LEGO Lamborghini Centenario Wants To Sit On Your Desk; Will You Help It?

As one of the rarest and most iconic modern Lamborghinis, the Centenario has been built into a 1:6 scale model by a LEGO enthusiast.

A self-declared fan of the Italian car brand, the person behind the project said that the Centenario recreation is 61 cm (24 in) long, 25 cm (9.8 in) wide and 15 cm (5.9 in) tall and was made using 2,712 bricks.

Elsewhere, it stays true to the multi-million dollar supercar with a similar exterior design, carefully-styled cockpit and opening doors and engine compartment. It even features a replica of the 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine used in the real Centenario, carefully positioned in the middle of the car.

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Lamborghini only made 20 Coupes and 20 Roadsters, and both have been recreated in LEGO. The Centenario Roadster uses white and black bricks and has a brown interior that’s accessible through the scissor-opening doors.

Nevertheless, if it gathers more than 1,000 supporters, this project will proceed to the next stage. Then it needs a total of 10,000 votes for LEGO to consider putting it into production, so it’s an arduous journey, but with a little help from web surfers, it may eventually hit the shelves. If you want to support it, then you’ll need to access this link, register and vote for it. At the time of writing, it had 992 votes, and 366 days left on the website.

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  • Eagle By Singer

    As if the Centenario wasn’t ugly enough

  • Paul

    Sorry, but nothing can help that.

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    • Some ol’ bloke

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  • Some ol’ bloke

    If you don’t believe me, you can reply for a picture, but I was the 1000th backer on this….

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