2019 New York Auto Show: A-to-Z Guide To All The New Car Debuts (Roundup)

Welcome to CarScoops’ main page for the 2019 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) where we’ll be covering all the world and North American debuts and launches.

The biggest automotive show on the East Coast is held every spring at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, with the 2019 event taking place from April 17-18 for members of the press, and from April 19 through 28 for the public.

NYIAS continues to draw plenty of attention from carmakers around the world, but it hasn’t been immune from shifting industry trends. Some big names, such as BMW pulled out this year, while others, like General Motors, have a presence on the floor, but skipped the media conferences, even though the latter will bring the new Cadillac CT5 to the show.

Flashback: New York Auto Show 2018 A-to-Z Debut Guide

But fret not, as the Big Apple will play host to a number of important world premieres, ranging from Hyundai’s new entry in the subcompact crossover segment, the Venue, and the next Sonata, to the Mercedes-Benz‘s GLS and AMG A35 / CLA 35 sedans, the Lincoln Corsair and the new Ford Escape (which we were initially told by Ford would be absent, but later confirmed its presence).

As for notable absences, Mazda told us that the CX-30 we saw in Geneva will not be present, but they will have a debut.

Head down and click the links to see and read all about the new car and concept debuts. Be sure to return to this page, as we will be updating it around the clock as we gather more information.

F/L = Facelift



  • NoMan2015

    …so you guys just posted a story earlier today that the Nissan Versa is debuting on April 12…but it’s not on the list for the New York show even though it’s almost a week after the Versa’s scheduled debut…?

    • JohnCarscoop

      Ford will show the Kuga on April 2, but when we talked to them, they said “no debuts” in NY. We’ve reached out to Nissan to see if they’ll have something other than the ‘Dream Garage’ and will update the list once they get back to us. ** Update, we just talked to Nissan, the Versa will be there.

  • ME

    Ford informed us that it won’t have any debut cars in NY, even though it will reveal the new Kuga (Escape in other markets) online on April 2.

    No Escape but its twin, the Lincoln Corsair. will show up? Hmmm… I think I smell a big surprise here(Small and Big Bronco).

    • MarketAndChurch

      I don’t see either Bronco debuting this year.

      • ME

        You think January 2020?

        • Mike anonymous

          That could actually be a possibility… hmmm?

  • john1168

    I really hope the new Acura TLX Type S will be there. I’ve been disappointed by Acura in the recent past but I’m hoping they’ll redeem themselves this time around.

  • Blake

    Any indication of the new Toyota Highlander? Car and Driver at one point had mentioned it was coming at this years NY Auto Show.

  • Alexander Carabitses

    I know that Land Rover teased the new Defender with an NYC backdrop. Should we expect to see it at the show?

  • adambravo

    Actually, the Evoque made it’s show debut (and US debut) in Chicago…

  • PK

    NYIAS is going to be lit! Can’t wait!!!! <3

  • Keke

    Do you think the Atlas across Sport production will be their?

    • JohnCarscoop

      Volkswagen does not have a Press Conference at the show

      • ME

        What about the Ford Bronco? I am guessing either now or January 2020?

        • JohnCarscoop

          They don’t have any debuts planned for the show other than a new performance package for the Mustang

        • JohnCarscoop

          We’re going to look into it. Ford reps previously said no debuts in NY, but the show organizers told us on Tuesday that the Escape will be there

          • Mike anonymous

            Is the GV80 going to be showing up at this years NY auto show?

  • Keke

    Will their be any cool NEW Volkswagens, Such as Atlas Cross Sport

  • Paul

    I await the new intros with bated breath. Sonata, Sentra and Versa alnog with whatever surprises may be up mfrs. sleeves.

  • Karl

    Auto shows are proving too costly for manufacturers,they will become more irrelevant each passing year.

  • rh

    Any word on the Sienna ? Should of seen it by now .

    • NoMan2015

      Mules were just spotted within the last month. I’d say we’ve still got a year or so until we see the real thing.

      • rh

        Thank you!!

  • Wayne Alan Carr Heyes

    As long as that awful Yaris / Mazda 2 doesn’t come to the uk as an all new Yaris then I’ll be ok it’s awful just awful

    • JRP

      You really do not want any cars to come to the UK. Every single post of a new car.

  • charlotteharry57

    Subaru Outback, most certainly.

  • Bikie Wright

    You missed the best one. 991.2 Speedster.

  • charlotteharry57

    We know that Toyota #1 is the next Highlander; I suspect #2 is the next Sienna.

  • Edpund Bai

    I thinks it’s only one Toyota debut unless they have something up their sleeve which I doubt it will.

  • Mike anonymous

    Is it confirmed that Genesis will be brining the GV80 SUV to this years NYIAS? Apart from hyundais’ new Venue & the next Toyota Highlander, it is one of the few things I am actually excited to see this year.

    Oh yes and the Corsair if Lincoln is also bringing that.

  • Bikie Wright

    911 Speedster is confirmed. Purchasers have been sent invitations to attend the show.

  • NoMan2015

    The Q3 is not a facelift…why is it listed as such??

  • elana

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  • Dietrich

    I would like to see concepts more attentively!.

  • TrevP

    Do we know when the Genesis SUV is going to be revealed?

  • charlotteharry57

    Well, this show, like every other one of the 4 biggies, was pretty much a bust this year. Maybe Detroit DID have the right idea in moving the show to June next year. Was hoping for Sentra, Mazda 6, Genesis SUV, among others…and all no-shows. BTW, there are NO new vehicle intros scheduled for today.

    • Mike anonymous

      I came here to state something similar. This years show, apart from the Genesis Mint Concept & the Lincoln Corsair has just been alright. I was expecting a bit more.

      It’s interesting if you check online, barely anyone is really covering the show (in video format) itself. It’s a little saddening if I am being honest.

    • NoMan2015

      So you set yourself up to be disappointed by three vehicles…that were never confirmed or teased for this show? Sounds like the joke is therefore on you.

  • joanna

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