2019 Nissan Leaf E+ Launched In The UK With £35,895 Starting Price

The range-topping version of Nissan’s popular electric compact hatchback, the 2019 Nissan Leaf e+, is now available in the United Kingdom in the Tekna grade, priced from £35,895 ($45,570/€40,379) (including the £3,500 ($4,443/€3,937) Government Grant).

The biggest change compared to the lineup is the larger battery, which has a 62 kWh capacity.

The lithium-ion pack provides a WLTP-rated range of up to 385 km (239 miles) and can be fully charged from a 6.6 kW, 32A wall box in 11.3 hours. From 20 to 80 percent, it needs about one and a half hours, using the 50 kW rapid charger.

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The addition of a bigger battery has allowed Nissan’s engineers to upgrade the electric motor too. Thus, the Leaf e+ now has a total output of 214 HP (217 PS / 160 kW) and 340 Nm (251 lb-ft) of torque and the 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) acceleration is very decent for an electric car in this price range, taking just 6.9 seconds, while top speed is 158 km/h (98 mph). Thanks to clever packaging, boot space is actually better than what you’d get in a five-door Golf, at 405 liters versus to the VW’s 380 (14.3 vs 13.4 cu-ft).

Like all new Leafs, the e+ gets the NissanConnect infotainment system with 8-inch touchscreen display as standard. Users will enjoy Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone connectivity, upgraded navigation systems, in-built Online Map Update and Chargers Location functionality. They will also be able to pre-heat or pre-cool the interior, as well as send navigation routes to the vehicle, using the dedicated app. The app can also be used to see whether the Leaf e+ is still plugged to the charging port and check out an analysis on trips and driving styles.

Another standard feature is the ProPilot semi-autonomous driving. The ‘hand-on, eyes-on system’ allows the car to control the throttle, braking and steering on its own in certain conditions such as congested traffic and high-speed highway cruising.

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  • 2PacOfCarscoop

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    • Julien Lachemoi

      Can you please STFU ?

      • 2PacOfCarscoop

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        • Julien Lachemoi

          I want to silence spam.

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  • mattster

    Beat me to it! Very strange to have no mention of any competitors, the elephant in that particular room being the Model 3.

    Which is currently available at £38,050 – barely £2k more than the leaf but with more range, MUCH faster charging, better charging network, better performance, better driver aids, (presumed) better battery longevity, works leading safety, nice features like glass roof, and bearing all that in mind almost certainly way better residuals…

    In short you’d have to be *desperate* for the benefits of the Leaf’s hatchback to pass all that by. And Model 3 rear seats fold down so it’s more practical than every saloon I’ve owned.

  • TheBelltower

    “0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) acceleration is very decent for an electric car in this price range, taking just 6.9 seconds

    Says who? The 0-60 expectations of an EV are much higher than that of a conventional car. 6.9 seconds is terrible for an EV, and only average for a conventional economy car. I like the Leaf just fine. But let’s not pretend that it’s anything other than slow.

    • Dudamus

      Its a family car, that’s way too fast for a reliable economical environmental family car. That would be my biggest complaint about the LEAF, why so fast? They could have added 20 miles to the range.

  • Dudamus

    You are correct if you want an expensive fast fun performance car get a Tesla. If you want the most reliable longest lasting family car that is also very economical get a LEAF. Make sure you are getting the right car for your family or weekend fun as needed. I needed a city commuter car in 2011 and the LEAF has been the best of about 25 cars, trucks, vans, sports cars, and racing car I have owned. Great car. When you select your EV make sure it has twice the range of your daily commute, yu need extra range for heat, AC, hills, stops and extra errands.

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