The 2020 Corvette C8 Will Retain Stingray Name

There have been countless rumors about the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette, but one of the most persistent has been speculation that will be called the Zora.

This is understandable as it would seem to be a fitting tribute to Zora Arkus-Duntov who is known as the “Father of the Corvette.” Zora is also credited with thinking about a mid-engine Corvette all the way back in 1957.

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The C8 is the realization of Zora’s dream and the spiritual successor to previous mid-engine prototypes like the Chevrolet CERV II which sold for $1.1 million in 2013. While that model was a one-off, the C8 will represent a major step in the evolution of the Corvette.

It’s a Stingray after all

While Zora’s influence is undeniable, so is the fact that the 2020 Corvette will be known as the Stingray. As you can see in our exclusive shots, barring some huge last minute change, buyers can expect to see the familiar Stingray name featured on a column between the front seats.

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While the news might seem like a slight to Zora, fans should remember the engineer played in an important role in the development of the C2 Sting Ray and C3 Stingray. He was also responsible for transforming the original Corvette into a proper sports car by pushing for the installation of a V8 engine and a manual transmission.

Some fans will probably be saddened by news the C8 won’t be called the Zora, but it’s possible the company could evoke his in other ways. One possibility is for a so-called Zora button.

That’s not official at this point, but our exclusive interior pictures of the C8 reveal a mysterious “Z” button on the left side of the steering wheel. It presumably operates in a similar fashion to BMW’s M button.

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However, there’s no word on what the Z is supposed to stand for. Zora is one possibility, but the Corvette lineup also has plenty of other Z’s including the Z06, ZR1 and Z51 performance package.

We should learn more about the C8 in the coming months, but there’s no doubt the model is shaping up to be one of the most highly anticipated Corvettes in history.

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  • Nordschleife

    I prefer the Stingray name so I think that was the right choice.

  • MarkoS

    That should tell us that there is no intention of continuing a traditional front-engine car in addition to the new mid-engine car. A shame. GM seems to be in a complete tail-spin anyway.

    • Flounder

      What is tradition though? The original Corvette was a 6 cylinder. All cars were FR then. Times change. There is no rule that this car needs to remain a FR. If MR gives it much better performance and bang for the buck then I’m at least open-minded to trying it. Not sure if I’ll like this better than the current gen, which I really like a lot aside from the monstrosity Z07 which has way too many ground effects on it. But we’ll see. I’ll give it a chance before making that decision. If it turns out people don’t like it, and they don’t sell, I’m sure they’ll go back to the FR the next generation.

      • MarkoS

        The way to go was to Make Corvette a brand and offer a range of cars. Continuing a FE Stingray and Moving up or over to a Zora would be the way to go. Dial back on the Camaro and keep it more affordable.

        • Bo Hanan

          This was my idea too. But the old fogies at the General aren’t ready to cross into 1998 yet.

        • Emoto

          Do Corvette sales number support such a move?

          • MarkoS

            Do they support moving to a very expensive rear/midengined layout while abandoning the traditional layout?

      • MarkoS

        The Original Corvette indeed was a 6’r as that was what was affordably available, it didn’t take them long to move to a V8. Frankly I think a 6’r would have been a better match as the standard engine in the C8. Tons of tradition, people think Corvette Stingray, they think American Front Engine muscle car. I think that tradition should be kept, I never stated they should add to it.

    • jack

      the problem is the camaro. it’s made by the same company, is very good, and has a full engine range, including the LT1 it shares with the corvette. at this point they’re basically selling two of the same car when you get to the top of the line (the ZL1 1LE makes 650 HP). when you’ve got two of the same car you’re competing for the same customers; in this case retirees, troops, and cops. corvette moving to a mid-engine config actually helps to preserve the brand by keeping it at the top of the chevrolet pile where it belongs. thank you for attending my TED talk.

      • MarkoS

        I think Chevy should dial back the Camaro making it more affordable and forgoing the most ridiculous versions and provide some actual back seats.

        • jack

          i mean you can get it w/ a 2 liter I4. idk how much more dialed back you want it to be. it still has a heritage of being a muscle car, so they *should* make a fast one, no?

          • MarkoS

            Fast for a segment. Try my comment as a whole. Fast is beyond fast today.

          • STAN24

            At the base, V8 upgrade, and high performance trim levels, the Camaro’s pricing and performance is fully in line with what the rest of its segment is doing. Since no one is being forced into the “most ridiculous versions,” the only way you’re going to make it more affordable is to decontent each trim – partly that can be done with interior equipment, but the big bucks are saved with the performance bits, which are the whole point of the car. And then buyers will complain that their cars lack performance compared to the competition.

