2020 Lincoln Navigator Arriving At Dealers In November With Extra Gear

The fourth generation Lincoln Navigator has been enhanced with a series of added features for the 2020 model year.

The luxurious land yacht will arrive in dealerships across the nation in November with the new Monochromatic Package. Available on the Navigator Reserve series in Pristine White, Ceramic Pearl and Infinite Black, the package has been inspired by fashion and home décor.

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Additional equipment has been added to the 2020 Navigator, including the ‘Phone As A Key’ technology. Offered as standard, it uses the Lincoln Way app to allow owners to lock and unlock the doors, open the liftgate and drive off without the need of a traditional key fob. The Ford-owned brand has also added standard power running boards, heated and ventilated front seats and charging pad for compatible mobile devices.

Part of its Lincoln Co-Pilot360 system, which is a gained feature, the large SUV features a series of driver assist technologies. These are Blind Spot Detection with Cross-Traffic Alert and trailer coverage, Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane-Keeping System with Driver Alert, Lane-Keeping Alert, Lane-Keeping Assist, Dynamic Brake Support, Forward Collision Warning, Pedestrian Detection, automatic high beams and reversing camera with washer.

Pricing for the 2020 Navigator will be announced close to its on-sale date. The outgoing iteration is offered in four trim levels, named Standard, Select, Reserve and Black Label. The entry-level variant starts at $73,205 and the top-of-the-line Black Label sets buyers back at least $95,395. The BMW X7, which is a bit smaller, has an MSRP of $73,900.

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  • Stealth333

    Holy school bus. Does it come in Orange also?

  • Bash

    Oh those images no. 16 and 17 tho. Perfect 👌🏻

  • TheBelltower

    Such a nice looking barge from the front. But there’s a reason that none of these pictures show the rear end design. Lincoln really needs to fix that.

  • Craig

    I certainly looks like ‘big money’ when rolling on past you. Very nice I say. [If you’re into that ‘big money’ look of course!]

    • Jawohl

      A Ford that looks like big money! 😂😂😂

  • Mike anonymous

    It Would Be Wonderful If Automakers Made Their Production Models More Akin To The Concepts That Inspired Them As Technology & Methods Of Production Improve.
    The Current Generation Navigator is a great vehicle and is one of the best vehicle in the segment when compared to rivals within and outside of the US marketplace. Lincoln, with the Corsair & Aviator really stepped their ‘game’ up to an entirely new plane (presenting a vehicle that was as close to the concept as the original 2013 Mkz in comparison to the 2012 Mkz Concept). The Navigator (although only a few years old), having been on the market for only a short amount of time, is seeing a great many competitors from numerous companies introduce new, next generation models. I personally think that Lincoln should refresh the Navigator,.. but do something great with said refresh.


    Opposed to trying to follow the crowd, I think it would be very nice to seen a company attempt to make their vehicles’ closer to the concept vehicles that inspired them. Lincoln is proving they are an incredible luxury brand (especially as of late) and should most certainly ‘keep the ball rolling’. There are a great many improvement to the current Navigator that could be made, on the vehicles exterior, as well as (and in my personal opinion, especially) the interior.


    I think they should keep the same underpinnings of the vehicle, but more so update the vehicles exterior with completely new sheet metal that more properly matches the concept, especially with the trim around the windows. I think it would be great if they also brought over the ‘push to open‘ door handles from the Continental over to the Navigator to clean up the side, and Inside keep the major of things the same, but include bring in the seats from the concept (with the integrated rear screens (opposed to the tacked on ones of the production model)), and bring a lot more of the premium materials into the cabin. Oh.. and also bring over the slimmer tail lamps from the concept as well.
    Lincoln has a chance to do something great & Unique in the segment, Everything shown on the concept, are is completely possible with the technology the company already has in use in other models. It may just be an idea, but to see a company try ‘rather than update aspect of the vehicle’ try to legitimately make the vehicle better, is a route Lincoln should definitely take with the Navigator.


  • Aelwyn

    Out of curiosity, since the X7 is actually mentioned in the article: which do you like better, the Navigator or the BMW X7?

  • brn

    Nice headline / trick-bait. When you said “extra gear”, I was expecting an 11 speed transmission.

  • Galaxium

    Anyone not a fan of the DRLs used in the headlights?

    I prefer the single, continuous LED instead of seeing individual LED bulbs.

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