Carlos Ghosn’s Wife Appeals To French Government To Help Former Executive

Following Carlos Ghosn’s recent re-arrest in Japan, the wife of the former industry executive has flown to Paris to plead with the French government to help him.

Speaking with the The Financial Times, as reported by The Independent, Carole Ghosn said the French government needs to assist her husband.

“As a French citizen, it should be a right. I don’t think he’s had enough support and he’s calling for assistance.”

Carlos Ghosn holds French, Lebanese, and Brazilian citizenship and has denied all charges filed against him. Ghosn previously led Renault, which is tied to the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi Alliance and is partly owned by the French government.

The former exec was taken into custody late last week on suspicions that part of a $34.2 million payment made to an Oman sales representative helped to pay for a yacht purchased by him.

Ghosn says he will “not be broken” by his latest arrest

Prosecutors in Japan have tried to question Carole Ghosn and even confiscated her Lebanese passport.

“I’m all alone here. It’s traumatizing what happened. If my husband is in detention and I’m here, I won’t be useful. I’m going to France… and be more useful where I can be,” she said just before leaving for Paris.

Ghosn can be held for up to 22 days by Japanese authorities before he is charged. It is feared that he might be interrogated without his lawyer present, a practice that is reportedly common in Japan.

Shortly after Ghosn’s re-arrest his lawyer, Takashi Takano, detailed the various bail conditions his client was living under when he was briefly released. According to Takano, Ghosn was forced to turn over a passport, have a camera monitor his apartment doorway, and agree to have his phone calls and conversations be recorded. He was also instructed to use just a single computer and one phone.

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  • WalthamDan

    “Please help save Carlos’ paycheck!..errr I mean Please help save Carlos!”

  • Mike anonymous

    I feel like there’s more going on here then what people are revealing to the news or public.

    Something very ‘shady’ (beyond someone using money for things such as their personal expenses), but also for a range of other deeper shady things. (Btw taking fund from a company, that’s something that has to be approved before hand, it’s not like going to the bank and simply taking out money when you begin dealing with amounts at that size. So all of the times Carlos used money, someone else had (and I don’t mean should have, I mean you literally can not get the money without going through someone to get it, so I mean ‘had‘ as in ‘can’t do without’) to approve and ‘ok’ that.

    I’d be very interested in hearing what Carlos has to say as he threatened to “tell the truth” (His words, not mine)… (again, I am not stating it is anything beyond surface level, but..) it seems like there’s a lot more going on here then what’s being told.

  • Tan Lee

    Nissan is the Fraud here supported by the Japanese government to take back sovereignty over Nissan. Unfortunately no matter what they do to Ghosn Renault will always hold 43.4 Voting shares in the company. They deserve it too, they save this company and now the ungrateful Nissan wants to go at it themselves by making up lies after lies. Where is the PROOF?? Enough of all these allegations, they need to be backed by Proof! I can alledge that I was the first man on the moon but do I have proof of that? God this is so stupid!

  • Bo Hanan
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