Mountune Launches Sequential Gear Kit For Second-Gen Ford Focus

Mountune is targeting owners of the Ford Focus Mk2 with a new Quaife sequential gear kit that promises lightning-fast shifts.

Designed for the M66 transmission fitted to Ford’s compact hatchback, it’s hand-built at the company’s headquarters in Essex, UK. Additionally, it can also be adapted to suit the Volvo C30, S40, V50, S60, C70 and V70, which use the same gearbox.

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“We are excited to bring Mk2 Focus owners the quick and consistent Quaife sequential gearbox they’ve always wanted, available exclusively through Mountune”, said Director of Performance David Moore. “It provides a great performance upgrade over the standard manual shifter and feels extremely engaging as a driver. It’s always exciting to provide our customers with the opportunity to transform and enhance the way their cars drive, and this is no exception.”

The Ford tuner says the QKE45Z kit retains the original bellhousing, clutch, driveshafts and mounts, and has a strengthened outer casing. Providing the fast gear changes is a drum-style shift mechanism, whereas extra strength is being assured by the five wider-than-standard gears. Additionally, the gear kit, which also gets a bespoke breather system for the gearbox, can be had with two final drive options.

Mountune recommends those interested in the new Quaife kit to opt for the ATB (Automatic Torque Biasing) limited-slip differential as well in the non-RS versions of the Focus (the RS has an LSD as standard) and in the Volvos equipped with the M66 transmission.

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  • ace_9

    Stupid article. The price is probably much more than a typical 2nd gen focus rs…

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      You’re probably correct about the price but why does that make the article stupid?

      • ace_9

        Because it sounds like it’s meant for some common enthusiasts. It is basically only a kind of cheaper option for racing purposes. I doubt that people here are interested in racing car parts. It does not make sense to write about it here.

        • Loquacious Borborygmus

          Any more than an articles about some political issue that has some connection to cars?
          They post what they want and feel that some might like to read.
          You can’t call them out for that surely?
          [Sorry I didn’t mean to call you Shirley!]

          • ace_9

            Political articles are stupid too. And I call them out quite often for stupid articles. But I guess, most of the time, they are glad just to post something to fill the aggressive demands from their superiors.

        • Mr. EP9

          I’d say this is far more relevant than the usual YouTube videos we get and dash cam footage.

          • ace_9

            Ok, I guess, I’m just selfish. Because I prefer dash cam footage or yt videos over new racing parts.

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