Red Light Runner Causes Extremely Violent Crash

This frightening crash took place last month in Victoria, Australia’s most densely populated state. Unfortunately, it’s also populated with people who don’t care about traffic regulations.

Take the driver of this black hatchback. They can be seen in the distance making a left turn and continuing to speed towards the intersection. To make matters worse, multiple other motorists were involved in it.

The video was posted online with the following description: “Smith street and Alexander parade, was actually my old man that was in the accident (camera) he’s only got a broken hand and whiplash, unsure about the people in the first car.”

We hope the people in the first car were wearing their seat belts and the safety systems protected them from severe injuries – or worse. The red light runner, on the other hand, identified as a male, impacted the dashcam vehicle driver side-first, and it was quite a blow. He was then taken to the hospital and kept under police guard.

Whatever the reason for him running that red light, if he recovers we would expect authorities to come up with an appropriate sentence, especially since the incident put other people’s lives at a huge risk.


  • Mr. EP9 (Monkey)-Banana

    Damn, I couldn’t imagine sitting ‘nd chillin in my GEO Prism listenin’ 2 Tupac and and whimmy whim! I get hit at a redlight intersection. Shame on them!

    • Mr. EP9

      How did you get out of your enclosure? I put a padlock on the damn thing. Bad Benjy. You get back in there.

      • Loquacious Borborygmus

        Yeah, I’d spank that monkey if I were you.

        • Mr. EP9

          I’m not sure if spank that monkey is the right way to phrase it.

  • dumblikeyou2

    I know it was dangerous and I hope all parties involved are okay, but um, it was kinda awesome and satisfying to watch the crash itself. The sound effects, wow. Hollywood, no need for you anymore. Again though, my thoughts and pra…wtf, whatever it was cool.

  • cooper

    Just watching the video you’d think it was Russia or Florida.

  • Six_Tymes

    This happened to me in 1998. 17 year old driving his grandfathers very old Buick, with his gf, T boned me while I was driving a Camry. My car was totaled, and I ended up with a broken hip and collar bone.

  • Holly shit, What was the Gen2 driver thinking ?

    • LeStori

      Think they were sititng on their brain!

  • davidriley

    Victoria is not Australia’s most populated state by a long shot…….
    Try Google for your fact checking in case you were not sure.

    • LeStori

      Think you forgot to see Most Densely populated state. Which it would be.

      The problem in Victoria is the reliance on revenue cameras to control the driving population . I call them correctly,revenue cameras because the State Governemnt of Victoria budgets for camera fines which go straight into consolidated revenue.

  • FFEMT6

    Ok, looks like he ran 2 traffic lights. No future in that. When you see things like that, it makes a solid argument for autonomous vehicle technology, as much as I hate to say it.

    • DR.FUNK

      I hope there’s a point in the future…where videos like this are more history lesson in explaining the evolution of personal transportation.

    • Jay

      The autonomous car you speak of has no manual controls which is not good. As long as there are controls for a human to take over, things like this can and will happen.

  • Knotmyrealname

    Awful. What a tool.
    And it’s Alexandra Parade, just for reference.

  • Paul

    Ouch. Stupid red light runner end up getting his on both sides of the car.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    For a moment i thought it was Taiwan, where running red lights is normal, although at a painstaking slow speed so that they maximize the exposure to risk for themselves and others. Instead it was Australia. I am genuinely surprised.

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