2019 Maserati Levante GTS Is Fast, Loud And Makes You Feel Good

The 2019 Maserati Levante has gained two new V8 engine options that bring more performance to the table, and the GTS is the least powerful of the pair.

With that said, the new North American-spec Levante GTS still offers 542 HP (550 PS) and 538 lb-ft (730Nm) of torque, putting it in the same league with (you guessed it) the Porsche Cayenne Turbo.

Hooked to an eight-speed automatic transmission, it enables the Italian SUV to sprint from zero to 60mph (96km/h) in 4 seconds dead and hit 181mph (291km/h) flat out. The twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 was developed “in cooperation” with Ferrari, which also builds it in its Maranello factory.

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Along with the new powertrain, Maserati has retuned the chassis of the Levante to offer better handling. The air suspension was recalibrated, while the company has also integrated its latest IVC system into the ESP, which helps the driver maintain control instead of simply -and abruptly- correcting the course of the vehicle. Maserati adds that the chassis is also perfectly balanced between the axles and offers a very low center of gravity for an SUV of this size.

All this makes the Levante GTS a very impressive SUV under fast driving, with understeer being virtually eliminated and the driver feeling more comfortable to exploit the potential of the twin-turbo V8.

Combine this with the vicious soundtrack of that engine, and it’s no wonder why The Straight Pipes had only good things to say about the refreshed Levante.


  • pxsupply

    Is the Stelvio QV faster?

    • europeon

      Yes, it’s a lighter and smaller car than the Levante.

  • john1168

    One of the best looking suv’s On the road. If reliability isn’t too bad, these would make a decent certified used purchase. I have to look up how much these depreciate. Probably more or less the same as most everything else in this price range.

    • Bo Hanan

      ??? Best looking???

      • john1168

        Yes sir?

        • Seats & a steering wheel

          Google Audi Q8…

          • john1168

            I did and it’s ok. I do like some Audi’s and I’m sure this is a great vehicle. If you like it well that’s great. Looks are subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess. To me this Maserati as well as the Jaguar F Pace are really nice looking suv’s. They look like they have soul and that some passion was put into the design. May not be for everyone and that’s ok:)

    • europeon

      Reliability is comparable with the German’s, but spare parts are way more expensive.

      • john1168

        That’s kind of what I was thinking. If I did get one used it would have to be certified so I could have some kind of warranty on it to cover parts and labor. Used luxury vehicles are great and you can get them in decent shape and for a good deal after they depreciate after a few years but you pay big time when it comes time to fix them. And that’s with any lux manufacturer, including the Germans as you well know.

  • Rocket

    The coolest thing are the Ferrari engines. The second coolest thing is the name. Given the mediocre styling, neither is enough to make me buy one, however. Just too many better options.

    • Michelin

      I dont’ see a lot of better options …
      About mediocre styling ….. Cayenne is not a masterpiece !!!
      or you prefers Bantayga???
      Mercedes ML had terrible style, the new one a little better …

  • Bash

    Sure it’s a nice one, faster and all but I would still choose the Cayenne over it any day.

    • driv3r

      I certainly have to agree. The Cayenne is the way more mature and modern (in all dimensions from Suspension and choice of engines to infotainment and safety tech) car. The Ferrari is engine is nice for sure but even when getting a performance SUV such as the Cayenne, Levante or Urus, people still like some sort of comfort , practicality and modern tech and assistance systems.

      • europeon

        people still like some sort of comfort , practicality and modern tech and assistance systems

        Which Levate has plenty of.

        But you seem very sure of what you say, so please name one feature Levante doesn’t have and the Cayenne has.

        • driv3r

          Plug-In-Hybrid-model, all-wheel-steering, fully online and connected infotainment system, Porsche InnoDrive (extended adaptive cruise control)…
          After looking at the Levante again I am positively surprised to see that they have added Adaptive LED headlights to the car for a start… Oh and they still offer a diesel version in some markets… Might make the Levante just half as bad as I thought first…

          • europeon

            A plugin hybrid version is not a feature really. AWS is really not a feature either, it’s just a technical solution, and I’m sure the Levante without AWS still handles better than a Cayenne.
            Connected infotainment is questionable now when everyone has Car Play/Android Auto, but they have the internet connected version of the UConnect as an option.

            Extended adaptive cruise control is indeed a feature they’re missing, even if it’s a gimmick

            Anyway, I can help you with two features that really matter: night vision assist and seat massage.

            All in all, Cayenne is still less customizable (as standard) than the Levante in terms of interiors and trims.

    • Michelin

      Sorry, but I would still choose the Levante over the Cayenne any day !
      A mass selling car or a personal and distintive car ?? The second, please.

      • Bash

        Apology Accepted. 🙂

  • XtremWize

    My neighbor has a Levante and I didn’t realize that this ugly SUV was a Maserati until he told me five months later …

    • Matt

      How would someone that visits a car blog not know that?

      • XtremWize

        Because a car guy like me doesn’t bother with hideous and boring SUV’s.

  • StrangerGP

    And yet it looks much worse than a cheaper Alfa Stelvio. Plus it’s heavier which means it’s a little bit slower than “weaker” Stelvio Quadrifoglio.

    • europeon

      As I said before- the Stelvio QV is still a 35k in terms of interior, fit and finish, no matter what engine you put in it. Levante is proper luxury.
      Also, looks are subjective.

  • Michelin

    Levante is a competitor of Cayenne and BMW X5, Stelvio is a competitor of Macan or Audi Q5.
    Two different categories and prices….

    • europeon

      People don’t realize that because they never seen them in real life.
      That also tells a lot about the weight of their words when they criticize the cars.

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