VW’s Sub-€30,000 Electric Hatch Is Christened the ID.3

Volkswagen’s Tesla Model 3 fighter will be named the ID.3 and will premiere at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

The ‘3’ signifies that it belongs in the compact class as well as being the brand’s third major chapter of strategic importance after the Beetle and Golf.

Those looking to secure an ID.3 build slot can place a refundable deposit of €1,000 ($1,119). The car has a target price of under €30,000 ($33,581) in Germany before subsidies, and will be offered with three battery options.

The entry-level model can travel for up to 330 km (205 miles) on a single charge, whereas the mid- and top-of-the-line grades have an autonomy of 420 km (261 miles) and 550 km (342 miles), respectively, all according to the new WLTP cycle.

“With the ID.3, we will be ushering in the third major chapter of strategic importance in the history of our brand, following the Beetle and the Golf. With the ID.3, we are making the electric car fit for mass mobility”, said Volkswagen brand exec Jurgen Stackmann. “Initially, we will electrify Europe with the ID.3 and then other regions with further electric models in the ID. family, which are to follow in the near future.”

Celebrating the start of pre-booking in Europe is a special edition of the electric car, called the ID.3 1ST, priced from less than €40,000 ($44,774). It’s offered with the medium-sized battery option, comes in four colors and three trim levels and features comprehensive equipment such as larger wheels, voice control and navigation system. The ID.3 1ST Plus adds IQ. Light and bi-color design inside and out and the Max brings a panoramic glass roof and augmented reality head-up display.

Volkswagen will make 30,000 units of the ID.3 1ST, with production set to kick off at the end of the year. The first cars will be delivered to customers in mid-2020, who will enjoy free charging for the first year with a 2,000 kWh limit.

The ID.3 is the first member of the new ID. family. All cars will bear the ID. name, accompanied by specific model numbers. Aside from the hatchback, VW will launch other EVs, which were previewed by the ID. Crozz, ID. Vizzion and ID. Roomzz concepts.

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  • Rasta_Farian

    Carmakers seem to be obsessed with the number 3…

    • mist

      Such as the Audi A3 of the same size since 1996… it even uses the same platfom as the Golf.

  • DanSemering

    that’s VW biggest bet ! Better work

  • Knotmyrealname

    I’ll have one – if it means my money doesn’t line the oil baron’s pockets.

  • Toronado_II

    With all the VW electrical problems in canadian winters… How reliable an all electric vehicle will be ?!?

    • Check Norway. Half of their cars sold are fully electric. I had problem starting up diesel cars in cold, but not electric.

      • Toronado_II

        My concerns is not on the electric vs gas. My concern is the VW reliability.

        • Judging by their volume of investment, they have bet on electric vehicles. It has to work out of they go bust. I think reliability will be fine. I’m more concerned that they are way too late on bringing out their models.

  • Daniela Wolf

    Starting from 26K in germany, hell yes!

  • J. P.

    Wikipedia knew the name was gonna be ID.3 way before you guys

  • Stephen G

    Gee, I wonder why Crisian is calling this a Tesla fighter and not a Chevrolet Bolt or Nissan Leaf fighter? Oh, maybe because even though it’s equipped like a Bolt & Leaf it’s priced like a Tesla?

  • Holmer_k

    All I want to know is if we can buy it “with” the camo

  • Benjamin B.

    I’d love to see a retro ID Beetle based off of the platform.

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