Audi Is Killing The TT, Will Replace It With An Emotional EV

Audi Chairman Bram Schot has used the company’s Annual General Meeting to announce the death of the TT.

During a lengthy speech, Schot said the company has been “involved in too many projects for several years” and this has to change. As a result, the automaker will “concentrate maximum resources on our key projects” and eliminate model complexity.

Going forward, Audi will examine its portfolio for “customer relevance.” While this is an ongoing process, the company has already decided the fate of the TT. The model will be phased out and eventually replaced by a “new emotive model in the same price range.” Little is known about the TT successor, but Schot confirmed it will have an electric powertrain.

2020 audi tt rs facelift livepics ny 15

Schot also said the company is debating the future of the R8. As he asked, “Do we need a successor with a combustion engine? Does this fit in with our vision?” He didn’t provide answers to those questions, but it appears the company will decide the model’s fate relatively soon.

Of course, the speech also included mentions of upcoming models. In particular, Schot confirmed the Q3 Sportback will be introduced in July. The executive also confirmed plans to expand the Sportback body style “across our entire portfolio to include A and Q models.”

Speaking of Q models, Audi is planning to launch a number of new crossovers. Schot didn’t go into specifics, but said “every second Audi is to be an SUV” in 2025. He also confirmed a “large proportion” of them will have an electric powertrain.

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Sticking with the EV theme, Schot confirmed Audi will launch five electric vehicles in 2020. By 2025, the company will have a total of 20 electric vehicles.

Last but certainly not least, Schot talked about the next-generation Audi A8. While the current model was introduced less than two years ago, Schot said the next-generation luxury sedan “might well be all-electric.” The company hasn’t committed to this idea quite yet, but the executive said “We are thinking about revolutionizing the top-end class with a completely new concept for the A8.”

  • Six_Tymes

    not surprising. slowing following Fords plans, maybe not as extreme but still. Audi has too many vehicles anyway, and since this doesn’t sell all that much… bye TTS, ill still remember mine with fond fun memories.

  • Jay

    Emotional 😂🤣

    • Mike anonymous

      Emotional‘ … You beat me to it. Hopefully they stick to their word.

    • Stephen G

      Don’t forget shame, sorrow, hatred and disgust are also emotions.

  • Jason Clairmonte

    Now THIS, in every way shape and form, makes sense. Kudos to Audi. Finally!!!

  • Netsphere

    noooo not the titi


    • Matt

      Well that will effectively be a trim-line, not a new car so the development costs are relatively low. That and they can price it at a premium, so they will make money.

  • AMG44

    VW group discontinuing the eggs. First Beetle and now TT.

    • JRP

      Scirocco back in 2017 :C

  • Ben

    The only thing emotional Audi knows how to do is to throw themselves on the floor crying “Please don’t take me to jail!!! I DIDN’T KNOW!!! I DIDN’T KNOW!!!”

  • Ben

    For years, the TT stayed in the Boxster/Cayman’s shadow. Many challengers came to usurp its #2 spot in the entry level dedicated sports car realm, such as Lotus Evora, but the little hair dresser’s car stood firm. Our hopes now rest with the 2020 Supra to fight the Porsche.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    An “emotional” EV. It means it makes you cry all the time…

  • Elmediterraneo

    Audi – Emotion – Electric
    Something is wrong with those 3 words together…

  • Emoto

    I just want to say Ta Ta T T.

  • Enter Ranting

    More crossovers, more SUVs. Audi is dead to me.

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