Bugatti Type 103 Concept Tries To Make The Chiron More Interesting

The Chiron is arguably the most spectacular car on Earth. Its 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged W16 produces 1,500 PS (1,479 HP) and 1,600 Nm (1,180 lb-ft) of torque, which is certainly enough to put it in the conversation for “greatest hypercar ever.”

While Bugatti has worked a lot on improving the Chiron’s driving feel compared to the somewhat sterile Veyron, it has played it safe with the styling, opting for a sleek update of, more or less, the same theme. Which may or may not be everyone’s cup of Earl Grey, especially compared to more daring rivals like the Koenigsegg Jesko, for instance.

Well, this rendering by Invisive looks to change all that thanks to its “dramatic” exterior.

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According to the designer, the idea behind the Type 103, as it is named, was to “take the classic Bugatti ‘C’ line and play with it and see what the result would be, tying in the rest of the shapes after establishing the main lines and providing some drama to the overall shape of the body with the help of interesting proportions and structure while still making it identifiable with the French brand.”

Immediately we notice that this render has a more aggressive appearance, with squinty headlights and a visibly larger front grille. Move to the sides and you can see a new door design and a more of a closed loop ‘C’ line. Which, for what it’s worth, we don’t think works that well on the Chiron’s shape. But that’s just us; what say you?

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  • Some ol’ bloke

    quite ugly?

  • europeon

    Again, please specify in the headline this isn’t an official concept.
    Clickbait-y headlines are bad in the long run, you’re losing the quality part of your audience.

    • Benoît Etienne

      i agree!

  • europeon

    And what’s with those calipers? That’s not how a caliper works…

    • exeptor

      This is inspired by an actual photo (or better illustration) by Bugatti itself of a 3D printed caliper – it was presented more or less the same way. This whole stuff is just an art project and I really doubt that an actual engineering is taken into account. Still the article is a hard clickbait.

      • europeon

        Do you even understand how brakes work?

        • exeptor

          Do you even read what I wrote? I change my brake lining by myself, so I guess I kind of understand it, but what this specific picture shows is just an art (not engineering) vision. As I explained in the previous comment – the same setup was used by Bugatti themselves, so maybe you have to ask them if they understand how brakes work … and maybe then you will understand what this whole thing is about. Or maybe not!

          • europeon

            No it wasn’t used by Bugatti themselves. Take a look at their titanium 3d printed caliper, and you’ll see it’s a proper functioning caliper.
            As for the art part, I don’t agree. It’s pure crap.

  • Ben
    • Mr. EP9

      If I had to choose between this render and having my spine ripped out, I’d choose the latter.

  • Paul

    Click bait BS and it’s awful looking too. The regular car looks just fine I think

  • Mr. EP9

    That’s ugly.

  • TheAmerican2point0

    That is incredibly ugly

  • Zed68

    That’s not ugly… that’s meh.

  • exeptor

    Opposite to most of the comments, I think that it looks interesting, a bit extravagant if you like. Even if it looks ugly to some we can’t ignore the fact that the author spend some quality time making these renders – there is an idea and a very good execution.

    • europeon

      The criteria for respecting someone’s work is quality, not the execution or time that was put in.
      A painting of a turd is still a turd, and nomatter how many years someone has spent painting it or how accurate the details of the painting are.

      • exeptor

        I agree and what I see in these pictures is quality – a quality in terms of art. I see a very good usage of a specific software, I see some great (in artistic terms) ideas. Compared with most of the renders here this one is actually very well executed – it is almost like an official catalog from Bugatti.

  • Miknik

    “Bugatti Type 103 Concept Tries To Make The Chiron More ugly”
    *fixed that for you

  • Snorlax

    Looks intense :3

  • MattyBoi

    Exeptor makes a very good point. It does look very extravagant and way more technical than anything Bugatti’s actually made.

  • TB

    Looks pretty damn sharp!

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