New Acura MDX And Possible Flagship Sedan Revealed

An Acura RDX owner has reportedly discovered images of two unannounced models hiding in his crossover’s infotainment system.

According to Acurazine’s RDX.god, “I was digging around images in the package located on the RDX, loaded it into android developer toolkit, and low and behold, they have had images of the unreleased 2020 MDX on our RDX this whole time.”

As you can see in the pictures, the facelifted (or possibly redesigned) MDX is a departure from its predecessor as it adopts an all-new front fascia with a revised grille that is flanked by slimmer headlights. The model also has new air intakes and a wide lower opening.

Moving further back, the crossover sports new doors with chrome trim and a curve-shaped accent. The model also has a revised greenhouse with third quarter windows that now kicks upwards.

Styling changes to the rear are harder to make out, but it looks like the MDX will adopt a new rear bumper and updated taillights. The rear hatch has also been revamped as there’s a modified spoiler and less chrome trim.

If the MDX wasn’t interesting enough, the folder also contained pictures of a sedan. While RDX.god thinks they might be photos of the new TLX, we think they could be images of Acura’s all-new flagship sedan which is set to be unveiled, in concept form, at Pebble Beach next month.

There are a number of reasons why we believe this and the car looks significantly longer than the TLX. It also closely resembles the Precision concept which is said to have inspired the look of the new flagship sedan.

Regardless of what it is, the model has a prominent shield grille and slender LED headlights which reside above large air intakes. The car also has a sporty roofline and a dynamic character line that cuts through the door handles at an angle.

At the back, we can see wraparound taillights and a trunk that comes to a point in the center. There’s also a ventilated rear fascia and a trapezoidal recess for the rear license plate.

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The post also included images of the interior and they suggest the car will have a digital instrument cluster and a freestanding infotainment system similar to the one used in the RDX. We can also see a stylish dashboard, power adjustable headrests and a color changing ambient lighting system.

If this is indeed Acura’s new flagship sedan, it will likely replace the RLX and some reports have suggested it could revive the Legend moniker.

Thanks to Gor to the tip!

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  • William

    MDX looks solid. Not feeling it with the sedan.

  • Brian Regan

    Huh. I think those are both quite handsome.

  • D-splash

    Looks great! Clean lines and well-proportioned. I was looking at the M340i and C43 AMG, but I might have to wait for the TLX Type S.

  • Honda NSX-R

    I bet people will hate on these cars since they’re Acuras, but I’m really liking the way these cars look.

    • willhaven

      The MDX looks great!

    • D-splash

      People hate on Acuras but don’t realize they’ve quietly taken over the luxury segment. Currently, the RDX is Acura’s only vehicle with the new design language and interior, and it’s the top seller in its segment.

      The MDX, ILX, and TLX are at the end of their production cycles and have interiors from 2007. Yet somehow, in sales the MDX is on par with the new X5, and beating the GLE and Q7. The ILX, 8 years into production, is outselling the CLA, A3, and 2-series. And the TLX is consistently outselling the new A4 and the Lexus IS.

      • willhaven

        Damn – that’s surprising. I would’ve never guessed that it performed that well in the marketplace.

  • Thunderbolt


  • DetrinKD

    WOW! This is a MAJOR leak! Acura is going to be upset about this one!

  • Dude

    Signs of life at Acura are about as rare as signs of life from space so I’m excited.

    • NormT

      Can Honda+ be stretched any further?

      • Dude

        Stretched? Acura barely has any models. Honda only went from 9 to 11 models in the last year which is a pretty average amount.

  • Honda NSX-R

    Also, the sedan seems like a TLX to me

  • baofe
  • Merc1

    WOW this is best they can come up with in today’s brutal luxury car market? Another warmed over, FWD Honda sedan? PASS. Get a Genesis. Now that MDX doesn’t look too bad, the styling has more character than most anything else Acura makes. Lets wait and see.


  • GreenPat

    Not too bad but without any info on the power train it’s nothing to be excited about. Will they finally put out a legitimate BEV or at least a PHEV with 30+mi/50+km range. This will soon be a mandatory option for vehicles in the MDX class.

    • NormT

      Honda engineers Olona and Guitar didnt finish with their hybrid RDX and MDX at Pike’s Peak this year. So not in the near term.

  • eb110americana

    Dare I say, both of those look quite good. If Acura ditched the pie-plate sized emblem in the grille, they might actually be back to making attractive cars again. That interior still looks a far cry from even “entry luxury” though.

    The sedan’s proportions almost look RWD. I will posit that it is the RLX or its replacement. It’s too big to be the TLX.

    • NormT

      Buick Enclave is eating MDX lunch since redesign.

      • matrem

        Wow, it’s only the third time you’ve posted this same comment

        • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

          Have you ever seen Norm elsewhere?

          He’s a notorious GM troll and is a cancer to the Internet. Just block him.

      • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

        Yeah, fleet sales, Norm.

        Good job pumping out GM Junk to Avis and Hertz.

    • dumblikeyou2

      I don’t think it’s as big as you think. It looks right in line with the TLX’s proportions. I doubt Acura is going to do more than one sedan at this point anyway.

  • Aelwyn

    Love the front of the MDX, but something about the profile silhouette looks… odd to me. The D pillar seems too bulky or something. Can’t really put a finger on it…

    • Rocket

      I’m not sure what you’re seeing, but I’m having a difficult time stomaching the front overhang.

      Here’s a tip to the Acura designers: when you’re working with ungainly FWD proportions, do not raise the car’s hood line to enhance your car’s most undesirable feature.

      • dumblikeyou2

        Don’t blame Honda, that’s Euro laws that forced all the manufacturers to raise the hoods to be more pedestrian friendly. I’m hoping these exterior airbags the industry is working on will eliminate these ungainly proportions.

