Man Gets Gun Pulled On Him During Scary Road Rage Incident

Most the time we only see one side of a road rage incident, usually from a vehicle equipped with a dashcam.

This isn’t one of those times as the Lake & McHenry County Scanner has posted two videos showing the perspectives of a road rage victim and that of the aggressor.

In the first clip, filmed by Bart Surroz, you can see him approach a red Jeep Wrangler as he films with his smartphone. As soon as he nears the driver’s side door, a man pulls a gun on him and yells at Surroz to get back into his vehicle. He ignores this command and instead goes to record the Jeep’s license plate. As he does this, the Jeep speeds away as Surroz says he’s going straight to police.

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Interestingly, the Jeep was equipped with a dashcam and it recorded the actions of driver Brian Schimian. It starts by showing him apparently traveling at a high rate of speed and failing to maintain lane control. He eventually catches up to Surroz’s MINI Cooper which is simply following the flow of traffic.

While there’s no audio in this particular clip, commenters claimed Schimian originally uploaded the video to Facebook with audio and this revealed he was continuously honking his horn. Surroz seemed to confirm this as he told the Lake & McHenry County Scanner “I thought I hit something or he was trying to alert me [by honking] that I’m dragging something behind my car.”

Following the incident, Surroz contacted police. However, he was reportedly told Schimian had a concealed carry permit and was “well within his rights to put the gun in my face because he told the cops that he was terrified of his life.”

Schimian wasn’t immediately arrested, but police continued to look into the incident. Yesterday, on Facebook, they announced Schimian had been arrested and charged with one count of disorderly conduct and one count of reckless driving. The Richmond Police Department went on to say the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office will be pursuing a “Class A charge of aggregated assault with a deadly weapon.”


  • Mr. EP9

    I swear some people.

    • dumblikeyou2

      It’s a Jeep thing. You wouldn’t understand.

      • Danny Boy

        No its a coward thing!

  • Dre Andre

    2 Morons. Dumb & Dumber. Lloyd & Harry. IT’S NOT WORTH IT. Keep it moving.

    • Dude

      According to the source articles the Mini driver only got out because they had no idea why the Jeep driver was honking

      • carsmofo

        I highly doubt it. If that was the case, any sensible person would’ve pulled over to the side of the road before getting out of their car.

        It seems to be he was also looking for trouble.

        • Shobin Drogan

          Watch the pt2 of the video. The jeep driver was speeding and honking at the driver for no reason. Unless the mini driver did something to him much earlier that was off camera, the jeep driver is the only aggressor here. The mini driver even questioned who he was honking at before he got out.

  • Dude

    “he told the cops that he was terrified of his life”

    Apparently you can do whatever you want with a gun as long as you say you were scared. But in all seriousness what did the MINI driver even do? From the videos and description it seems nothing other than getting out of the car to see wtf the jeep was on about.

    Also, to me the term ‘road rage’ has a both-sides connotation (as in both drivers were aggressive). When it’s just one idiot causing an issue I feel we need a term like ‘vehicular aggression’.

    • KAG25

      The Mini was driving slow because of the traffic, that was all

  • TheBelltower

    “…he told the cops that he was terrified of his life.”

    I’ve never heard of a 110lb woman pulling a gun on random people. It’s always a big tough-talking windbag dude who claims to be “scared for his life” enough to draw a firearm.

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      That’s what got me. He was so terrified for his life that he purposely stopped and pointed his gun at the person. If I was terrified I’d drive away from the person.

  • MarketAndChurch

    drives like a maniac, honk at people driving at the speed limit, wears shades on a cloudy day, pulls a gun on a person recording them, excuses his behavior by telling cops he feared for his life(which I kind of now believe), this is kind of like the profile of a psychopath.

    • ErnieB

      Sounds about MAGA

      • MarketAndChurch

        I was thinking more like a tweaker or a person with a severe personality disorder.

        • Danny Boy

          Yeah, exactly, a “Trumpkin” aka MAGA!

