Saab 9-3 Comes Alive In EV Form As NEVS Begins Production In China

NEVS, or National Electric Vehicle Sweden, has officially started production of a fully electric four-door sedan based on the old Saab 9-3.

This launch will also accelerate NEVS’ timetable with regards to manufacturing in other cities in the People’s Republic, as per China’s Evergrande Group. Meanwhile, the cars are being put together at a factory in the port city of Tianjin, a location that can reportedly build 50,000 units per year, according to Autonews Europe.

As of right now, the Evergrande Group, NEVS’ parent company, has yet to divulge any details regarding the Saab-based electric sedan. All we know is that the platform was part the assets purchased by NEVS (a company started by businessman Kai Johan Jiang in Trollhattan, Sweden) from Saab Automobile back in 2012.

It’s also true that the Evergrande Group, China’s largest real estate developer, bought a controlling 51% stake in NEVS for 6.4 billion yuan ($930 million) back in January.

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In addition to NEVS, the Chinese real estate giant also purchased Shanghai-based EV battery supplier CENAT New Energy, plus two foreign electric motor makers in UK-based Protean Electric and Dutch company e-Traction – the former transaction took place just a month ago with Protean Electric being tasked with developing in-wheel motors offering “improved powertrain efficiency and greater flexibility in vehicle design.”

Also last month, Evergrande Group signed agreements totaling 440 billion yuan with local Chinese governments to produce electric vehicles, batteries as well as electric motors in Guangzhou and Shenyang.

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  • ME

    For Heavens sake, why can’t the copyrights and property just be given to NEVS for the SAAB name? Volvo already makes cars in China.

    • Rocket

      They lost the rights to the Saab brand name during their financial troubles a few years back. Saab Defense has control of the name and the logo.

    • McFly

      It’s because the cars are hurting the brand.

      Volvo Cars, on the other hand, have made the Volvo brand stronger than ever. That’s the difference.

    • Saab AB as said by Rocket has control. After the 2nd bankruptcy they said enough. First the Griffin Logo owned not by Saab AB but Scannia was refused to NEVS, then NEVS didn’t pay its suppliers, the investors didn’it deliver the money promised. The Swedish government saved the Saab parts (now Orio) but bankruptcy again. New Chinese investor came… Saab AB said enough and refused to let them use the name. Makes me sad, but I get it, If your name was for years in the news for Bankruptcy and layoffs several times, even if it’s not your business … It’s a bad image. I work with a company who went bankrupt, the group with the same name who sold this division 10 years prior had to fight the public’s opinion who thought the group when bankrupt when they were alive kicking ! 😀

  • Felipe Politano


    haha just kidding
    it only took them what, a decade

    • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

      Late better than nothing

  • Bash

    It feels good to see a Saab.

  • Tinky-Winky

    I hope they at least keep the SAAB design language alive for future models.

  • Aozora

    looks like a chinese knock-off

  • I love the 9-3, especially the phase 2, it still looks good… But poor Saabs they deserve a nice retirement by now . And I find it sad to see the Saab design without the name.

  • mattw177

    What are the specs again?

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