Audi Confirms More Luxurious A8 Flagship, May Revive Horch Name To Rival Mercedes-Maybach

Audi will up its game on the top end of its lineup by launching an even posher derivative of their A8 flagship sedan.

Announced today at the brand’s annual general meeting in Neckarsulm, Audi said it’s planning “the future expansion of the A8 model family to include a new, especially luxurious and prestigious derivative,” without however going into more details.

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A more upscale version of the A8 was actually hinted for the first time last fall, when we learned about the possible revival of the Horch brand, which hasn’t been active since the beginning of the 20th century.

It’s believed that Audi could follow the path of Mercedes-Benz, which after the demise of the Maybach brand in 2013, brought the name back as a sub-brand that denotes the most luxurious and top-spec versions of the S-Class.

Speculation has it that the top-of-the line A8 will come loaded with features and bespoke styling elements. It will inevitably aim for the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class and Bentley Flying Spur, being offered with  a twin-turbo W12 engine, but a V8 is not reportedly being ruled out either.

Depending on how the more posh A8 Horch (unofficial name) performs, the German company could expand its use on other models in its range using the same recipe.

  • charlotteharry57

    Ah yes, the German reveal of the day. I was getting worried!

  • Merc1

    Good luck with that. The current car is a dismal sales failure as is.


    • Jason Panamera

      Overall sales of big luxury cars are going down. But Audi bosses aren’t pleased for sure with A8 sales numbers…

      • Merc1

        Has nothing to do with the A8’s dismal sales. Even when big luxury sedans sold like hotcakes the A8 didn’t, it has never sold well at least in the U.S.


        • Jason Panamera

          Maybe not in US but in EU A8 had pretty good times with D2 and D3 generations. It was almost always behind 7 series and S class but in my opinion A8 never had that ,,spark”.

          • Merc1

            Yeah it’s always been behind the 7 and S.


          • Daniela Wolf

            It was on the same level in europe and a best seller in China.

          • Jason Panamera

            In 2018 in China Audi sold more than 10k units of A8. BMW sold 24k units.

          • Daniela Wolf

            And still Audi outsold BMW in Chian by far.^^

          • Jason Panamera

            And in 2018 WorldWide sales numbers are:
            78000 S Class
            56000 7 Series
            25000 A8.

          • Daniela Wolf

            Who cares?
            U compare brand new vs outdated….

          • Jason Panamera

            Erm what ? These are numbers for current generations.

  • Jason Panamera

    Making more luxurious A8 would make sense only if it will be cheaper than Maybach.


  • Ary Wisesa

    Mercedes-Maybach looks even more luxurious than already luxurious S-Class. It exudes elegance and classy. Even though it doesn’t have the classic aura of Bentley, still it’s a class in its own.

    I can’t say the same with Audi A8. It’s not bad car, for sure. But to be on par with a Maybach, perhaps it should throw away that ridiculous grilles and make it more “matured”. The 2nd gen Audi A8 already has understated elegance in its DNA, which sadly has been thrown away in its successors to make place for those new attention-seeking-single-frame grilles.

    And also, Mercedes is pretty successful with the design language of S-Class that trickles down to the E and C Class. On the other hand, the “one design, different size” of Audi A4, A6, and A8 can’t help the A8 to attain prestigious looks. Why? Because it very much looks like a bigger A4, while the A4 itself very much looks like other VW group sedan (VW Passat & Skoda Superb).

    • Cobrajet

      Mercedes has a grill, that luxury cars should have – a hood ornament.

  • Ken Lyns

    Doesn’t VAG own Bentley? So this would be internal competition?

    • Jay_Sam

      True. But let’s think another way. VAG also produces Panamera and RS7 which are competitors.

  • PK

    even the bmw 7 series tried and they failed. that’s why they have rolls royce for that reason. bmw alone can’t complete against the s class.

  • Enter Ranting

    The A8 looks like a super-sized Jetta. That’s not a compliment.

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