The Lexus Of Minivans Is Really Coming, LM Name Confirmed

Some automakers are saying no to people carriers and instead, focusing their efforts on giving customers even more crossovers and SUVs. But not Lexus. In fact, the Japanese automaker will be launching its first-ever minivan at the Shanghai Auto Show later this month.

Named the LM, it’s likely based on the third generation Toyota Alphard. Judging by the latest teaser image released on social media, it has an almost identical profile, with sliding rear doors that facilitate ingress and egress, and long windows at the back that provide an airy feel.

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Toyota Alphard
Lexus LM

Lexus’ large grille is flanked by angular headlights at the front that incorporate LED daytime running lights, as a previous teaser showed.

Toyota’s latest Alphard is offered with various powertrains, including a hybrid variant that could find its way in the LM, given that Lexus has trademarked the LM 300h moniker. The 3.5-liter V6 gasoline unit is another plausible candidate, as the LM 350 nameplate has been secured as well.

Customers should expect a spacious cabin with seating for up to 8 occupants, who will be surrounded by premium materials and plenty of equipment. Since this is a Lexus, the automaker has, in all likelihood, improved the ride quality over the Toyota model.

There’s a strong possibility that the LM minivan will be limited to Asian markets such as Taiwan and China, but we’ll know more on April 16, when it debuts at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show.


  • дапвт

    Alphard is already luxurious as is, can’t wait to see if Lexus manages to make it even more luxurious.

    • Lemuel Taylor

      My exact thoughts.

  • ErnieB

    I seriously think people that buy Lexus are blind. Honestly cant imagine an uglier luxury brand currently in existence. They are so ugly that if I were a multi billionaire I’d buy them all and destroy them.

    • .. EL CHAPO THA GREAT 🤴🏻

      You sound very jealous

      • ErnieB

        Jealous? LMAO!!!!

        • .. EL CHAPO THA GREAT 🤴🏻

          Yes, very jealous

      • illogicalPotato

        Jealous is the wrong word, i’d say bitter.

        • .. EL CHAPO THA GREAT 🤴🏻

          I guess you’re right

    • salamOOn

      you do not buy a lexus because of the exterior design (LC aside)

      in fact, exterior design is not even on my shopping list, i would drive a fiat multipla if it would be the safest, most comfy and most reliable car in the world.

      • ErnieB

        Audi is in the top 10 according to consumer reports.. I’d take my chances with an Audi..

  • Perry F. Bruns

    Alphard 2: Alpharder
    Live Free or Alphard

  • submonte

    Oh, the refined taste., Bautifully curving lines flowing into this masterpiece. MOMA just saved a spot.

    • ErnieB

      Please tell me you are being sarcastic..

  • Enter Ranting

    This is gonna be hilarious.

    • Mr. EP9

      Not to mention hideous.

      • Bash

        It’s will be fugly

  • Mr. EP9

    It’s probably going to look worse than the Alphard and have a bigger grill.

  • Jason Panamera

    Does LM stands for Lexus Minivan ? Sneaky one…

  • Lucius

    LM? That’s LaMe

  • Stigasawuswrecks

    Just when you thought Lexus couldn’t build a less exciting car they go and make a minivan.

    • Krisnadi Imam

      thats coz u have never been chauffeured in one… its addictive. key word being CHAUFFEURED… does driver included in the lease? would be awesome if it does XD.

      Btw, the alphard being sold here have 2nd row seat just like a first class airline seat

  • Eythan Aldrich

    do you like the toyota alphard, vellfire or this? me:vellfire

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