      • Alduin

        Dumb comment.

      • cooper

        Definitely a trumpkin.

        • Aeromann

          What is a Trumpkin?

          • cooper

            LOL !!!

          • DugDanger

            Anyone willing to stand up to the liberal lunatics…..

          • Aeromann


        • Danny Boy

          Lol I like that. I’m going to take that with me.

    • Aeromann

      Yep, totally agree. And this guy is a DARVO.

  • ChrisInIL

    People in Florida are crazy….oh, wait a minute.

  • PhilMcGraw

    I completely despise these individuals that abuse their right to carry a concealed weapon. I have several friends with a concealed carry permit that would never draw their weapon like that. I wish they would revoke his license. This is why we can’t have nice things.

    • brn

      Yep. I know hundreds of people with a C&C permit. Not a single one would condone such behavior.

    • Nice things? Anyone who is crazy about owning a gun is a kid. USA is infantile.

      • flyfish

        Cops are always 10 mins away after they have been contacted. What are you going to do for those 10+ mins to defend your family and yourself? Run, cry like a 12 year old, fight or take care of yourself and family? Sounds like you are the one who is infantile or oblivious to reality…

        • “Strangely” the less guns in circulation (availability, whether legal or illegal) the less gun crimes. USA has hundreds of millions of guns, and that’s the reason why you talk about defending your family. In Europe such thing does not exist as well as many other parts of the Earth. You don’t have to be afraid that people will come with guns because the chances are less than winning the lottery.
          All this happened because of infantility. You are not grown up if you are attracted to guns.

          • ChrisInIL

            Is making generalizations and unsupported statements posed as facts about an entire population because they live in a specific country infantile?

          • A large percent of the population supports the Second Amendment which is a completely outdated bill and incompatible with the 21st century. This is a cultural infantility that needs to be ridiculed by the rest of the world until the life and safety of children will be more important for the Americans than playing with guns. I could list the number of families that moved out of USA or didn’t move there for the this very reason.

          • ChrisInIL

            The Second Amendment isn’t a bill. It is the second of the first 10 Articles appended to the US Constitution in 1791.

            Please explain how the natural right to self-preservation is “incompatible with the 21st century”. Please explain why you believe that “ridicule by the rest of the world” is an effective strategy to change the minds of anyone on any topic.

            You could provide a list of families that moved out of the US or didn’t move here, but you won’t. You don’t have that information.

          • It’s obvious that any rational argument is ignored by you. There is no reason for me to list the names of my friends and family. I also don’t see a point in explaining how a constitution written in 1791 is not compatible with the modern world as it’s absolutely self-evident. You can look up the rape and murder rates of USA in comparison with developed European countries as well, if you don’t believe that guns are not needed in Europe and people are safe. By safe I don’t mean that murder does not happen, I mean that there is no daily threat hence nobody is buying guns for defense.

          • ChrisInIL

            You haven’t made a rational argument. You’ve only stated your opinion and keep repeating the word “infantile”.

            The US Constitution was written in 1787. The First 10 articles were written in 1791. The rights enumerated there are not provided through those articles. They precede US Constitution. That you don’t see their relevance for all time (before AND after the existence of United States) does not make them irrelevant. You are sorely lacking in factual information. The right to self-preservation is just as relevant today as it was then. Without that right, a person becomes a slave to the government’s will. It’s truly sad that you have chosen slavery.

            There are 32 countries in Europe that have higher mortality rates than the US. Statistically speaking, it’s safer to live in the US than in Europe.

          • I’m slave because I don’t need to carry a gun and fear for my life? Interesting. Which 32 countries are those? There are only two, and those are not in the EU and we hardly consider them European: Ukraine and Russia. These are the only two countries with higher homicide rate than the USA: 6.34, 10.82 respectively. USA: 5.35 (this is per 100,000 inhabitants). A developed European country like Norway has a homicide rate of: 0.51. That’s the benchmark, not Russia which is mostly in Asia and has nothing to do with European culture when it comes to guns and criminality.

