Musk Says Tesla Has Designs For A Road-Going Electric Submarine – No, Really

Elon Musk is famed for making intriguing statements and raising eyebrows and he did exactly that during Tesla’s recent shareholder meeting.

As Car and Driver reports, an attendee asked Musk if the car manufacturer was working on an electric amphibian vehicle that can travel both underwater and on land. While virtually all industry executives would likely have dismissed such a question as being absurd, Musk actually revealed that, yes, Tesla has thought about such a vehicle.

Not only has Tesla thought about an electric amphibian vehicle but Musk said that it has even gone to the trouble of designing one.

“I think the market for this would be small—small, but enthusiastic,” Musk said about the vehicle.

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The entrepreneur’s interest in aquatic vehicles is nothing new. In fact, Musk purchased the famous Lotus Esprit submarine from James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me back in 2013 for a cool £616,000, or $997,000 at the time. Musk claimed that he was going to transform the Tesla with an electric powertrain to actually make it functional but it remains to be seen if that ever happened.

Nevertheless, Musk was keen to point out during the shareholder’s meeting that building an amphibian car would be a distraction for the Californian car company but did leave the door open for perhaps making an aquatic Tesla show car.

Tesla has a lot on its plate right now. It is churning out the Model 3, Model S, and Model X, building a huge Gigafactory in China, working on improved batteries, preparing to unveil an all-electric pickup truck, and readying a semi-truck. Yeah, an amphibian car would certainly be a distraction.


  • Patrick Bong

    Why has a company that is bleeding so much money wasted time, manpower, and money to design an amphibious vehicle. This is like a person remodeling the kitchen of their home that’s in foreclosure.

    • Jason Miller

      Design being a relative term, more likely sketches on a napkin. I highly doubt they wasted anyones time and spent millions on a design for fun. Get real.

  • EyalN

    I will be surprised if Musk will tweet that Tesla are selling a car in profit.
    You can make and sell anything if you don’t think about making profit

    • Jason Miller

      Tesla is still relatively new and expanding. Expansion costs money. They’ll get there some day.

      • Super Rob

        Tesla has had the entire market, plus $7500 credits for years. Now they have competition, with manufacturing knowledge, and credits. Tesla will be bought out due to it’s CEO. He is an inventing genius but a terrible CEO. He gets bored with one project and is ready to move on to the next one like all inventors. That lack of focus isn’t allowed as the CEO.

        • Jason Miller

          His talents are best put to use at SpaceX anyway.

          • benT

            just another of the projects I mentioned above.

        • benT

          his focus, as stated by him many times, is the future of the world.

          • Super Rob

            Yet Elon is failing.

          • Jason Miller

            Says you?

          • Super Rob

            Says his bosses. Both the Board and the shareholders are down on Elon. Last meeting was warnings about everything Tesla does. They will eventually be bought out. Elon is going to take them to the bottom.

          • benT

            check on GM and Ford. There’s where you will find retraction contraction and failure. Not to mention Boing aircraft. They will bounce as that’s going to be the only solution!!

  • Mr. EP9

    Yeah, and Tesla also have anti-gravity technology. As I constantly say, I’ll have to repeat myself; I’ll believe it when I see it. Until then, its just as silly as Tesla’s mini-sub. And we all know how well received that was.

  • Jason Miller

    Coming from the guy that has the only rocket company in the world with a reusable rocket, certainly plausible. People can laugh and joke all they want but I wouldn’t put it past Elon to make it happen. Show car or not.

    • benT

      good on you Jacob!

  • Ben

    It never ends….

  • Ben


    Karen, I’m standing here on the shore of a Malibu beach where Kylie Jenner’s Tesla Model N is being towed ashore. Reports are frayed at the moment, but we do know at 3:10 AM she called her mother and manager screaming her vehicle was sinking. Kris told us she was baffled because “Isn’t that what a submarine is supposed to do?” Unbeknownst to her, the vehicle’s autopilot feature had malfunctioned and kept descending to a shelf approximately 300ft below.

    We reached out to Elon Musk for comment: “Well, we’re looking into the incident, but we are proud of the Model N because it is only rated for a depth of 100ft and crush depth of 150ft.”


    Back to you Karen.


    • benT

      clearly, this bloke is an ‘articled clerk’.

  • JqC

    Many of you in this article have no sense of humour. Anyhow, there’s something fishy about this whole thing. I watched the shareholder meeting, and the body language of the three on stage was not dismissive when this question was raised from the audience. There was something being concealed here. I suspect that Elon’s words were white lies designed to misdirect slightly. I suspect they have worked on an aquatic solution, but its not a submarine car.

    My guess is that they have or are considering making the new Tesla Pickup capable of performing as a boat. If you think about it, it shouldn’t be difficult to turn a battery EV into a water-jet powered amphibious vehicle. With some clever lifts you could even make a hydrofoil if you needed to. And as a Sports Activity Vehicle, being able to go out and fish in a lake if you wish, or being able to casually ‘ford a fjord’, rivers, fast streams or even floods would be the ultimate in ‘go-anywhere’ capability. I suspect the intention Tesla has is to knock our socks off with the pickup. To literally reinvent the pickup/sport utility vehicle class from a high-riding car into an actual off-road, out-back, life-enhancing beast.

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