Florida Highway Patrolman Pushes Witness Out Of The Way Of Oncoming Audi, Gets Sent Airborne

Law enforcement usually gets a bad rap, but the actions of this Florida Highway Patrolman might change your mind.

According to ABC News, Trooper Mithil Patel responded to an accident on Interstate 95 near the town of Hobe Sound. While talking to Rony Bottex, a Chevrolet Express rear ended an Audi A3. The accident caused the A3 to go spinning out of control and headed straight for Bottex and Patel.

With little time to react, Patel grabbed Bottex and pushed him out of the way. As Bottex starts running, the car crashes into Patel. The front bumper clips his legs which sent him airborne and crashing into the A-pillar. He then flips around mid-air, before falling back to the ground.

At the same time, the car appears to hit Bottex. He can then be seen falling to the ground.

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While the crash looks pretty bad, Patel landed in the grass and is reportedly in good condition despite earlier reports suggesting he was seriously injured. Bottex also injured his knee in the crash, likely when he fell.

Crews who were responding to the earlier accident rushed to the aid of the two men and Patel was taken to the hospital where he is recovering. Bottex praised his quick actions as he told the media that Patel saved his life and he “would be gone” if the trooper didn’t push him out of the way.

Both accidents remain under investigation and it remains unclear if the driver of the van will face any charges.


  • Gullet

    That Audi seems to slow down a lot. If to have a better look at the accident, this is the driver to blame. I hate those curious guys.

    • brn

      Legally, it’s all the van’s fault. He / she wasn’t watching traffic in front of him / her.

    • designer_dick

      The Audi was likely slowing down due to traffic ahead, like the cars in the next lane over. It’s the van driver that’s at fault – you can see that just slams directly into the rear of the Audi with zero attempt to brake, probably because he was too busy getting a good look at the previous incident.

    • salamOOn

      you cant even watch the video properly….but at least we know who you hate.

    • ChrisInIL

      It never ceases to amaze me that, even when presented with evidence, someone can post something contrary to the clearly visible facts in the video.

      Please stay off the roads.

    • TheBelltower

      The van hit the Audi because the van was rubbernecking and not paying attention.

  • Christian
  • Six_Tymes

    glad the trooper is OK

  • That looks like a plumber van, the leaks were pressing and had not time for tiny A3’s ..silly enough somebody hit my A3 at the carwash just yesterday..

  • I’m happy for the girl in the A3 that she’s not reponsable. Chances are, living with that is going to be hard, at least it’s not her fault. Now I want to know why the van was going faster and why this happened… texting? Eating? Looking at the cars on the side of the road?

  • Paul

    That was exciting. I’m glad the guy is OK too.


    LMFAO That’s america’s problem. They give people the license and have no experience on the road. Well, it’s there fault.

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