Alpina Is Strongly Against Imposing Speed Limits On All Autobahns

Alpina has expressed its concerns about the introduction of speed limiters and the possible end of de-restricted German Autobahns.

The German car manufacturer makes some of the fastest sedans and SUVs on the planet, all of which are designed to storm down the Autobahn in supreme comfort. It’s no surprise, then, that chief executive Andreas Bovensiepen believes limiting speeds of new cars across Europe could have detrimental effects on the industry.

“Initially we’d expect a dip in sales (if such legislation was put in place). In the first place it will hurt every fast-car manufacturer… but I think ultimately people will still want to buy performance cars. It’s like buying an expensive watch; I think people will always enjoy buying expensive, fast cars,” he told Which Car.

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Although Bovensiepen doesn’t think such regulations would kill the industry of high-performance cars, he does stress that speed limits could discourage car manufacturers from investing heavily in new and innovative suspension and tire technologies.

“If there are speed limiters I think the majority of cars will get a much lower quality in suspension,” he said. “The German manufactures will say ‘oh, why should we invest so much money in suspension if there’s hardly any difference if you can go no faster than 120km/h’. In that case you don’t need five-link suspension etc.”

“If we have lower speed limits then the focus of tire tech could shift to be entirely more on durability and not grip. So they’ll make harder compounds with less rolling resistance, but with less grip on a wet surface. So maybe you have more accidents,” Bovensiepen added.

Germany has been toying with the idea of abandoning de-restricted autobahns for quite some time, but no final decision has been made yet.

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  • Finkployd

    I’d love to hear his full speech bc from reading this he seems really moronic

    • europeon

      And now we all know that you have absolutely no idea about car engineering.

      • Finkployd

        Sigh, no I don’t! I guess it’ll be concrete suspensions and banana peel tires for everyone all around the world from now on then

      • HD

        Or you don’t know what are priorities. They could engineer those tires for less pollution, less fuel consumption and more comfort. There is absolutely no need to engineer tires for the needs of a fraction of the population of Europe.

        • europeon

          Yes there is. If there is a demand for those things, stepping on my freedom of choice with stupid laws and regulations is something I will stand against.
          For everything else you have all the run-of-the-mill Hondas, Toyotas, Fords and WVs. Those segments don’t overlap.

  • Finkployd

    lol??‍♂️ for gods sakes, I’m saying this guy is using logical fallacy saying « the majority of cars » (sic) will have lower quality suspensions and slippery tires bc a few highways in germany will have speed limits.
    Either it has an impact on a niche and consequences are restricted to said niche, either it impacts the « majority of cars » and then whatever happens to a niche has no consequence whatsoever on the majority.
    You really think all the cars manufacturers will drop their R&D budgets in tires and suspensions because of this non-event?
    And although I am no car engineer, as I got unmasked earlier, I do understand the trickle-down concept … but the desire for performance and innovation will remain unchanged : it’s a statement, not a necessity 😉 @europeon:disqus

    • europeon

      We’re past the trickle down phase, unfortunately. Economics dictates everything now. That’s why regulating the segment is very bad for performance/enthusiast cars.
      Just look how BMWs and Mercs went from DW suspension to MacPherson on most of their cars just to save some money, as speed and handling (mostly) became less important.

      • Finkployd

        But we are still in the trickle down phase because of economics : any pricy new piece of kit will be implemented in a pricy car before it gets cheap enough to be fitted into a cheaper model (i.e latests driving aids, ventilated seats, …)

        I agree that some might be shifting from that model though – Tesla using it’s latest tech on the model 3, Merc implementing mbux on the A class first (even though the double screen layout started on the S class)

        Back to the suspension, strict regulations impose manufacturers to produce lighter and more efficient cars. Now, I don’t know BMW and Mercs reasons to swich from DWs to mcphersons but that being said it is a lighter setup and it gives them additional leverage to upsell their optional air suspension

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