Next-Gen Kia Optima To Have A Progressive Design With A Strong Identity

Hyundai showcased the 2020 Sonata at the New York Auto Show last month, and now the South Korean group’s attention is turning to the next-generation Kia Optima.

While we haven’t seen much of it lately, Kia’s styling boss revealed some new details about the upcoming sedan. Speaking with Autocar, Byung Chul Juh said the next Optima will have a new design that’s “not extreme, but progressive with a strong brand identity.”

He went on to suggest the styling language will reflect Kia’s “innovative, young, challenging, iconic and cool” character. That’s not very specific, but Juh also said the model will have “unexpected details.”

2020 kia optima k5 spied 2

The new design language will eventually be adopted to other Kias, and each segment will receive a distinct “tiger face” front end with a more three-dimensional look and feel. The company will continue to use its familiar grille, but Hyundai Motor Group chief design officer Luc Donckerwolke said future modesl will have “more of a mask that will deliver sportiness and a presence.” Kia seems to have alluded to these changes with the Imagine concept as the model was equipped with a so-called “tiger mask.”

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Besides talking about the upcoming Optima, Donckerwolke said the next-generation Sportage will be “even bolder than the new [Hyundai] Tucson.” There’s no word on when the model will arrive, but a facelifted Sportage was introduced earlier this year so it’ll probably be awhile before we see the redesigned crossover.

Kia isn’t the only company getting a new styling language, as Hyundai will also get a look that Donckerwolke described as “sexy, seductive and sensuous, sporty, eager and stylish.” As part of this effort, upcoming models will have a more emotional and upscale design. They’ll also be further differentiated from Kia vehicles.

2020 Hyundai Sonata USA 8

  • Bash

    The sonata looks so good but I bet the new optima will look even better.

    • Jason Panamera

      And sonata’s interior looks now more upscale that offering Grandeur in Asia seems like cannibalism.

      • Bash

        You got that right mate, to my personal view, the new sonata interior is on par with Genesis.

  • Paul

    A Progressive Design? Does that mean it will appeal to the progressives or it is advancing themes it already has? If it’s the latter I’m good because I like what they did with the last redo of it.

  • timii

    Bring the standard dual exhaust back

    • Craig

      Which I like. [the looks of anyway] But we don’t need two of them.


  • erly5

    Those designers don’t half talk a lot of sh*t. Why not just say “it’s going to look a lot like the current version with a slightly more modern look” and be done with it.

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