2021 Acura TLX Prototype Takes After Stunning Type S Concept

We’re only a few days removed from Acura having unveiled its Type S Concept and low and behold, our spy photographers have just spotted another 2021 TLX prototype, the concept‘s real world doppelganger.

While the car is still camouflaged, the layers aren’t as thick as before, allowing us to gauge the model’s overall shape, plus some front and rear fascia details. Like the Type S Concept, the 2021 TLX seems to boast a Diamond Pentagon grille, as well as similar Jewel Eye LED headlights.

Does it really look like the Type S Concept?

It obviously won’t be identical, but features such as the dynamic roof line, muscular rear fenders, aggressive-looking front fascia and door-mounted wing mirrors appear to be present on this prototype. What’s missing is the creased trunk lid design and the quad-pipe sports exhaust system, but those things might actually make it onto the production ready Type S version of the upcoming TLX.

We also don’t expect the taillight graphics to be quite as futuristic as the Concept’s, but the light cluster pattern seems to be shaped similarly in both instances – sort of like a stretch Radical math symbol.

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Unfortunately we don’t get to see inside this prototype, and the dashboard seems to be covered up anyway. Still, one of the pictures does reveal that the steering wheel features a three-spoke design, with what appears to be a metallic bottom part, as opposed to the plastic design found on the current car.

As for its engine range, we expect to see inline-4 and V6 units, with a turbocharged version of the latter possibly meant for the TLX Type S flagship.

Acura will probably unveil the next-gen 2021 TLX sometime next year.

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Photo Credits: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for CarScoops

  • Bananarama

    This is promising. Proportions look good. The leaked CGI shots seem to be lacking some of the details I think this/the production model will carry.

    • wintergraan

      Unfortunately the front overhang is way too long as can be seen in pic 8 🙁

      • Bananarama

        I don’t know, it’s no longer than on the concept. The length between the axles is for sure increased, and the distance between the front wheels and A pillar too.

        Looks like a very traditional sedan to me.

        • pissedoffjuicebox

          I agree Bananarama, it’s FWD but they pulled a Volvo S90 and made it look as RWD as possible. Good proportions.

          • donald seymour

            Thank you for noticing that. Volvo has the best front wheel drive proportions. Like real deal, it makes some rear wheel drive cars look like front wheel drive cars.

          • wintergraan

            But Volvos in general have a much shorter front overhang than this Acura. I really like the increased distance between the font wheels and the door but the overly pronounced overhang ruins it somewhat for me.

  • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

    I have a feeling this is going to turn out very nicely.

    • NormT

      The single piston calipers would suggest otherwise.

      • Jmasoncars

        Get it together Normy, you know this is the base model and not the type S version.

  • pissedoffjuicebox

    Looks great!

  • Arct1c
    • donald seymour

      I believe that might be the base model. I could be wrong and I hope that I am wrong.

  • donald seymour

    I will go ahead and day this, Hyundai and Volvo probably inspired them to make better proportioned front wheel drive cars.

    • William rowe

      time will tell

    • Honda NSX-R

      I’d say their designs for the past decade motivated changes too

    • Hot Twink

      It has simulated rear-wheel drive proportions yes, though technically the development mule in the photos is all-wheel drive.

      The bottom of the rear driveline module (RDM) is seen peaking out between the exhaust.

      The system has a different overrun ratio (around 2.7 percent), and the multi-disc clutchpacks that bookend the hypoid ring-and-pinion gearset are now hydraulically-controlled (hydraulic pressure is applied to the clutches). They are now responsible for torque delivery and transfer, as well as torque vectoring.

    • FFEMT6

      Mazda also I think, they are definitely top 5 in vehicle design, exterior and interior.

      • donald seymour

        You know what, you’re absolutely right. I completely forgot about them.

  • Dude

    It’ll be a whole year before we see this in the flesh… -_- I hope they show off a new ILX to tide us over

  • Please Honda don’t screw this one up pleeease!

    • NormT

      The single piston calipers give you a clue?

      • Brandon Green

        Has Buick added brembos to the rear brakesfor the GS Sportback or should we expect that next gen?

        • NormT

          Not even some AMG models offer rear Brembos. For anyone that has used their brakes on the track would know what is required for real braking.

          • Brandon Green

            Wow! Great information! Kudos to Acura for doing something not only Buick wouldn’t do with their ‘sports sedan’, but some AMG models!

      • Hot Twink

        You do realize the development mule in the photos is the regular TLX right? It doesn’t have the performance brakes (or engine, suspension, and exhaust for that matter) of the Type S because it isn’t a Type S version.

  • Hot Twink

    It’s funny these photos are now just making their rounds on the Internet, but the production-bodied mules have running around racking up miles since about the fall/winter of last year. Early engineering mules that were built using the current TLX body were running around for even longer.

    The design of the new TLX was frozen several years ago.

  • SteersUright

    Yeah, the ugly wheels, tiny brakes, and massive front overhang are just like the concept car…smh

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