2019 BMW 2-Series GC Is Quite A Looker In Two-Door Coupe Guise

BMW is currently prepping the new 2-Series Gran Coupe, which will directly rival the new Mercedes-Benz CLA.

While an M2 Gran Coupe is in the cards, we have a feeling that driving enthusiasts would much rather own a rear-wheel drive version if one existed (the 2-Series is based on a FWD platform), preferably with the same 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six as the one in the current M2 Coupe.

In order to put this render together, designer X-Tomi utilized the front end of the brand-new 1-Series hatchback, which will actually make its way to the 2-Series Gran Coupe as well, so even though it’s hypothetical, this rendering isn’t that wide off the mark.

Visually, we could argue that those large headlights are perhaps a bit too overstated for such a compact-sized car, but other than that, we don’t see much wrong with it.

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Even though rumors about a possible two-door version of the new 2-Series Gran Coupe have been circulating for some time, we can’t tell you for certain whether or not BMW is interested in doing anything more than simply matching what Mercedes is doing with the CLA, which would mean no Coupe is on the cards.

Even so, the majority of customers should be perfectly happy with the four-door version too, especially if the CLA is any indication of how successful such a car can be among young buyers.

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  • While the rendering is likely not to be accurate, BMW still has a problem with their current styling. It seems to be much more divisive than the E60 Bangle era. They are not only losing hardcore BMW fans, they don't seem to be winning any new fans either.

  • Some interesting cues there but proportions are not right. All in all though, what's good does improve in the terrible design of current BMWs....which is increasingly similar to cheap Japanese models or other boxy econoboxes from cheaper brands. To be fair, cheaper brands are doing better in many cases, in terms of design.

  • Is the new 3-door 2 Series even happening? Are they going to invest money to make it RWD? Because a FWD coupe from BMW won't sell in big numbers.

  • The front ends of BMWs lately are so overdone. It's not just the oversized grilles. There seems nary a clean line anywhere. Nothing is timeless or classy anymore, which just makes it feel disposable.

  • I'd love a current M2 to be transformed into 4-door sportback/fastback, akin to 8-series.
    And BMW, while you at it, keep it RWD!
    All I need is a little sports car, which I can sell to my wife as a city car with a space for kids.

    • I feel like you're the demographic the industry listens to the most and is the reason why we have:

      SUV 4 Door "Coupes"

      Saloon 4 Door "Coupes"

      Saloons that for whatever reason, use their Coupe version's front nose/rear end and abominate into something bizarre called the "Gran Coupe".

      Stop the madness.

      A Coupe has 2 doors. Period.

  • Why is this render getting so much attention? It's hideous. I truly hope the next 2-series coupe is much, much better looking than that.

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