Exclusive Look At 2020 Corvette C8’s Dash From Behind The Wheel

The 2020 Corvette will be unveiled next week, but we’re taking you for a look from behind the wheel a little bit early with new (additional) photos.

As you first saw in our previous set of exclusive pictures, the 2020 C8 is a radical departure from its predecessor as drivers will sit behind a new two-spoke steering wheel and find themselves facing a digital instrument cluster. The screen is slated to measure 12-inches diagonally and it will be flanked by old school warning lights on the right.

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Getting back to the steering wheel, it has meaty paddle shifters which reside in front of some parts bin turn stalks. The wheel sports an assortment of controls, including one for the new heated steering wheel, but the most interesting is the silver “Z” button. GM has kept that button heavily camouflaged in prototypes, so the company obviously wants to keep it a secret.

We revealed its existence months ago and tentatively dubbed it the Zora button. We’re still not a 100% sure what it does, but it could load driver presets or put the car in a specially configured performance mode by automatically adjusting a number of different vehicle settings. Of course, that remains unconfirmed and so do any specific ties to Zora Arkus-Duntov. That being said, the company hasn’t exactly been coy on the Zora references as he’s been featured in teaser videos and on camouflaged prototypes.

Check Out The C8 Corvette’s New Fully-Digital Instrument Cluster

Underneath the steering wheel is alloy pedals with rubberized grips. There are also slender air vents and a button for the electronic parking brake.

While we’ve already shown you the controversial center console, with its ramp-like structure, we have some unfortunate news about the infotainment system. It’s smaller than the images suggest as it has thick bezels all around. The infotainment software should be familiar to current Chevrolet owners, but there should be a handful of special Corvette touches.

Below the infotainment system is a stylish metallic accent and new controls for the dual-clutch transmission. While we initially thought the rotary controller was for infotainment purposes, that doesn’t appear to be the case. The rest above it features a metal plaque that appears to say “Mode.” This suggests it’s there to provide easy access to the Corvette’s various drive modes.

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Chevrolet will likely only introduce the entry-level Corvette Stingray next week, but high performance variants have been under development for a long time. In particular, the upcoming 5.5-liter V8 was a secretive staple of a certain facility in Michigan. Of course, that’s a story for another time.

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  • MayTheBestCarWin05

    the anticipation is killing me….i just wanna see the damn car!!

    the 18th can come soon enough.

    • Six_Tymes

      well, its not like we haven’t seen it already.

  • TheBelltower

    Based on this, interior material quality won’t be a complaint anymore.

    • Nastinupe1911

      Yeah… it’s ashame that it took 60 years to figure it out. But the interior does look a lot more upscale… but more Caddy, cheap shiny plasticy upscale and less Porschey/ Mercedesy upscale

      • Ben

        Well they aren’t charging “Porschey” money likely. I don’t think it took 60 years to figure it out either, it was consumer preference. Consumers just didn’t care about french stitching, they cared about lightweight, front mounted engine, rear-wheel drive sports cars.

  • Bash

    I think the interior is its best thing so far, what I really want to see is how its going to perform.

  • LJ

    White accented interiors look nice, but I’d think they’d be a nightmare to keep clean. That goes for any car.

  • Porkopolis

    Porsche-inspired buttons?

  • ErnieB

    That interior makes up for the cars rear end.

  • Matteo Tommasi

    I see one more zero on the price tag.

  • BlackPegasus

    Looks good thus far. My only pet peeve is the shiny leather on the steering wheel. Could it be grease and oil left behind from the hands of testers?

  • DetrinKD

    The amount of leather used is quite impressive… but I can’t imagine it wearing/holding up too well. I think leather on the dash works well because no one is touching it, but all over the center console… Won’t look so great in 3-5 years. Especially in a light color like shown here.

  • kDawg

    Damn that wall between the driver and passenger. No more on-road BJs.

    • john1168

      LOL… GM takes the fun out of everything, don’t they 🙂 LOL

      • stelvio

        it’s a safety feature. studies have shown that touching a passenger in the leg and vice versa causes uncontrollable drifts.

        • john1168


  • john1168

    The interior looks pretty good but I too am not liking that great wall between driver and passenger. Word has it Cadillac had quite a bit of input with the interior design.

  • Charles Chin

    Thats one fuglee steering wheel.

  • SteersUright

    Damn, Gm can’t make a good looking steering wheel for the life of them. Shame, as its the interface between man and machine. Rest of the interior looking pretty cool, outside of how poorly the pieces seem to fit tougher, especially the lid for the little storage compartment that seems to have uneven gaps all around it.

    • khc

      “… how poorly the pieces seem to fit together…” – We’re looking at a pre-production vehicle, not necessarily indicative of the final product.

      • SteersUright

        except that it looks exactly like how the panels gaps appear in the current Corvette, so there’s that.

  • Six_Tymes

    the layout looks fantastic, and the materials all look premium. nice work so far.

  • Harry_Wild

    The C8 steering wheel looks so awkward and out of place for a sport car. Can anyone say it is “CHEAP LOOKING”?

    • Six_Tymes

      I disagree, you exaggerate with the rest of the hate spreaders.

      • Bo Hanan

        That steering wheel doesn’t look performance car related. It looks more akin to an SUV or luxury cruiser. Sh#t like this is the reason the Corvette doesn’t have a younger audience/buyer. My boss is any his 60’s. His Corvette clubs has no members under 55. My boss buys a new Corvette with each new redesign. Yes, Corvette buyers are getting older and want features that are comfortable for their soft bottoms.

  • Alpina

    A man invented wheel 6500 years BC, I don’t know what this thing for steering left and right is in this car.

  • So far I don’t like the exterior, too much C7 applied to a mid engine car (they could have tried different) but I’m ok with interior. I hope This will shame X2 or more expensive cars, Maybe it will be the 21st century NSX spiritual successor.

  • outbackandy

    Sharp looking

  • DetrinKD

    I don’t know if it was announced that there would no longer be a manual option… if not, the design of the center console makes it quite clear that there won’t be. Unless there is a completely different console we haven’t seen.

  • glennsmooth

    So far the interior looks better than the exterior. Holding breath for a few days longer …… 🥴

  • Finkployd

    Bonus points for the originality but overall this looks really messy

  • Stav Gavrilis

    I really hope that center stack of buttons doesnt make the final cut. Who wants a wall between you and your passenger. Looks like such an afterthought


    Ugly interior

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