing.

    • benT

      “…….and lose track of what your are doing.”

      my wife gets that way, especially when we’re dancing horizontally…………

  • benT

    2 years ‘news’ ?????????


  • Jim Ragland


  • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

    Overly-heavy and gimmicky rear door receives the treatment it deserves.

  • Haggy

    The car gives a clear warning if someone tries to drive with a door open. Maybe Tesla needs to add a user setting with multiple levels of annoyance.

    15 years ago, I had gouges on my rear hatch lift gate from the bolts on the garage door from a couple of times that the garage door closed when the hatch was open. The garage door can’t warn me about a hatch being open so all in all, the Tesla problem is relatively preventable.

  • Haggy

    Is it a legal requirement for all comment sections to have at least one poster who is an utter idiot?

    There are literally hundreds of thousands of Tesla vehicles and only a relative few that had this happen. There’s no indication that Tesla drivers move their vehicles with a door open any more than drivers of any other car do, except those won’t make the news.

    I suggest you ask any body shop and you will find out that this happens with all vehicles.

    The difference is that if there were any actual problem with all Tesla drivers doing this, then Tesla would be able to prevent it with a software change.

    • benT

      I once backup my Jaguar XJ6 Series I and ripped off the driver door.

  • Zeuster

    Two Teslas in the driveway and all those toys going unused. They’ll be fine.

  • Jim H. Lee

    A push update to use the existing cameras to help the doors open could be programed to stop the car when it detects an impact. Something like a reverse cross traffic alert

  • TB

    Was that a kid or the owner crying?

    • dumblikeyou2

      No that was the audible alarm the Tesla computer brain wails out when it booboos.

  • kDawg

    Look! I can drive with the wings up!

  • Paulo Almeida

    There are a lot of cars that just won’t move if the door is open, all well thought out cars do that !!!!
    In a car that uses this type of doors the designer SHOULD have prevented this from happening … typical tesla clumsiness and lack of attention to details.

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