        • Rocket

          Of course I blame Honda. All manufacturers are required to follow the same rulebook, yet only a few struggle to make it work.

    • NormT

      When you share Pilot and Ridgleine…

      • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

        Better than any of that GM Junk you promote.

        XT6 is a joke, Norm.

  • Kaido Alex

    Looks like Acura is going for a new Lexus LS competitor.

    • NormT

      The Buick Enclave is wiping the floor with MDX as it is overdue for an update.

      • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

        The Buick Enclave is rental fodder.

        Honda/Acura have less than a 1% fleet ratio while Buick is above 20. Congratulations.

  • jaunie ibarra

    I’m liking what I see.

  • NormT

    Buick Enclave outsells MDX by 4,000 units in just the first half of 2019!

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

      Fleet sales of the Buick would account for more than that.

      How many more times are you going to make the same comment? You’re pathetic.

  • Ricki Boo

    I often wonder if these people have any ideal how horrible their designs are?

  • Craig

    If those at Acura have even half a brain they will call their flagship the ‘Legend’. Otherwise…. DON’T WASTE OUR TIME. The RL and RLX ‘names’ are mud. No one cares about them at all. The Genesis G90 outsold the RLX – so far – this year.

    • Mike anonymous

      I completely agree! It is great to finally see a new vehicle that fully incorporated Acruas’ new design language fully, beyond something ‘new’ based on existing hardware, or a refresh of a vehicle with an interior from (no offense, but) 2006 or 2007.
      These (from what we can see so far) seem to be true luxury vehicles. But to certainly stand out in the segment, they are going to need to change their naming strategy, because although many people know what an X6, 300, or S550, are (and know exactly what brands they are from), Not many people know, or care much about the name of most Acrua vehicles.

      It surely is time to bring back, and bring about names we care about (and/or at least) know. Here’s to hoping they can take a page from Lincolns’ book, and bring back a “Legend”.

  • Nordschleife

    If these are in fact real, I know the people at Acura are like WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO BE SO DAMN NOSY. Why are these even embedded in anything pertaining to the RDX? Oh well they do look nice.

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

      “Why are these even embedded in anything pertaining to the RDX?”

      Because they will share the same system with the same software. Why wouldn’t they?

      • Nordschleife

        Because if you brought your car in 2019 and these cars come out in 2020 and your car doesn’t offer over the air updates like a Tesla then why would you be able to even see something that doesn’t come out until later. That’s like me buying a phone with iOS11 but having access to iOS13 two whole years before it’s released. So again my question is why is this embedded in this system?

        • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

          Your analogy is terrible.

          Vehicles are designed for YEARS before they are released, not months. People writing the software have access to this information and include it.

          • Nordschleife

            Is he writing the software though or is he just a nosy consumer? Does he work for Acura? No your rationale is terrible. We can just end this with agreeing to disagree.

  • MarkoS

    Well, defiantly an Improvement, probably was the current generation should have been. This is not near close enough to the beautiful concept.

    • Alduin

      It looks exactly like the RDX with a slightly longer wheelbase. Who is Acura trying to fool?

  • mailbox5

    Acura is the only car line that when new models are leaked to the public the excitement level is zero.

    • dumblikeyou2

      Asians don’t do fanfare. They’re quiet rioters.

  • CJKnox

    “An Acura RDX owner has reportedly discovered images of two unannounced models hiding in his crossover’s infotainment system.

    Wait. What?

  • Alduin

    Acura is such a terrible brand just like Infiniti. How both still exist is the question. Lexus,Audi and Genesis beat Acura and Infiniti in the luxury segment.

    • Bo Hanan

      Their designers are stuck in the 80’s. These also look like Genesis design rip-offs.

    • dumblikeyou2

      What’s Genesis? Ohhhh, you mean Hyundai. Sure.


        You comments prove how much an idiot you are

  • nik

    I suddenly want an MDX…….

  • Sharron Rowland

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  • Enoch Gabriel Gonzales

    i suspect that sedan is based on the honda accord. it looks really nice. If they can’t make a RWD sedan, then at least make it look like one.

  • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

    I donno
    I will postpone my final verdict until I see it

  • dumblikeyou2

    All this was just hiding out in an app???

  • Felipe Politano

    Now that is a great look for Acura. MDX looks interesting and the sedan looks very athletic for a TLX, but not luxurious enough for a Legend/RLX. Nice interior too, reminds me of that cockpit-concept seen on recent Peugeots. Now if only they would drop that naming scheme… not even asking for actual names, just some logic… maybe order the model names alphabetically or group them together in size classes (ILX/IDX for compacts, TLX/TDX for midsize, ZLX/ZDX for flagships)… but having their compact crossover as the RDX and their flagship sedan as the RLX on the other end of the spectrum MAKES NO SENSE.

  • DMax

    Not sure about the tail lights, they look like Buick. Front looks great though. And what about the Type-S? Scrapped or postponed to this new gen? Hopefully it’s still in the cards and retains the V6 with SH-AWD, that will be a good alternative to ze Germans.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    There are too many character lines near the headlights of the sedan. It ruins an otherwise, promising design.

    • donald seymour

      Tumbi what up? Stop being too nice and let them die.

  • Joe La Puma

    Here’s the sales numbers from April to June 2019…
    3815 – Acura ILX
    2812 – Mercedes-Benz CLA
    2459 – Audi A3
    1307 – BMW 2-series

    Acura’s doing surprisingly well! It’s even outselling the CLA.

  • Joe La Puma

    that overhang looks fine to me

  • Rasta_Farian

    If Acura do not call this thing a Legend, then they may as well bury it.

    • donald seymour

      Hey, hey, let’s stop until we see this thing in the flesh. Because I don’t believe any car deserves that monarch.

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