Maserati Quattroporte L’Ultimo Concept Is Italian Luxury At Its Finest

Italy might have a long and distinguished history in the automotive world, but right now it also has a total of seven major carmakers – and only one luxury brand, Maserati, as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani belong to a fare more upmarket, and exotic, realm.

Now, when it comes to models that wear the Trident badge, the Quattroporte is in a way the quintessential four-door full-size luxury Italian saloon. It’s also the only one, which is why the nameplate hasn’t gone anywhere for over half a century.

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This render, dubbed L’Ultimo (The Last One), was put together by one Marcus Hjelt, imagining a next generation, all-electric Quattroporte. And this is by no means fiction – Maserati have already confirmed that their next-gen full-size luxury car, which is expected in 2022, will be a battery-electric.

In terms of styling, the render features many signature elements that make it instantly recognizable as a Quattroporte, while the cabin boasts an opulent ambiance with a configurable rear section that allows for a couch-like setup.

Other noticeable features include the wing mirror cameras, pop-out door handles, massive wheels, interior ambient lighting, a steering wheel-mounted display and more.

So, does this make for a convincing proposition for a QP replacement or what? Feel free to chip in in the comments section right below.

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  • Zandit75

    Love the interior, but the exterior is hit and miss at both ends.

  • Six_Tymes

    Wow, this looks amazing. Nice to see unique design

  • Mike anonymous

    I have personally always stated that Maserati should (As The Once Were) Look To Rival The Likes Of Ferrari & Bentley, less so BMW & Mercedes. A Vehicle Such As This Would Be Magic For The Marque.

    I Wrote a Post a number of months ago regarding “Maserati Becoming A Mass Market Brand”, where they went wrong, and how they can/could possibly restore the hierarchy the “Maserati” name once (in my own opinion) held. The ScreenShots Of The Post Are Below If You Are Interested In Reading Through It. With that said, let’s continue…

    Now of course the L’Ultimo Concept (shown) is not perfect, (specifically its’ design could use some fine tuning, & Personally I believe the rear of the vehicles design could use some work) but the overall design could signal something that is more elegant design language that is more true to the history and legacy of the brand.

    As I stated in the post (below) Maseratis’ long-term customer base does not reside within the ‘general luxury’ automotive market, as the majority of their customers lay within ‘(I’m looking for the word) “executive” (per-say) luxury’ automotive market alongside brands such as Bentley, Ferrari, & Aston Martin.

    The L’Ultimo Concept Previews (interior, size, and exterior) a vehicle that could seemingly take on the likes of the Bentley Continental, Aston Martin Rapide, with Ferrari rivaling Performance to back it. A possible successor (or model to slot above) the Quattroporte.

    Overall this is a wonderful concept (for what it is) and Maserati would be smart to incorporated a new (far more ‘organic’ and elegant) design language. I believe this could possible work all for the better if they also happened to incorporate elements from the “Birdcage 75th Anniversary Concept” (shown above). To offering something different from the competitors, opposed to adding another ‘leaf to the salad’ so to speak.

    It may be a long shot, but, all said; I long and look forward to the day when Maserati may once again be proudly mentioned as a whole alongside the likes of many prestigious brands and marques the world over, once more.

  • Bo Hanan

    It’s a very dull design that’s comprised of what every other car manufacturer is already doing now. In addition, because it’s stealing design ques from other marques, it will look dated by the time it would debut in 3 years.
    Maserati needs to be different! It is the only Italian car maker offering high end sedans. Their sedans should be the Ferrari of sedans. Forget Lexus (except quality) and “get yo freak on.”

  • Bash

    This is beautiful, A little bit of a Jag from up front, but I’m sure this will go away once IF this concept get the green light.

    • europeon

      Green light? This has nothing to do with Maserati, it’s just a random kid on the Internet making some silly drawings. It’s not official.

      • Bash

        Its not legit, I get it.

  • Nathan

    The rear lights are very old Maybach-esque…

  • Neveele

    Deluxe. Make it!

  • StrangerGP

    The back of the car doesn’t look like a Maserati at all, the rest is nice.

  • europeon

    When you see “renderings” of the audio system or the brake discs, you know the “designer” really has nothing to do with design in general. As if not understanding the basic Maserati design language queues was not enough.

  • Adilos Nave

    You guys on here all act like complete jerks whenever a student design comes along. This is extremely well executed and is intended to be a portfolio piece. Impressive skills regardless if you like the design or not.

    • europeon

      As I said before: a painting of a turd, no matter how accurate the painting and how skilled the painter, it’s still a turd.

      Unconditionally respecting someone’s work is something people didn’t understand 1984 would say.

      • Adilos Nave

        What the ever-living hell does 1984 have to do with anything? You obviously don’t understand design at all. And sure as hell can’t appreciate it.

        • europeon

          I understand design in my own way.
          What does 1984 has to do with it? Everything, because you’re trying to impose opinions on other people and tell them how to think. It’s the first step…

          • Adilos Nave

            You’re really reaching there with the 1984 analogy. You can have your own opinion, of course. But I think it’s fair to say it’s an uneducated opinion. The results may not be to your liking and that’s fine but you should respect the skills that were used to present the resulting concept. If you can’t do that, you’re no better than an armchair quarterback.

          • europeon

            I *should* respect it? Why? In my uneducated opinion I see no skills either artistic or technical. As I said above: still a turd.

            As far as calling me an “armchair quarterback”, this is a comment section, not an art contest. It also says a lot about what a stuckup pr**k you are by making assumptions like this based on thin air 🙂

          • Adilos Nave

            Not sure how you don’t see artistic or technical skills. Doesn’t matter, that’s your opinion and you are 100% entitled to that. My apologies for getting agitated by your comments. We all love cars on this site. There’s enough fighting in the world. Getting pissed off about some car renderings is pretty pointless. Sorry.

          • europeon

            I’m getting pissed off about how dilettantes like the one with the “renderings” above are getting the spotlight.

          • Adilos Nave

            If you’re so pissed about someone being in the spotlight for sharing the results of a LOT of hard work, then by all means please share with us the results for us to view and critique. Why do “renderings” need to be in quotations? That’s, um, exactly what they are.

          • europeon

            Whataboutism much?

            Again: hard work doesn’t imply good results.

          • Adilos Nave

            FINE! You win!! Happy now? Yes, you won the internet comment system for the day.

            Pardon my French but you’re an a$$hole.

          • europeon

            Thank you, beta cu*k soy boy with no opinions of his own.

          • Adilos Nave

            What on earth is that supposed to mean?

  • Antonio

    I think the design is really cleaver. However visually this car reminds me of what a new XJ electric car should be. Jaguar XJ. All the details really suit the XJ. Great work!

  • Nordschleife

    Looks good to me. Far better than what i could do. I love the front, not so much the rear but it would be nice if Maserati had a bespoke program. I imagine they would if they had VAG money.

    • europeon

      They have a bespoke interior program.

  • Looks much better than the Quattroporte.

  • ksegg

    Why does it look like a Jag?

  • Porkopolis

    Here’s a game: Play “Find the Designer” by reading the comments below.

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