Citroen Won’t Give The C4 Cactus Another Chance

Citroen has taken a surprising approach when it comes to the successor of the C4 Cactus. The put it in as few words as possible, it won’t get a direct replacement, and the ‘Cactus’ moniker might reportedly die with it, at least in the foreseeable future.

The information has been brought forward by TopGear, who spoke to the company’s product chief, Xavier Peugeot. “For the time being, this car is our C-segment hatch offer. Our next C-segment car to come will replace the C4 Cactus. This will be the end of the Cactus. For the name, I don’t know yet, but for the car, yes.”

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Could this mean that a new generation C4 hatchback is coming? Perhaps, and it sure seems like a very good time to consider it, given that the second-gen Peugeot 308 is in for a major makeover. The 308 was launched back in 2013, and it’s in dying need of a new generation to rival the likes of the latest Ford Focus, upcoming Volkswagen Golf and refreshed Renault Megane.

In turn, a new Citroen compact hatchback will challenge the likes of the same cars, as well as others in Europe’s competitive segment. However, it might not be limited to the Old Continent, as everyone knows that Peugeot will relaunch in the U.S. market next decade, so there’s a (small) possibility that sister-brand Citroen might follow in its footsteps.

If the C4 Cactus still seems appealing, even after the facelift that has made it less funky, then you can still get one. In Germany, the comfort-focused crossover kicks off at €17,690 ($20,111) and in the UK it can be had from £19,070 ($24,290).


  • Sébastien

    At first (before launch) they said it would be affordable, so of course sales never took off.

  • Frase

    Has the Cactus been a sales letdown? It’ll be weird if it is, since I see them almost everywhere. Regardless, it’s a shame that they might replace it with something less visually unusual. They should have made it the C4’s outright replacement and cut out the confusing line up. Quite simply the Cactus was more a Golf rival than it ever was a Tiguan rival. Chances are that whatever replaces it will be given a bit more certainty on what it’s supposed to be.

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      I drove a hire one for a week a few years ago.
      Admittedly only the non-turbo version but it always felt weedy and built down to a price.
      The soft suspension was a pleasant change however.

  • Bash

    I hated that design anyway, inside out, and I’m sure many many people didn’t like it either. Poor sales showcase this fact. Big Deal!!

  • StrangerGP

    Citroen Cactus was a cool model when it was first introduced, it was one of PSA’s first bold designs in a long time. You could have liked it or not, but you couldn’t say it was boring. Sadly Citroen made three awful decisions in a short amount of time – killed off the C4, castrated the Cactus to make its styling less aggressive and introduced an equally big C3 Aircross.

  • Bill Nguyen

    Wow, don’t see that too often nowadays!


    it’s all because of the expansion of aircross nameplate
    In early 2010s the aircross nameplate is only used on Mitsubishi ASX-rebadged C4 Aircross

  • It was a fun looking car, then they tried to make it more upmarket to replace the C4, made it funny looking ugly, they killed it. At the last Paris auto show, even tho it’s now an old car, the interior was the only one I liked, the DS line up, C5 AirCross are so bad. I was expecting confortable seats in the C5 Aircross, the C4 cactus is more confortable. It’s sad to see that every time someone makes a car that looks different it fails.

  • Alex87f

    It’s been known for a long time that the C4 Cactus “gen. 2” (i.e. facelifted gen. 1) was meant to bridge the gap between the end-of-life of the late 2nd gen C4, and the introduction of the 3rd gen C4 a few years later down the road.

    Based on what’s written here, this is just this very scenario unfolding. No surprises.

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