          • ChrisInIL

            You’re a slave because you have surrendered your natural rights to your government. You don’t understand this because you’ve done this happily and willingly. I truly have pity for you.

            Unlike your comments that are opinions posed as facts, my comments include factual information. You can easily search for mortality rates.

    • Stephen G

      Let me understand…You don’t think any of your friends that carry firearms would pickup that firearm if a stranger with attitude approached them while they were sitting in their car in traffic?

  • rockyroad

    This is confusing. Why did the Jeep driver chase after the MINI? Then he took out his gun and ran away?!! wth

    • brn

      We’re missing part of the story.

    • Belthronding

      sometimes you just wanna point the gun somewhere… lol

    • KAG25

      He ran away because the guy got out of the car, he thought he could scare the people driving.

    • Stephen G

      Mr Mini was chasing Mr Jeep. Mr Mini confronted Mr Jeep because he didn’t like his behavior. Mr Jeep pulled a gun as Mr Mini exited his vehicle and approached him (in traffic WTF). Mr Jeep took off because Mr Mini is clearing a psyco.

  • BlackPegasus

    This could’ve ended so badly.

  • salamOOn

    “he told the cops that he was terrified of his life”

    yeah, that dude from mini looks dangerous with his phone and normal walk to his car…..

    • KAG25

      Because the Jeep guys is a coward without the gun

  • Vassilis


  • Shobin Drogan

    I agree, definitely seen some bad Mini & Bmw drivers. Mercedes drivers are also joining the club. They just love tailgating.

  • Ben

    This crazes MF-er wasn’t immediately arrested?? He points a gun for THIS? He’s clearly entirely unqualified to have a gun — concealed or otherwise. What a jackass. What the hell is WRONG with this country? This guy should have been arrested immediately. The cops initially failed to do their jobs.

    • KAG25

      Road rage and pulling a gun on someone in the middle of the street really doesn’t get handcuffs put on you, WTF

    • Stephen G

      If Mr Mini stayed in his car instead of confronting another driver on the road this never would have happened.

  • DugDanger

    Well Danny Boy, myself and millions others will also pull a gun anyone that gets out of a car and comes towards me and my family. Don’t like it, stay in your own space……

    • lagunas3ca


    • Puddingpopper

      Wrangler was the aggressor, how are you missing that? He bought a gun with the intent to harm not to protect. This doesn’t help the 2A argument.

    • KAG25

      You sound like you need mental help

  • gambit gamboa

    And Id rather live there than a shithole country like somalia or rapeville continent of europe.
    Whens the next allahu ackbar olympics?

    • Sorry to say but the rape levels are way lower in Europe than in the USA.

      • Go!

        Really? The Wiki on rape by country says otherwise. Sweden alone is almost 3 times our rate. And people call Americans ignorant lol.

  • AintYerPa

    It’s TRUMP’S FAULT!!!! Orange Man Bad!!!!!!

    Can we please start taking responsibility for our own actions in this country or do we continue with this sort of victimhood status, Social justice BS?

    • Danny Boy

      Hell yeah its his fault! Have you checked the sudden spike in violent crime/acts since he’s taken office? Do you listen to his hate spewing speeches? That piece wouldn’t even denounce David Duke and his actions! Charlottesville car attack happened because of a peaceful protest against radical white men whom espoused neo-nazi and Klan beliefs, and of course our LEADER choose to side with the white boy that rammed a car into a crowd of innocent people, protestesting ultimitely for love! And i could go on and on…..So you see, “Victim Hood Statutes” will continue until they/we aren’t victimized my brotha! “Social Justice BS”, Let me guess…..middle aged to old, white man? You’re cluless about social IN……justice!!!! YOU TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!

