2019 Jeep Renegade PHEV Will Demonstrate Its Prowess In Italy Next Week

Three months after its Geneva Motor Show premiere, the Renegade plug-in hybrid will be making its on-road debut at the 2019 Turin Auto Show in Italy.

Jeep’s first small electrified SUV will be displayed at the Parco del Valentino between June 19 and 23, and will also parade around the city center circuit, after setting off from Piazza Vittorio Veneto.

The main characteristic of the Renegade PHEV is, of course, the powertrain, which combines a new 1.3-liter turbocharged petrol four with an electric motor. Maximum output is 237 HP (240 PS / 177 kW), which allows for a 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) sprint in roughly 7 seconds.

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With the battery fully charged, either by the ICE or using a regular socket, the Renegade PHEV has a zero-emission driving range of 50 km (31 miles). Carbon dioxide emissions are kept in check at 50 g/km, making it friendlier to the environment than any other version currently on sale.

Thanks to the clever torque distribution of the ICE and electric motor, Jeep claims that the model provides “extreme precision during take-off and while driving on the most challenging terrain”. The eAWD technology makes sure that the two axles work separately, and the configuration eliminates the need for a low-range gearbox.

Joining the electrified Renegade in Turin will be the Compass PHEV, which uses an identical powertrain and has very similar performance.

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  • Hot Twink

    the configuration eliminates the need for a low-range gearbox.

    Did Jeep tell you to write that? Because that sounds like something Jeep marketing would try to pass as an advantage, if the regular Renegade actually had low-range to begin with.

    None of the regular Renegades (even the TrailHawk) have actual low range gearing. They don’t even have a transfer case for that matter. They use a GKN Drivline sourced power take off (PTO) and rear driveline module (RDM). The “4WD Low” button tells the 9-speed transaxle to start in first gear. It tries to “simulate” low range (which it does poorly).

  • AintYerPa

    It’s so sad that the Jeep brand is now nothing more than a cheap Italian piece of Junk… How the mighty have fallen…

    • jfalckt

      Jeep has never been stronger than they are now.

      • AintYerPa

        Let me guess.. You either just bought one, or you work for FCA…

        • jfalckt

          No no no neither! I just see them everywhere these days and they used to be a rare sight( Europe/Scandinavia)

          • AintYerPa

            Maybe that has something to do with the Fiat/Chrysler merger… We didn’t see Fiats here in the USA before that either.. Not really. Of course you don’t see them much any more now though, either… But that’s because they really are crap. Not safe, etc. Seriously.

          • mmeier

            Jeep just delivers what people want these days – they cannot survive with just selling “real-4WDs” like the Wrangler. Without the earnings through Renegade/Compass/(Cherokee) etc. Jeep would never be able to offer a Wrangler. Same with Toyota and its 70series Landcruiser V8 in Australia & Africa. Fiat made Jeep to a real “jewel” with worldwide sales.
            And about the “italian thing”: they are neither unsafe nor less reliable than other cars in this segment. Just one Example: At least in Europe, 2016 Alfa Giulia reached best crash results a car ever reached. Even a huge Volvo XC-90 (people think its the safety-reference) was worse.
            But at its presentation everybody was predicting very bad crash-results (stereotypes as usual).

            I don’t own a Jeep – I still drive a 2008 twin-turbo-powered Lancia from southern Italy, produced in the second week of production….so all stereotypes you can have ;-).

          • AintYerPa

            Well, I hate to pick… but I wasn’t talking about Lancias or Alfa… I was talking about Fiat. They are cheap and they are Italian… Hence, “cheap Italian piece of Junk”… I didn’t stutter or Stereotype. It’s a fact. You want to talk about longevity and crash results? Talk about Fiat in the USA.. and FCA in general.. Chrysler products in the US (at least) have also suffered in the last few years. This is ALL Fiat’s fault, but nevertheless, THAT is what I am talking about…

            I really can’t stand when people change the WHOLE thrust of someone’s argument to suit their own purposes… 😉

            And I do drive a Jeep – Wrangler.. Had a 1999 With almost 500,000 miles on it’s indestructible I-6, but it was stolen.. Now I’m driving a 2005 Wrangler with over 100,000 miles and No problems.. Would NEVER buy one newer than 2006…

  • AintYerPa

    R-r-r-r-acism??? WTF is wrong with you? Something tells me you need to go see your psychiatrist…

  • Paul

    One of these might be nice if they had a real 4WD system under it and not the gimmicky set up they have.

  • AintYerPa

    The Fiat 500 is what FCA has been trying to push here in the States to the masses.. it is NOT an Italian supercar or moped… It is a piece of crap… Can you really argue with that? I would also argue that “Corporate Strategy” is not good for any individual brand when they get swallowed under a larger umbrella.. Hence my OPINION about “How the mighty have fallen”…

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