Surprise! Cop Karma Ruins It For Aussie Hoon Doing Donuts

The driver of a muscle car in Australia got the shock of his life when police saw him doing donuts last year.

We only recently stumbled on this clip and while it was filmed back in August 218, it is still absolutely hilarious and just goes to show that in Australia, you can never be too confident that police aren’t monitoring your every move.

The driver of a large truck filmed the incident and perhaps suspecting what was going to go down, was in the perfect position to capture it all.

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The Holden Monaro HQ car can be seen pulled over to the side of the road before it slowly creeps forward as the road ahead clears up. The driver then pins the throttle, lighting up the rear wheels and spinning the car around. Not satisfied with this stunt, the driver continues to spin up the rear wheels, sending plumes of smoke into the air.

Before long, karma strikes. Unbeknownst to the muscle car driver, officers in a local Holden Commodore police car witnessed the hooning and immediately pulled over the driver. Making things even more hilarious is hearing the enjoyment the trucker gets at seeing the car being pulled over. The driver of the muscle car even glances up at the trucker as he pulls to the side of the road.

Karma can be a cruel mistress and this driver was on the receiving end of it. Perhaps next time he’ll leave this kind of driving to an event which actually permits such stupid antics.


  • brn

    “Holden Monaro HQ”

    Can’t even get this right? That’s clearly a Sabre Turbo.

    • Adam

      I’m Australian and that definitely is a Holden Monaro.

      • brn

        I’m from the Internet and that’s definitely a Sabre Turbo. You can tell from the stripes!

        • Adam

          Oh, you’re one of those types of people. Got it 🤦🏻‍♂️

          • Bash

            Burn lol

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