      • AintYerPa

        There you go, fine Leftist thinking there. Assuming who I am because of what I say… Can we say racist stereotyping? But its OK for a Leftist, right? Don’t DEBATE, SHUT DOWN!!! Its all about feelings, MAAAAN…

        And have YOU ACTUALLY listened to any of his speeches? Because I have. None of them are “hate spewing”. None of them. He talks about lifting ourselves up and shaking off the dirt the Dems have kicked over us for YEARS… And he HAS denounce David Duke. Several times. But… keep letting CNN do your thinking for you.

        Oh, and you know that “peaceful” protest in Charlottesville you talk about? Yeah, the one whe ANTIFA members were walking around with boards with nails in them and beating the crap out of people that didn’t agree with them (and burning the flag too)?? Yeah, here are some DIRECT QUOTES from President Trump in the Press Conference following:

        “You also had people that were very fine people on both sides.”

        Then he said: “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists, because they should be condemned totally.”

        Then he said: “Racism is evil, and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.”

        So, come on, let’s hear some more virtue-signalling… or some more made-up, totally wrong, Fake-News GroupThink…

      • robotlogic

        You are only a victim if you choose to be one. The Democrats have been in charge in Chicago and Detroit for 50 years, has either gotten any better?? Nope. Democrats are parasites, they only take money and don’t ever create it. Democrats only care about getting votes so they can run their “free handouts schemes”. They take money from business in the form of taxes/fees and hand it out to the poor after taking their cut of 85%. Over time business grow tired of being fleeced they move away, now there is less tax and less $ to hand out. Detroit is a perfect example of this.

  • Danny Boy

    He wasn’t the aggressor dude…….Damn, did you not watch and read????
    Smh Just ready to take another human beings life! Sad AF

    • TRB0T0Y

      I did watch the video. Sure, the Jeep was driving like a maniac, and you could say he was an aggressor to an extent. But it crosses a line when you stop in traffic, exit your car, and start walking towards someone. It’s a very clear, concrete sign of taking it to the next level. Jeep guy wasn’t having any of that.

      • Puddingpopper


        • TRB0T0Y

          What was the Mini guy pointing at on his shoulder anyways? Was he en route to wrench a router for Geek Squad? We are subservient to some security badge? That seemed a bit off. I wouldn’t want him sauntering up to my car to ‘chat.’
          I’m not a gun owner, but I understand; Maybe crazy Jeep guy thought mini guy ‘could’ have a gun, so better have his out first? We all know the wild west can revive itself anywhere unfortunately.

  • lagunas3ca

    Nothing wrong here. Don’t approach somebody else’s vehicle in rage or plan on getting blown away. Simple as that. What was he supposed to do, politely ask the skinhead to get back in his vehicle?

    • Maher

      You’re an idiot. Giving a pass to someone who was definitely the aggressor, and who knew that if the other guy dared and reacted to his reckless driving, he can always resort to pointing out his gun and threatening them.
      And if you’re that peaceful and worried about your life, you don’t drive like a maniac on public roads, it’s that simple.

      • Stephen G

        If you think Mr Mini did the right thing you should purchase a bullet proof vest.

  • ChrisInIL

    I provided an exact number of 32 European countries with higher mortality rates than the US. I didn’t provide a source because you’re capable of finding that information on your own. I am capable of finding any information you provide on your own as well, as as you confirmed, you cherry picked the information you wanted to support your agenda.

    I’ll leave you with this – you really need to focus on factual information and stop leading with your feelings. Your “arguments” are simply ridiculous because of it.

    • How is official homicide rate cherry picking? Your whole post makes no sense.

  • Stephen G

    I get your point but what if you’re the guy in the Jeep and some a-hole jumps out of his car in traffic and gets in your face? What kind of an idiot would do that? I could give two $hits about some jerk blowing his horn and Mr Mini should have done the same.

