No More High-Riding Bentleys – Bentayga Will Be Crewe’s Sole SUV

Despite every automaker cashing in on the SUV craze, Bentley has stated that it has no plans to expand its range beyond the Bentayga.

While there has been talk about Bentley possibly building a second model to slot below the Bentayga in its family, according to Bentley President and CEO, Adrian Hallmark, right now no such plans exist.

“Direct answer? We are not looking at that,” he told Car Sales. “Is there an imminent, or very near, coupe? No. Are we looking at it right now? No.” Hallmark added that Bentley can “imagine doing different twists on SUVs in the future.”

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According to the executive, Bentley hasn’t “even scratched the surface” of the Bentayga’s potential and will continue to improve it throughout its current lifecycle.

Bentayga is almost 50 per cent of our sales, from a standing start. It’s already the best-selling Bentley in the company’s history,” Hallmark said. “We did 10,000 sales last year with 50 per cent of our potential range. The cars we are just launching, the new Flying Spur and Continental GT Cabriolet, will add to that. We’ve just gone from a loss-making position to a profitable first half in 2019. That doesn’t happen by luck.”

Hallmark wouldn’t say how the British car company will to develop and improve the Bentayga in the coming years, but did confirm work is being done on the car manufacturer’s very first battery-electric production vehicle. Bentley intends on launching this model before 2025 but, if it can, will try to make it a reality a little quicker.

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  • iddqd

    good news given this abomination of a car.
    the sheikhs might shed a tear, tho..

  • kimbentsen

    The Bentayga is a true dream car.

    • my dream is a clean earth and no racisem… = Or mr. orange..

      • mist

        Who cares

      • CarCzarDesigner

        Third World countries are the Worlds worst polluters. They don’t know how to manage their trash, so they just dump it in the Ocean. So, instead of just dreaming that one day, someone is going to come along and figure out how to solve this, why don’t you do it?

        Racism is based on hate. I think we can agree there is a lot of that going around, lately. Yet, you profess hate for Mr. Orange. So why is your hate any better or justified? It is still hate. And why focus and spend your time denouncing one powerful man, yet you give a pass to others who’s sins are far greater like…. Kim Jung Un, Xi or Putin or the Ayatollahs, there may be a Danish politician or two or three, in there too. I have never seen you post denouncements of them. That’s hypocrisy. Besides, this is wrong forum for that.

        • Who says I don’t? I was on the street an protesting when mr orange won the election in 2016! Puched facsiem in their FACE!

  • Maykel

    Uh oh board of directors about to vote him out.

  • Mr. EP9

    Oh thank god as it was hideous.

  • Bash

    Well, one is too many. Just like the wives.

  • Bo Hanan

    Has anyone ever seen one on the road? Anywhere?

    • mist


    • CarCzarDesigner


    • OdysseyTag


    • Trocadero

      You should come to Wilmslow, they are everywhere.

    • JRP

      They are Beverly Hills’ family car. So is the G-Wagen.

    • Craig

      YES! In fact… I saw my very first Bentayga last weekend. Looked very nice. But NOT $165,000 CDN nice. [And that would be the BASE price]

    • Gen Flauta

      Yes I do. It actually looked a bit nicer in person than in photos tbh

  • jfalckt

    Change the name of it, or kill it

    • Matt

      Stupid idea when it’s selling well for them. Bentley isn’t a big company so having a successful model like the Bentayga helps them stay profitable.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Wise idea. I’d rebrand it as a SUV Phaeton or whatever.

  • SteersUright

    A brand new ugly SUV based on a Q7 is suddenly 50% of their sales and they won’t consider others in different sizes? Im not a fan of this bloater, overpriced SUV but that still seems like dumb management.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      This is the puzzle that is Bentley. What’s next should be a Q9 to challenge the X7 and GLS and a Bentley of the size. Especially now that Rolls Royce has shown their hands…Bentley could offer the truly most luxurious and large SUV in the world.
      The Bentayga is the perfect size for a mid size SUV, but it lacks presence, significantly.

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