2020 Hyundai Venue Revealed On Times Square Billboard

Hyundai is set to unveil the 2020 Venue at the New York Auto Show tomorrow morning, but that hasn’t stopped the company from giving Times Square visitors an early look at their newest crossover.

As noticed by Twitter user Ed Kim, a Times Square billboard has revealed the crossover in full. It shows the model will be heavily influenced by the Kona as it has slender LED turn signals which are mounted above rectangular headlights. Despite the styling similarities, the Venue features a unique front bumper and a different grille.

Bigger changes occur further back as the Venue eschews the soft curves of the Kona for a more boxy and upright appearance. The Venue also has a relatively flat roof with white contrasting paint.

Other notable styling features include plastic body cladding and a pronounced character line. We can also see five-spoke alloy wheels and a limited amount of chrome trim.

Hyundai hasn’t said much about the Venue, but teaser sketches and spy photos have shown the cabin will have a three-spoke steering, a floating infotainment system and squared-off air vents. We can also expect metallic trim and an intuitive center stack with three large control knobs.

Previous reports have suggested the Venue will be positioned as a niche vehicle and slot below the Kona which starts at $19,990. Hyundai has already said it will become their “smallest and most affordable SUV” and has been designed to accommodate “busy lifestyles with an abundance of playful and practical features.”


Image via Ed [email protected]


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  • C172fccc

    So it’s pretty much the same thing as ix25 that was revealed earlier today, but with a different front end.

  • Bananarama

    Truly awful grille. Ruins an otherwise generic, fine design.

  • ME
  • Well, it looks better than the horrendous new ix25.

  • no25

    that whisker basket grille is a no go. just horrible designing.

  • Leconte Dave

    I bet it won’t have AWD

  • Wayne Alan Carr Heyes

    It’s awful!!!!

    It has a Kia design interior and the outside has no design to it at all!

    It’s like they couldn’t be bothered and they have rushed the design and model

    And Venue? Why not just call it a Hyundai conference call!!!!

  • elana

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  • bd0007

    The interior is nicer than the exterior = which is ungainly to say the least (the Santa Fe does that design language much better).

  • charlotteharry57

    Exactly what I was expecting. It is a carbon copy of one of the Hyundai vehicles being introed in Shanghai this week. Not sure if the boxy (and un-flowing) look will cut it with 20-somethings. Bet they go for the Kona over this.

  • Stephen G

    This is probably aimed at the Chinese market…it’s seems to have that design language.

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