2020 Mazda3 Hatchback Guns For The Segment’s Top Spot

Buying a compact hatchback nowadays means not having to compromise on modern tech features, with new models like the latest Ford Focus proving that customers enjoy top-notch products.

But what if you want something that looks a little bit more visually aggressive? Well, the 2020 Mazda3 certainly fits that bill with its pouncing stance.

This in-depth review from Carwow analyzes its strengths and weaknesses when compared to its main rivals like the VW Golf or the aforementioned Focus.

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Step inside and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the design of the interior, even though some surfaces still feature cheaper-feeling plastics. A more serious issue is that rear passengers over 6 feet tall might feel cramped, as knee room is not great, and neither is headroom (due to the sloped roof line).

Things are much better on the road, though, with the Mazda3 being much quieter than its predecessor, and while it’s not as sorted out as a Focus when it comes to driving dynamics, it still is quite fun to drive thanks to a great manual gearbox and precise steering feel.

So, should you shortlist the Mazda3 if you’re shopping around for a compact hatch? The answer is “definitely” – but you can check all the details in the video that follows right after the jump.


  • Six_Tymes

    would have been cool to review this when the new skyactiv-X is an option

  • Matthijs

    Had my doubts about the C-pillar and read but the car is amazing looking in real life. Everything makes sense. Yeah it’s not spacious so nor was a 1 Series, A-Class or V40. It’s not a family car and Mazda doesn’t present it that way

  • Sovereignty

    BMW designers have a lot to learn about styling a FWD hatchback. Mazda does it perfectly.

    • Bash

      Right on spot, and also the MB; I don’t really like the proportion of their A-class tbh.

      • Alx

        Do you really think Mazda got proportions right with the 3 hatch?

        • Bash

          I like more than the BMW and MB. That’s enough for me.

  • Kagan

    A lot? You have zero space back!

    But it is nice to drive but especially in grey looks like a corolla from 90.s.

  • Finkployd

    I like this guy but I could do without the comedy bits of the review

    • db

      Drop the “nerd” part of the review.

      • Matt

        Yeah they are actually dropping that feature due to feedback.

        • db

          It is pretty goofy when you think about it, kinda like a kiddie program.

      • erly5

        Agree. Just had to skip that bit, so irritating!

        • Alx

          Ditto… can’t bloody stand it.

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      I feel he’s beginning to think it’s about him rather than the car.

  • Rocket

    I love what you stand for, Mazda, but I’m really disappointed in this effort.

    • jonas demuro

      Yes, really needs a more exciting powertrain. I own the same engine in my CX5, and it is the most generic part of the car. Really wish it had a 2.0T.

  • db

    I like this car. It seems like a good cross between sport, practicality and price.
    The interior seems to be well thought out but more importantly, the manual shift seems to be a pleasure to drive.

    Also, I appreciate hatchbacks though this one does seems a little awkward looking (but I would still opt for it).

  • carlbolt

    Don’t like this guy always sabotage the car he reviewed.

  • Ara Llamas

    No more IRS, lame!

  • Six Thousand Times

    Big blindspot, no rear seat room and a torsion beam rear axle.

  • Kyle Skinner

    Gd hatchbacks, the sedans never get the love they deserve. The sedan looks better too.

  • erly5

    Best looking car in it’s class and would certainly be my choice.

    • ThatGuy

      Both inside and outside

  • jonas demuro

    If the car is going upscale, the powertrain needs to do so as well. The 6 speed auto is down a few gears compared to the competition, and the standard engine, 2.5NA, is kind of vanilla ice cream. Mazda needs to step up its game, and the Skyactiv-X specs so far seem to offer less HP and torque so not sure of the point.

    • Kevin Cagle

      I think its best to take a wait and see on that new engine, because the HP/TQ figure doesnt show the curve. I think what its going to show is that it has massive torque instantly due to the Mild hybrid. They still claim its going to be quicker.

  • ThatGuy

    LOL i remember with the reveal articles a good few months back, i looked at the sketches and said wow there is going to be no rear head room in the hatch and sedan and people were like nah they improved there will be a ton of room, boom i knew the slopes were to aggressive. Having said that its most of us family haulers that have an issue, if i were younger this meant naught. lol

  • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

    So much more desirable than the new 1 series.

  • David Da

    It deserves more power than the 122HP engine sold in Europe right now.

  • Alx

    young professionals – many of them women (at least in Australia) – will be upgrading to CX5 once they start procreating… so the rear is not an issue.

    I, however, could not live with it… nor a Mazda in general.

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