All-New 2019 Audi A8 Is A Tech Marvel – And So Much More

If you want a luxury four-door saloon packed full of the latest gadgets and gizmos the automotive industry has to offer, the 2019 Audi A8 might be your best overall choice.

Even as a backseat passenger, you’re likely to enjoy everything the latest A8 has to offer. You can control pretty much all of its non-driving related features from a tiny tablet, or switch over to the rear-seat infotainment screens, which, according to Carwow, are better than those in a Mercedes S-Class.

This being an Audi, means that it comes with a really nice interior, which some argue is best-in class as far as build quality is concerned,though it does not look as fancy as the S-Class’ cabin.

Downsides include the fake exhaust tips, the rear infotainment screens you’ll likely need to remove in shady neighborhoods and the surprisingly loud rearmost sunroof blind. One could also argue that the A8 doesn’t look as imposing as its rivals, but that’s always debatable.

On the road, the 2019 A8 shines, as it feels actually smaller and more dynamic than a car this size should feel. It’s ultra-maneuverable at low speeds, the steering is light, the air suspension is excellent and straight line acceleration, on this 50 TDI version, is great.

In the end, unless you really want your luxury saloon to be a little more sporty (7-Series), or look flashier (S-Class), the Audi A8 should satisfy just about all your needs.

  • ▶️ ProtectOurHeritage ◀️

    Its so bland and clinical. The lemmings that go for VAG products will love it.

    • All the good names were taken

      Outward appearance is certainly not flashy or sexy. But if its anything like earlier versions, the outstanding interior space, legroom, ride, performance (especially in snow), materials quality, etc will make it shine as a transporter for 4 adults that’s still fun to drive solo. The significantly lighter weight as compared to competitors in this size class makes for a huge advantage in performance. The A8 really does drive as if it were several classes smaller. Mercedes has always built tanks (nice powerful ones), bmw forgot how to build a proper 7 series about 2002, jag went Indian, leaving audi a nicexwide spot in the European luxo barge class to slot the a8 with a combo of size and performance that is a little unique. Folks (lemmings you say) who can forgive the introverted styling will appreciate the function.
      Repairs? Yes…you’d better have a warranty and/or a trust fund plus an extra car to use while it’s in the shop, as the suspension will need periodic refreshing and powertrains seem designed to maximize both difficulty of service and frequency of requiring it. Electronics galore is not unique to Audi and pretty much every brand now suffers poor reliability specific to these gizmos. “Lemmings” can pretty much apply to every brand as one can make the case that no luxury car is justifiable considering the depreciation, repairs, and lack of significantly greater function as compared to a Chevy impala, Buick lacrosse or Toyota Avalon. Buying a bmw or Mercedes is just as bad of an idea as an Audi, but sometimes people do it anyway because they can…..

      • ▶️ ProtectOurHeritage ◀️

        Jag went Indian? I think you mean they modernized! 😂😂😂

        I’m sure Frau Merkel and the rest of the European establishment will love it.

        • All the good names were taken

          I was referring to their sale to Tata. New xj is a cool car, still based off x350 platform but not sure it retains the British character we associate to jaguar. The x350 era xj was cool, drives nice and rides like a dream but was too small in back and too devoid of electronics to compare to an a8l. Likewise, it never really served the driver like a bmw of the era.

          • ▶️ ProtectOurHeritage ◀️

            Too small in back? Have you ever been in the back of an XJL? These are cars that serve British politicians and businessmen. You can fit yourself and two hookers in the back very comfortably! Nobody needs electronic equipment when you have female company and a small bag of Columbia’s finest.

          • All the good names were taken

            Yes. (*x358, not a 351). I own a std wheelbase and find the rear seat unacceptable for adults unless either the passenger or the trip is quite short. The xj8L model is just adequate. I also have an a8l here and that has exceptional room In the rear, at least on par with an 7 series iL.
            I know Brits and Americans are said to have similar anthropomorphic dimensions, but that’s based on averages. I’m 4″ taller than the supposed average Male and yet I’m about average in my local population. I guess we grow ’em big around here but we have reason to be unhappy with undersized back seats.
            Politicians on the other hand….if Brits are like Americans, the political class tends to be overrepresented with short weaselly runts trying to make up for a childhood scarred by bullying. Finding one of those vermin in a backseat of any kind seems unremarkable….

          • All the good names were taken

            Whilst I’m no fan of Columbian anything, I actually find the absence of excess electronics a charming and refreshing net positive. My intent was only to note the stark contrast against the Audi and its 1.2gigawatts of electronics (at idle!)

  • Maher

    It looks so dated already, inside outside. That fingerprints magnet in the middle console doesn’t belong to a car competing against the S Class and the 7 Series.

  • ErnieB

    Fake exhaust Audi strikes again .. why?

  • pcurve

    Looks like a fine $55k sedan from outside. Not a $ 80k one.

    • Marty

      Yep, you can’t make a luxury car that looks like a copy of its smaller and cheaper sibling.

      The “three sizes of A6” design philosophy only works in two sizes.

      • All the good names were taken

        Kind of agree as I still turn my head to gawk at nicely dressed a6 or a4 while piloting an a8. You see them coming and expect your brethren, only to find it’s a “peasant”. This kind of degrades the a8- having the driver lusting after the lessers.

        Ironically, you CAN get away with the similarity of appearances when you go about it in a different order. Cheaper models styled like an existing flagship seem to get praised for inheriting DNA from a more elite model.

        • Marty

          Look what Volvo did, starting with the 90 series (both XC and S/V) and then going down. But Volvo also had the sense to differentiate the XC40 with a slightly different look instead of letting all three levels be different scaled versions of the 90.

          When it comes to Audi, I think the A7 looks more top-of-the-line than A8.

    • All the good names were taken

      Don’t be surprised if it hits $100k. An A8 cost into the $80’s back when the d3 version came out 14 years ago.

  • donald seymour

    If I must say it’s a fine sharp crisp turd, a turd on four wheels. It’s a turd.

  • dumblikeyou2

    Slab sides are back in?

  • Bo Hanan

    Great car until the warranty expires.

    • Technom3

      That’s every car over 50k

      • Bo Hanan

        Not true.

        • Technom3

          Ok .Lexu and American truck excluded .All others are terriblybexpensive out of warranty

  • Technom3

    Thought it was a new passat

  • All the good names were taken

    As someone who actually owns an a8, I’ve always liked the 2006-on trapezoid grill. It was THE iconic Audi thing without which the car otherwise resembled a mid 2000’s Impala.
    The front of this thing (2019) strongly resembles a large mouth bass. It also reminds us strongly of a Ford fusion, which in turn rips off Aston Martin etc. Between this and the a8, I think Audi is engaged in styling suicide.

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