            As has been the case all along, you can have your Camaro affordable (read: cheap, though even the turbo-4 moves like a 90s Z28), or you can have it with the V8s and pay a fair price for the added performance it brings. Considering that V8 performance is on par with what an early Dodge Viper provided at a significantly lower price (first gen Vipers started at $56k, over $90k in today’s dollars), the slowest and cheapest Camaro SS is a performance bargain.

          • MarkoS

            Thanks for proving my point.

          • STAN24

            I don’t think you understand your own point if you think I proved it.

          • MarkoS

            Bug off troll, you have that head so far up your ars that you can’t tell it from a hole in the ground. This isn’t a arm chair debate platform btw, get your jollies else where.

          • STAN24

            You’re making unrealistic demands of GM’s engineering department and accusing a 2017 SS/2SS owner of engaging in an armchair debate, and I’m supposed to be the troll?

            I’d apologize for hurting your feelings with pesky facts, but I don’t wanna.

          • MarkoS

            I made a comment on a somewhat obscure car website. If I wanted to try and make demands, I would go to the source. You took it where you wanted to take it drama queen, deal with it and move on. Trolls live under bridges Stan and you are under mine. Chao.

          • STAN24

            So go to the source then, since you feel so strongly about it. Or stick around here doing no good at all, with your hurt feelings, your impractical ideas about what these cars ought to be, and your troll-like insistence that someone who disagrees with you is in fact the troll.

          • MarkoS

            I’ll do what I do Stan, it is of none of your concern. I can use obstinate instead of troll if you please. Its not that you disagreed at all Stan, it is the way you did it and you know good and well what your doing when you do it. Bye Bye now.

          • STAN24

            If you’re going to pitch a fit that Chevrolet offers a Camaro performance option which barely touches on entry level Corvette performance, expect pushback.

          • MarkoS

            Oh, I am sure I actually might like it.

      • Bill Nguyen

        Yeah, that’s why they are making this midengine… That’s the only way they can make it perform at a high enough level to separate it from the Camaro.

      • Ralph L

        Or they could make the Camaro a couple of inches taller for those of us who don’t or can’t fold and unfold. That will create enough room for windows.

      • Jon Miranda

        Jack gets it. 100% agree.

      • MarkoS

        As is a Totally different personality and Character. Put them side by side, they aren’t the same car. The Camaro has also outgrown its boots in terms of performance, it should have been kept below 50K and actually seat 4.

        • STAN24

          Speaking as someone with first hand experience, you can get a whole lot of Camaro for less than $50k and still have a car that moves like a C6 Corvette.

          As for seating 4 (adults, comfortably)… meh. If I wanted a rolling back seat couch with a V8 up front, I would have bought a Challenger. Instead I wanted the most sports car in the pony car segment, so I got the Camaro.

          • MarkoS

            Yep, below 50K the Camaro is a great car for the most part and that where it should remain. However the Corvette has a totally different character and personality and could be further differentiated continuing a FERWD layout. The Camaros current mass could easily be packaged to be more rear passenger friend which would improve its mass appeal. The point going back is I think Chevy should have continued with a FE traditional layout Corvette Stingray which still has plenty of room to improve and distance itself from the Camaro. Bring the Corvette Zora for sure, but don’t bet the bank on it.

          • STAN24

            What evidence are you bringing to justify statements like it’s “easy” to redesign the Camaro for better rear seat space without a weight penalty, or that there’s room for improvement left in the FR-layout C7?

            Things like that are a lot easier to say than they are to prove, especially if you’re not an engineer and especially not an engineer with first hand knowledge of the engineering of the car in question.

  • Bo Hanan

    I would’ve preferred Zora as it would imply the “next” chapter of the Corvette as the new mid-engine suggest.

  • Mark Seven-Ultranine

    I’ll vote for the “Zoray!”

  • Merc1

    Amazingly the interior looks like a breakthrough for a GM vehicle.


    • Blade t

      Wow, you really have no clue..

  • MarkoS

    Some interesting interior design details, but I already see problems.

  • Ross

    Now the cat is out of the bag and now its time for GM to officially announce the car.

  • LazyReader

    Such lovely injection molded plastic why cant they design their car lineup like their concepts………….beats scrapping your whole sedan lineup

  • Stav Gavrilis

    I can’t get over the center row of buttons, such a terrible design. I mean husbands won’t even be able to use the “honey its a auto, we can hold hands while we drive” excuse. Instead here is a wall with buttons on top. Or wait maybe they have something going here…


    GM is taking too long to reveal this supercar. Is this new car that unreliable

  • Harry_Wild

    The C8 been hyped since 2009! Come on Chrevolet, just another 6 month of hyping and then another thing needs to get fix! How cheap can the accounting department get by using to thin of a gauge wire in the main electrical harness! No AWD option available either. It is so meh!

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