If That’s The New Peugeot 2008, It Does Look Stunning

Several pictures of the redesigned Peugeot 2008 have surfaced online. Posted on the WorldScoop forum, the images reveal a stylish crossover that is heavily influenced by the new 208.

Starting up front, the new 2008 has a prominent grille flanked by sweptback headlights. Further below, we can see vertical daytime running lights and a wide lower air intake which resides above a silver or metallic accent.

The sporty styling continues further back as the model has pronounced wheel arches, distinctive bodywork and plastic body cladding. We can also see a rakish windscreen, a sloping roof and a dynamic beltline.

The rear end is a tad plain in comparison as it features a large plastic bumper and a relatively upright tailgate. Other notable features include slender taillights and a spoiler that wraps around the rear window.

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The exterior styling is phenomenal and thankfully it carries over to the cabin. Drivers sit behind a distinctive two-spoke steering wheel and find themselves looking at a digital instrument cluster. To their right is a floating infotainment system which hovers above angular air vents and toggle switches with metallic surrounds, while there’s also a two-tier dashboard and gloss black trim.

Peugeot hasn’t said much about the second-gen 2008, but it will ride on the Compact Modular Platform and likely feature an assortment of engines sourced from the 208. Nothing is official, but the model should use a turbocharged 1.2-liter three-cylinder with outputs of 99 hp (74 kW / 100 PS) and 128 hp (96 kW / 130 PS), as well as a 1.5-liter four-cylinder diesel with 99 hp (74 kW / 100 PS).

In all likelihood, there will also be an electric variant based on the e-CMP platform. Like the e-208, it is expected to have a 50 kWh battery which powers an electric motor that develops 134 hp (100 kW / 136 PS) and 192 lb-ft (260 Nm) of torque. This setup enables the hatchback to travel up to 211 miles (340 km) on electricity alone, according to the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure.

Thanks to Jean-Philippe for the tip!

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  • Six_Tymes

    Wow, inside and out looks great, its got its own personalty, unlike many of the rest that look similar. I wish I could buy this in the states

    • McFly

      Yes, there is a lot to like about the current Peugeot designs in a works were so many cars look either generic or silly.

      But the front of the cars look like the mouth of Bowhead whale (not the prettiest whale).

  • Zandit75

    If That’s The New Peugeot 2008, It Does Look Stunning

    Are we looking at the same photos?
    This is hideous.

    • Bo Hanan

      And that face WILL NOT age well either.

  • Brian Regan

    “Stunning” is certainly one way to put it.

  • The front end looks weird but the rest looks fine.

  • Mike anonymous

    I am personally not the biggest fan of the Peugots’ ‘Tear-Drop’ styled headlamps. I liked the previous design language for the headlamps which debuted on the 2012 Onyx & 2014 Exalt Concepts, also shown on the Quartz Concept here. While I’m not the biggest fan of it (the ‘Tear-Drop’ styled headlamps) , I will not say it’s bad (as to each their own), but I personally liked the previous design language of the grille and headlamps, more so.


    P.S. The Saloon shown in the first image is the previously mentioned Exalt Concept.

    • Astonman

      You’re right the previous lights were better looking. That Saloon is gorgeous! I love the rear fenders.

  • Galaxium

    I say this all the time, but I find nearly all of these French auto designs awful. I’m devastated that I’m probably going to encounter more of them when they officially start celling in the US.

    • Zandit75

      Celling, I’ve never heard of that before, is that like Mudding??!!

      • Galaxium

        Clearly a typo.

    • Rick Maverick

      Celling, oh yeah. Feel sorry for you, in particular while you seem to like what’s on the market Statesside. Humdrum Honda’s, pale looking Hyundai’s. plain Chevvy’s, utterly boring VW squareboxes

  • Ilbirs

    It became a “poor man’s 3008” and I didn’t like this. The lines are too angular and these ugly creases on the side panels break all the harmony that a smoother surface would give to the lines.

    • Rick Maverick

      I agree, but it’s China calling.

  • Zimny Pawel

    Wow it looks just fantastic !

  • Vangelis Goulis

    They surely got some design queues form the Audi Q2

  • Shobin Drogan

    I like the rear end but the front is horrible, looks nowhere near as aggressive as the 208. It just looks confused and bulbous.

  • rbennet27

    To be fair, I prefer its new look.

  • designer_dick

    Is it beautiful? No.

    Is it striking? Absolutely.

    The front end is a little bit questionable, but will probably improve with familiarity, while the side profile and rear end are pretty attractive. The extensive creases along the car’s flanks are like an ode to expensive production engineering. PSA is really making the most of its very healthy 7.7% operating margin.

    • Rick Maverick

      Make that 8,5% margin, exc. Opel/Vauxhall. A stunning number, and 2.5x higher than Volkswagen, equal to Audi

  • Frase

    Even as someone who’s pretty fed up with the crossover craze, I have to admit this is one of the much prettier options. That said, it’s still more sensible to got for the 208 instead. What exactly do you get extra with the 2008 besides a higher driving position?

    • jfalckt

      I often have the same feelings towards SUVs, but this one is a stand out one for me, Peugeot has done a great job and has been on a role ever since the 3008. As to what more you get, in reality it’s just a marketing ploy for us to spend more.

  • Too busy. It looks like an angry blue shoe. You cannot cram all those details on a small car and expect them to gel.

  • Vassilis

    Well… stunning… The 3008 is stunning. This one is interesting…

  • sidewaysspin

    It’s not bad especially considering it’s an entry level SUV.

  • Nexus7

    It’s a squab misshapen box. Only stunning in the farmer-mobile world of SUVs with your Jukes and Azteks.

  • Dennis Scipio

    It looks good inside and out.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Ehhh, I dunno.

    You can tell it’s French though.

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