Porsche’s $8.5K Carbon Ceramic Brakes AREN’T Meant For Track Use

Contrary to one might have thought, Porsche has admitted that its expensive carbon ceramic brakes aren’t suited to certain scenarios, so a number of owners should consider sticking with the standard iron discs.

Carbon ceramic brakes have become increasingly popular in the last decade or so and can be useful for track work as they can run through multiple heat cycles without fading. However, they are extremely expensive and degrade over time.

Speaking with Which Car during the recent launch of the 992-generation Porsche 911, Porsche Australia veteran technical representative Paul Watson says the automaker recommends iron discs for those that like track days.

“Yes, ceramic discs can degrade if you’re hard on the brakes. Heat build-up will degrade the carbon fibers in the disc, so if you’re doing club days we’d always recommend iron discs,” Watson said.

When quizzed about how long a set of Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake discs should last, Watson admitted that Porsche initially told customers they would last longer than they actually do.

“We learned that lesson a long time back. When we first launched the discs, we told people they’d last virtually for the life of the car and people were doing a number of trackdays and coming back to us saying ‘I’ve worn them out’”, he said.

According to Watson, Porsche’s target audience for its carbon ceramic brakes are those that don’t like cleaning their wheels because these brakes “don’t leave a build-up of brake dust.”

Those looking to add a set of carbon ceramic brakes to a 992-gen 911 need to part ways with $8,520. The PCCBs were a $9,210 option on the previous-generation 911 GT3. Which, by the way, is supposed to be a hardcore version which you should be able to enjoy on the track too.

So, before you go all wild on the options’ list, bear in mind that if you don’t mind cleaning your lovely alloys, iron discs are the way to go and paying an extra $8.5k for PCCBs is not advised if you intend to take your Porsche to the track. You have been warned.

  • nastinupe

    I never drank the kool-aid on these anyway.

  • ace_9

    Carbon-ceramic brakes for cleaner wheels? Seriously? 😀 I consider my suspicion that porsche is aimed purely at profit, to be confirmed.

    • illogicalPotato

      I mean there is no suspicion needed, they’re the only car company that’s pulling like 28% profit on their cars. Astronomical. All because of just the brand.

      • ace_9

        Isn’t ferrari worse? I don’t know actual numbers, but it seems like ferrari and porsche don’t really care about making good cars, they just do what sells most or with highest profit. And most preferred are very high margin limited editions.

        • illogicalPotato

          Ferrari is way worse, but they’re in their own league honestly. Being part of the Ferrari owners club is it’s own issues most people will never have the pleasure of having as a problem in their life. Porsche still takes orders from VW so ultimately they’re stuck with the rest of us down here on earth. But I wouldn’t agree about not making good cars, I think Ferrari’s and Porsches are the best cars on the planet. They know it to and charge for it. and to be honest, with Ferrari in specifically, MORE rich people have been actually requesting super million dollar one offs more frequently as that is what they want. It’s more unique and special to them and holds a higher value as an investment over time.

          • Kagan

            Hmm, Porsche was an independent company until some years ago but Ferrari has been fiat for a long time!

          • illogicalPotato

            Correct, in 2011 VW acquired the controlling shares of Porsche. Ferrari is very complicated. In a nutshell the majority is owned by the Aganelli Family which is owned by Exor which has acquired a controlling share of Ferrari by aquiring 30% of FCA. Meanwhile in 2014, FCA put 10% of Ferrari stock onto a public IPO. And a piece of that is owned by Piero Ferrari… However FCA still owns 90% of Ferrari, however 30% of that is controlled by Exor which makes them sort of the boss..? it’s all stupidly complicated but there is a lot more red tape in terms of just changing directions at the CEO’s whim like any brand under FCA normally would. Their year over year profits are steadily increasing slowly so they’re happy with their business model I’d assume.

  • europeon

    Also, the new generation of co/dual-cast grey iron discs comes close enough in terms of weight to the carbon-ceramic ones, and they’re only a quarter of the cost (still a lot more than standard cast iron discs).

  • Bo Hanan
  • SteersUright

    A bit of an exaggeration. Sure, everyone knows they’re pricey but, for the top track toys they offer less unsprung weight and better braking. For the average person sure, it’s overkill. But, since when have carbon ceramic brakes come on average cars?

    • europeon

      better braking

      I see your lack of automotive industry knowledge is far deeper than not knowing what a Maserati looks like 🙂
      They, in fact, brake a bit worse than cast iron brakes. That’s why they are so large in the first place. Fade resistance is what you meant to say


        I also heard that they are more fragile than steel discs, such as cracks caused by the impact of stones whirled up onto them let’s say during a trackday. Pretty much all GT3s/RS’ at the Nordschleife are on steel ones from what I hear.

        Though in places like california it probably makes sense to use the carbon ceramics, because of less brake fade.

    • Ermal Morina

      Iron discs actually bite harder, so they are better under braking, tho they overheat on intense braking…

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