    • Danny Boy

      Now that’s a very fair and logical way of thinking my brotha. I also think that the mini guy was a complete idiot for stopping mid road to do what he did. I would’ve kept it moving unless jeep would’ve pulled up to ask me to pull over. I just know, that as a black man, I would’ve been dead! So I’m just a bit sensitive to this subject. But yes, you’re absolutely right! The guy shouldn’t have gotten out that way. Nor should he have a gun drawn on him. We have to stop killing each other man. Leave your guns in a safe place home! Thanks for not being a jerk.

  • Stephen G

    Mr Mini had a gun too!?

  • Danny Boy

    Oh yeah, I listen to all of his speeches, hence , my formation of my opinion of him. And you, not being a man of color, either dont hear the hate, or dont want to acknowledge the hate. Yeah, apparently ……about 50% of Americans agree with me. And I’m being generous to him with that percentile!!!

    • AintYerPa

      Also, please don’t tell me what I have and have not been through.. You have NO idea…

    • AintYerPa

      Kinda hard to have a “Disqus”ion when all your comments get marked as spam right? Yeah – mine too.. They’ll hopefully be up in a few days when they get reviewed…

  • robotlogic

    I don’t care what color people are, I try to treat everyone equally until they prove themselves otherwise. I can promise you one thing, most people that you think are racist are really just A-Holes. I was at the bank this morning and every employee there except one was looking at me like I was the scum of the earth, if I was black it would be easy to assume the worst but I’m sure the truth was none of them wanted to be there and being a bank location inside a grocery store just makes their days that much worst. Your own mindset is the only thing that really hold you back. If you think things aren’t fair then maybe you won’t try as hard as you should, if you assume someone doesn’t like you then maybe subconsciously it affects the way you speak and ultimately looses you a sale. I treat everyone like they have a giant wad of money in their pockets and the sale is mine to loose, it works 😉

  • AintYerPa

    You know, it’s funny (well not really funny at all, actually). The only racists I’ve come across in my life (and I get the same story from all the folks I talk to IRL – no matter the color) are so called “Liberals” and Democrats… And the party structure in this country DOES need to be changed.. to Socialist and Conservative. Or something… The swamp in DC sure doesn’t care about Democrats and Republicans.. Both of them are make up the “Swamp”.. but you have to pick a side to vote in all the elections…

  • AintYerPa

    You know, for someone who says the form their own opinion by gathering information from a wide array of sources, you sure do get a lot of stuff wrong… And to say “the Republicans had all three branches” is a bit of a simplification, don’t you think? Personally, I think you are beig led by the nose more than you are willing to admit by the likes of CNN, et al…

  • AintYerPa

    Victim, victim, victim.. boo f***ing hoo… I get tired of hearing it. Really. Wake up, take a step OUTSIDE of Plato’s Cave, and see what is REALLY going on. Try to find the REAL reason behind these people not listing with you. The only thing stopping MANY of us is the ability to recognize opportunity. Just take a step back and try it sometime. Try taking that finger and turning it around to point at yourself for just ONE DAY…

    And if you are going to criticize our President, make sure you have ALL the facts first…

  • AintYerPa

    BS Tax Cut? Please don’t tell me that you are spewing this nonsense without actually knowing how taxes work.. Please.. Let me spell it out. Bigger paychecks mean LESS Government withholding means smaller refund… You get MORE money throughout the year and are bit**ing about a slightly smaller refund? Well if you like the govt. holding more of your money throughout the year, change your withholding amount. I’m sure they’ll be happy. The govt. holding YOUR money gives a worse return than the lowest of CDs.. Like 0%.. Seriously man, the more you write, the more it shows how little facts you have to back up your way of thinking…

  • AintYerPa

    One last thing – since you don’t seem to be taking off that “I’m a Black Man, you wouldn’t understand” victimhood hat anytime soon, go check out Jericho Green on Youtube.. Coincidentally, his latest video is partly about “the Charlottesville incident”. Since Disqus doesn’t seem to like links, his latest video is called “Handsy Joe Biden is officially running for president in 2020. This keeps getting better, and better.”

    Maybe you can convince him to put his victim hat back on…

  • Danny Boy

    Omg, thank you!!!

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