2019 Hyundai Elantra Sedan Is An Excellent Choice In The Compact Class

Despite the SUV boom, news of compact cars’ demise have been have been greatly exaggerated. They’re affordable, comfortable and loaded with a lot of tech that used to be available only in more expensive models a decade ago.

Hyundai’s entry in the segment is the facelifted Elantra. The 2019MY has received a styling update on the outside, with some triangle-shaped elements, and several changes in the cabin, including the redesigned instrument cluster, air vents, new audio and climate control switchgear and a new center console.

Every trim level, apart from the base one, comes with a 7-inch infotainment system. The 8-inch unit is optional and brings a faster processor, smartphone integration and other features. Also, space at the back is relatively good, and so is the boot capacity, yet some of its rivals overpass it in these chapters.

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All in all, there’s nothing major to complain about. Quite the contrary, actually, because the fully-loaded model comes with a lot of gear, including heated leather seats, sunroof, wireless smartphone charging and LED headlights, to name a few.

This was the version tested by RoadShow, and it came with the 2.0-liter engine that produces 147 horsepower (149 PS / 110 kW) and is mated to a smooth-shifting 6-speed auto. It costs about $27,000, or roughly $9,000 more than the entry-level spec, yet the added equipment makes it worth spending the extra buck.

But is the 2019 Elantra Sedan a good choice in the compact sedan segment, or should one opt for the usual Volkswagen Jetta or Toyota Corolla? The reviewer said it’s actually “an excellent choice” – and you can watch the video below to find out why.


  • LJ

    1998 called, it wants its Ford New Edge design language back.

    • no25

      this would be funnier if the Ford Edge actually existed in 1998

      • LJ

        Wow. I’m not talking about the Ford Edge… I’m taking about Ford’s New Edge design language.

        “New Edge” was Ford’s design language back in the late ‘90’s. It featured sharp creases and geometric shapes. The ‘99 Cougar and Mustang featured New Edge design.


          LOL what an idiot

        • MarketAndChurch

          I actually didn’t know about New Edge until your comment. But you are right, and there’s nothing wrong with that, nor is this design philosophy exclusive to Ford. By the way, it’s kind of a mix of New Edge, with the technicality of Hyundai’s german design philosophy.

  • WalthamDan

    Reviewers always seem to forget that the look of a car is almost always the #1 thing people consider before purchase (or so the surveys say). Why Hyundai had the screw this one up by redesigning the front with sharp, pointed edges made no sense. Designs work best when they are simple, not complex or overdone. Queue the incentives and fleet sales.

    • Liam Paul

      I am shocked at how many people though are buying these judging from the fact I see them on the road a lot now in the last month and no, their not rentals, I look for those stickers on the tailgate that say so, it seems people like this design! I dont but to each their own

    • charlotteharry57

      I heartily disagree. Not always. In the case of the Elantra, its near-excellent reliability and low price means that looks are NOT everything..

  • Jason Miller

    ’17-18 Sport will always be the best looking version of this generation.

  • Thetruthísntalwayspopular


  • Jay Jenkins

    146 hp? 32 overall mpg……..guess it depends what is important to someone.

  • Craig

    I think it looks great. Inside AND out. It’s not easy to stand out without going overboard. And I think Hyundai aced it.

  • khc

    “It costs about $27,000, or roughly $9,000 more than the entry-level spec, yet the added equipment makes it worth spending the extra buck.”
    – certainly worth the extra $9k, says an auto writer, who probably drives an old Trabant (or doesn’t even own a car).

  • joseph

    27k is too much, the elantra sport is the one to get with better suspension and the turbo engine..

  • :/ Yurr

    “Excellent choice in its class”…not with that face😂😂

  • Ricardo Santos

    Those headlights are so 1999…

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