Gun Carrying Uber Driver Fatally Shoots Aggressor In Traffic

An Uber driver fatally shot a man he claimed followed him and tried to run him off the road, in Polk County, Florida.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the shooting, in which 34-year old Jason Boek of Winter Haven, Florida lost his life after 38-year old Robert Westlake pulled the trigger, claiming self-defense.

According to the authorities, the reason why Boek confronted Westlake was because the former’s on-again, off-again girlfriend.

Yet, it would seem that Boek got confused and thought it was his girlfriend who got into Westlake’s Uber, when in fact it was someone else. He then told her he was going to pursue the Uber and beat up the driver, after seeing her walk up to Westlake’s car – even though she was there only to help another woman get in.

Fast forward a bit and a Ford F-250 pickup aggressively approaches the Uber from behind, before overtaking it and pulling over to the side of the road. The Uber driver told authorities that he believed the driver of the pickup was looking to run him off the road.

The footage below provides us with everything we need to know about what went on after Boek got out of his vehicle and started walking towards Westlake’s Hyundai Elantra, making threats.

Westlake, who is a concealed weapon permit holder and a licensed armed security guard, retrieved a gun from his drivers door pocket and fired off one shot at his aggressor. After Boek went down, the Uber driver called 9-1-1 and even attempted to revive the truck driver.

“This is a classic stand-your-ground case,” said Sheriff Grady Judd during a news conference, reports the NY Post.

Boek’s criminal history includes previous arrests for aggravated battery, battery, burglary, marijuana possession, forgery, larceny, resisting arrest and VOP. He was also driving with a suspended license and the truck didn’t even belong to him – it was borrowed from a friend.

In the truck, deputies found a marijuana cigarette and a glass pipe with meth residue inside.

Note: Some viewers might find the footage disturbing


  • Steve McQueen

    A great loss to society.

    • Dennis James

      What society is that in which there are shootings daily and high-school shootings weekly and 11 people are killed and 70 wounded in only one weekend in Chicago ?

      • Хиллари сосет киску

        And what’s ironic is that Chicago has probably the most restrictive gun control laws in the US. Just like drugs, you can make them illegal, but if there’s a demand, those laws don’t mean squat!

        • ChicagoBlah

          Most of the guns are brought in from Indiana, so the laws won’t do much to stop the influx if they are so easy to bring in.

  • Christian

    We need gun control? Nah…

    • Хиллари сосет киску

      Totally justifiable! Jackasses need to know that upstandings aren’t putting up with shytt like this anymore!!!

      • Christian

        No i’m with the other guy! I understand he took someones life.. I mean, no way they could talk out about it… Just say “I say something” and pop his head…. F him and his life! And don’t think about your passenger as an UBER.. He did the only thing he could do, kill him…

    • LJ

      Gun control wouldn’t have affected this situation since the man was a law-abiding gun permit holder who acted 100% responsibly.

      • Vassilis

        100% responsibly by shooting and killing an unarmed person? Are you serious?

        • LJ

          The guy was just nearly run off the road by a stranger who was clearly there for a confrontation.

          Did he know he was unarmed at the time? No. Would you wait to find out until you took action? I wouldn’t.

          Anyone can be an armchair quarterback.

          • Vassilis

            You know you can use a gun to also injure someone, right? You also know you can drive away in such situations, right? The first thing the Uber driver says is that he has a gun and then he shoots him. That says a lot about his judgement skills.

          • LJ

            Life isn’t like a video game. When you’re adrenaline is pumping and you fear for your life, you don’t shoot to maim, you shoot to kill. Center mass. You have no idea how hard it is to shoot a limb in real life.

          • Vassilis

            Except highly trained individuals do shoot to maim because that’s what they’re supposed to do. The rest are excuses for those that aren’t trained adequately.

          • LJ

            Nope, wrong again. “Highly trained individuals”, like police officers, are trained to kill. Shoot center mass.

          • Vassilis

            I didn’t exactly have police officers in mind because we’ve seen time and again many of them aren’t quite highly trained. Anyway, to put it differently, highly trained individuals react to situations accordingly. If they don’t need to kill, they don’t kill. Being able to judge correctly is what makes the difference.

          • LJ

            The VAST majority of police react exactly as they should.

            But you seem like an Internet expert in weapons training, so I’ll defer to you.

          • datCubanguy

            the pick up truck driver said that,not the uber driver.

          • Vassilis

            I stand corrected. Anyway, point remains.

  • Mr. EP9

    All of this because some dude thought his woman was riding in an Uber with a male driver. Seriously, was he that insecure?

