Florida: Go Home BMW X5, You’re Drunk

It’s not every day that you get to see an SUV slide all over the highway for no apparent reason and continue on its journey as if nothing happened.

That’s exactly what a dashcam owner witnessed on a Florida highway when a first-generation BMW X5 passed them by and started to put on a surreal show. The SUV slid left and right, covering all lanes and coming to halt after it spun at almost 180 degrees facing the traffic.

Miraculously, the out-of-control BMW didn’t hit any other vehicle and it looks like it emerged unscathed as well from the strange episode. Mind you, we’re talking Florida so there was no question of a slippery road because of ice or snow.

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The dashcam footage shows the SUV passing the cammer on the middle lane before suddenly swerving left and entering into a slide that took it from one side to the other of the highway. Unfortunately, we can’t see what happened before the BMW X5 entered the dashcam’s field of vision but from the looks of it, the SUV seemed to drive normally in the middle lane.

We’re now entering the realm of speculation so feel free to come up with your own theory. Either the driver got scared and made a sudden avoidance maneuver (although we can’t possibly see what they were trying to avoid) or they were simply distracted and grabbed the wheel suddenly when the got their eyes back on the road.

Regardless of the reason that caused the vehicle to execute an involuntary Tokyo drift, the driver had a hard time bringing it to a halt and miraculously escaped a collision with the guardrails and other vehicles. In the end, the X5 drove off as if nothing happened.


  • Bill Nguyen

    Because Florida.

  • David

    Good recovery!

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