Someone Just Paid $15,200 To Attend The C8 Corvette’s Unveiling!

Need (more) proof that Corvette enthusiasts are super excited for the long-awaited C8 model to launch? Well, someone just paid over $15,000 to attend the global unveiling of the mid-engine American supercar on July 18.

Last week, an eBay listing started doing the rounds as it was advertising a pair of tickets to the C8 Corvette’s premiere and all the related activities surrounding the car’s launch. The two tickets ultimately sold for $15,200.

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So, what do you get for paying as much as a small hatchback on a special Chevrolet event?

For starters, the new ticket holders will be attending the reveal of the new Corvette on the evening of July 18. The following day, General Motors will host a reveal ‘expo’ where attendees will have the opportunity to look at the new car up close while also having the chance to speak with the team behind the long-awaited project. Additionally, the ticket holders will enjoy accommodation on July 18 and July 19 while also being provided with a group lunch and a tour of the National Corvette Museum.

Fortunately, the tickets were not sold by a money-hungry Corvette owner looking to make a quick buck off the hype about the C8. Instead, the tickets were provided to the National Corvette Museum from General Motors and all funds raised from the auction will benefit the museum. Think of this more as a charitable donation than an accurate representation of how much attending the C8’s premiere is really worth.

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  • Mr. EP9

    Wow…..just wow.

  • Emoto

    Some people have money to burn, it seems.

    • Mike anonymous

      78 people to be exact. But it is their resources, so they can spend it however they feel fit to do so. Does not me the world has to agree, but it’s clear attending this event is worth that much to some people.

      I suppose we could watch it for free at home, but as with many sporting events, films, etc,.. there is apparently a certain satisfaction in attending and being there to see it through your own eyes, opposed to through the lens of a camera.

  • TB

    That’s just phucking stupid. I’ll watch the unveiling at home for free. I’ll check out the concept stuff on the interwebs…for Free. I’ll pay the $12 dollars admission for the museum. So….yeah.

    • Porkopolis

      Think of this more as a charitable donation than an accurate representation of how much attending the C8’s premiere is really worth.

      • Fabián Montiel

        Ctrl+c, ctrl+v


  • 2PacOfCarscoop

    he could buy a c8 for that kind of money…

    • robotlogic

      Did you mean a C5??

      • 2PacOfCarscoop

        CAN your read?

        • Ben

          Well obviously, you’re incorrect, which is why they questioned your comment. If you meant putting $15k down would let them walk out the door with a C8 Corvette you’d have a chance of being correct.

          • 2PacOfCarscoop

            I don’t know where in the 3rd world country you’re from.. But here we don’t pay that much for a plastic car… Sherlock

          • Ben

            OH NOES! A scathing comment to insult Corvettes! Ermahgurd, so edgy.

          • 2PacOfCarscoop

            wanna meet up?

          • Ben

            Playground…three o’clock….bring a slingshot

          • 2PacOfCarscoop

            Slingshot? Wanna shoot me? Like a pig cop, who ses a black man…

          • Ben


  • Merc1

    A fool and their money are soon parted.


  • Bash

    Too many crazy people with crazy money out there.

  • Robert

    More money than brains

  • Robert

    He’s an idiot

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