Audi A8 Challenges BMW 7-Series To A Driving Dynamics Face-Off

We all know German manufacturers dominate the luxury car segment with their offerings, the Audi A8, BMW 7-Series and Mercedes S-Class.

All three are fantastic luxobarges, packing the best the automakers have to offer in terms of quality, refinement, and technology. But which of these full-size luxury sedans is the most fun to drive?

That question might have been easier to answer 20 years ago when the 7-Series E38 reigned supreme when it came to dynamics. But does that still hold true right now that competitors have upped their game tremendously?

Autocar’s Matt Prior and Dan Prosser drove the latest Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series to find out. What about the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, you might ask? Well, the segment’s sales leader didn’t take part in this showdown because it’s a much more comfort-oriented car than its rivals, designed almost exclusively for rear seat passengers.

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So, which of the two is the segment’s best driver’s car? Interestingly, both models feature all-wheel-drive systems, so they’re quite level on that front.

It’s a rather fair fight when it comes to engines as well, as both cars feature twin-turbo 3.0-liter six-cylinder engines. The Audi has a V6 rated at 286 PS (282 hp) while the BMW has a straight-six pumping out 320 PS (316 hp).

As for the driving experience, we’ll give you only one spoiler. The steering is much better in the BMW than in the Audi. It makes the car feel smaller and thus more agile, which is what a driver’s car is all about. Is that enough to beat the A8? The video provides all the details.

  • Kagan

    Buttons for most frequent functions are a must!

    Nothing about age, young people are just dumb not knowing that and can have off road focus just to use some function.

    • Dennis James

      Agree. As long as we have fingers and mind reader devices are not available (and “digital assistants” are as dumb as they are today) , buttons must exist.

  • Christian Wimmer

    Am I the only one who is bored of these “driving dynamic” videos which use LARGE and HEAVY LUXURY CARS? I live in Munich, Germany and see these A8s, 7er’s and S-Classes on a daily basis. Most of them are driven by older men (or chauffeur-types) who don’t look the least bit interested in pushing these cars to their limits and measuring their G-Forces in a 160 km/h bend.

    Nobody in their right mind who buys these things will give a damn how they handle at their limits in tight corners etc. These cars handle well, but they are not sports cars. Period.

    • Mynameis Taylor

      yeah but they are talking about regular driving conditions. They weren’t pushing the car to its limit.

    • What about The Transporter, huh, huh, huh? He drives a Luxury Audi A8 Sedan and he’s not an old man! Okay so he’s also just a character in a movie, I never claimed to be rational! 😉

    • Cobrajet

      They should do what the Americans do, make them sloppy and slow just because the consumers are “too old and just don’t care”.


    two bored cars for old mens !

    • Haywood Jablowme

      Is English your first language?

      • MPAMPIS

        why? you are teacher

        • Ary Wisesa

          “Two boring cars for old men”
          “Why? Are you teacher?”


  • Stephen Sutherland

    Why not drive the gasoline version to see how the dynamics change in the A8?

  • Haywood Jablowme

    I just exploded into my palm.

  • XtremWize

    How much did BMW paid for this comparative?
    And wy Mercedes did not want to participate?

    • Mynameis Taylor

      perhaps because the Merc is the older of the 3.. and coming out with a 2020 version. The Audi and BMW were late in the game for their new flagships. Mercedes is already working on the new S Class

    • Mynameis Taylor

      Also, Mercedes already set the bar… right? I mean, Bimmer and Audi are playing catch up

    • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

      May I ask question
      I test drove the new LS once and drove twoce from my friend and I can assure you that I 100% believe it handle very well can catch the 7 or even pass it

      Why they neglected the new LS from those tests

      • XtremWize

        Because they are testing German luxury sedans and the Lexus LS isn’t.

    • Cobrajet

      They know they would lose.

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