    • Ilbirs

      I wouldn’t say only this, as these two paragraphs that I paste below reveal some other things:

      Boek’s criminal history includes previous arrests for aggravated battery, battery, burglary, marijuana possession, forgery, larceny, resisting arrest and VOP. He was also driving with a suspended license and the truck didn’t even belong to him – it was borrowed from a friend.

      In the truck, deputies found a marijuana cigarette and a glass pipe with meth residue inside.

      For sure Boek had his brain and temper compromised by drugs to a point that he was regularly acting like a beast, going from 0 (total peace) to 100 (total warfare) in fractions of a second even when not high. There’s also this criminal behavior shown by the much times he had problems with the law.
      Maybe (and I say very maybe) Westlake could have tried some dissuasion by first making a warning shot, but I wouldn’t say that he wasn’t right when doing what was caught on footage, specially considering all the context.

  • LJ

    I skipped the article and all of the details and context to just say “gun control”.

    • TheToadPrince..~~ToadSquad

      whoever suppports gun control needs help

  • TheBelltower

    Stupid Florida.

    • KidRed

      People only get shot in Florida?

      • TheBelltower

        Florida is responsible for more than their fair share of bizarre stupidity.

        • Raul

          Good thing i’m not in Florida.

  • Chung

    America is so crazy and corrupted.

  • Paul

    Lock the guy’s Ass up and throw away the key.

    • dufonrafal .

      For what?

  • rodriguez256

    Today my brother stopped from someone from getting stabbed in the chest. Once the guy took at the knife and tried to stab the other guy my brother I holster his gun aimed and demanded he drop his knife. I’m pretty damn proud of him, for acting and remaining calm, saving someone’s life and also for not being trigger happy and using restraint.

  • Raul

    The Police force is already corrupt.

  • Vassilis

    I never thought the American Dream ever was a dream.

    • LJ

      And that’s why you’ll never achieve it.

      • Vassilis

        But it doesn’t exist so there’s nothing to achieve. Having a good life can be done in various countries. What has been lauded as the American Dream in the past has been proved a bubble again and again which keeps bursting. It’s hilarious watching it happen from the outside.

        • LJ

          No one said you can’t have a good life elsewhere. Where do you live?

          And which “bubbles” are you talking about?

          • Vassilis

            It doesn’t matter where I live.

            In the past and for many, many years, USA was advertised as the land of opportunity where anyone could live the “American Dream”. Become rich, live the ultimate life. That myth has been falling apart for a while now only lately it’s much more obvious.

          • LJ

            I see… no problem criticizing other countries but too embarrassed about your own to name it.

            You’re just the usual internet hypocrite.

          • Vassilis

            haha I’m not embarrassed at all about my country, it’s just non of your business where I live. Believe me, I criticize it constantly when it deserves it. Ask yourself if you do the same and actually, if you even acknowledge your country’s issues.

          • LJ

            Ok, you’re embarrassed. We got it. And yes, I have no problem criticizing my country, just in this case you’re wrong.

  • LJ

    I have a good education, a good job, a beautiful loving family and a nice house, all from working hard and being a good human being. That’s the definition of the “American Dream”.

    Being cynical and contrarian isn’t going to help you achieve your goals.

  • datCubanguy

    100% justified…lets forget about the shitty driving by the late fella,what matters here is what he said to the shooter”You know I got a pistol?”and”You want me to f…ng shoot you?”,all this was said while holding a black object,which to me it looks like a cellphone,in his right hand,case closed….I am not willing to wait 2 more seconds to find out if is a phone or a gun because is dark and I can’t distinguish what is it…the dead man sealed his fate by uttering those words.

  • ChicagoBlah

    Dont know if he deserves jail for life but he did go on the record with regret about what he did

    “Everybody tells me what I did was right, but you feel like, ‘did I have to?’ after the fact,” he told CNN affiliate WFTS.

    “I wish the whole chain of events didn’t happen,” he added.”

    The other guy was using his truck as a weapon, so I really cant fault the uber driver- the other stand your ground shooting in Florida at the gas station was clearly unjustifiable.

  • ChicagoBlah

    Gun ownership is actually down, but more gun owners own more guns that ever so there is that.

  • Chung

    It’s true. Think other developed countries. USA can’t get rid of guns out of states even tho it is not really needed.

  • LJ

    A. Police shoot and wound people all the time. They don’t always die, genius.

    B. Who said they were trained poorly?

  • Vassilis

    Except, what I’m saying is that when you pull a weapon in self defence with intend to shoot, you can choose where to aim and shoot. Of course it is the understanding that someone is meant to die. It’s a lethal weapon. Using it though isn’t devoid of any judgement.

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