VW Built An Official Replica Of Its Iconic Woodstock ‘Light’ Bus

It took three years to recreate, restore and repaint this Volkswagen Type 2 van, made to look like the famous model that appeared at the legendary 1969 Woodstock Art and Music Fair.

Artist Dr. Bob Hieronimus and Canadian documentarian John Wesley Chisholm worked together with VW USA in order to bring this van to life ahead of Woodstock’s milestone anniversary. The official unveiling will take place this weekend at the Orange County Transporter Organization winter meet in Long Beach, California.

“The bus is really about being one people on one planet,” said Hieronimus, who painted the original 1963 Standard Microbus in 1968. “On every side of the bus is a story – many stories – and the stories all point to unification, working together and a higher conscientiousness, which is what Light really is all about.”

At first, Hieronimus and Chisholm wanted to locate and restore the original ‘Light’ bus. However, after their six month long search did not yield any results, they decided to build a replica instead. The pair then used a Kickstarter campaign in order to acquire an exact model like the original bus – it took six weeks alone just to recreate the original paintings.

“It’s a living room on wheels that you can outfit any way you want, and transport you and your family, however you define family, wherever you want to go,” added Chisholm.

After learning about the project, Volkswagen USA, together with a team of VW fans offered their support during the search and restoration process.

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