Could The Next Nissan GT-R Morph Into A Mid-Engined Supercar?

With the Chevrolet Corvette making a radical shift from a front-engined configuration to a mid-ship layout, is it possible other popular front-engined sports cars will follow suit?

Chevrolet has repeatedly cited the fact that, with the C7, it had reached the limits of what it could do with a car outfitted with a large engine up front and it was only logical to move towards a mid-engined layout.

If there’s one sports car that’s pushed the front-engined configuration to extraordinary heights in recent years, it would be the R35-generation Nissan GT-R, which unveiled over a decade ago andis still going strong to this day.

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The world is clamoring for a successor to the hugely popular GT-R, and while its maker is noncommittal on when it will arrive, this rendering from J.B. Cars shows how a new GT-R could look if Nissan followed Chevrolet’s lead and made the car mid-engined.

The current R35 GT-R stands quite tall for a vehicle with such extraordinary performance credentials, so if the new one were to go mid-engined, Nissan would inevitably lower its roofline to make it more streamlined and more reflective of its supercar rivals. In addition, this rendering includes newly-designed doors that help funnel air into a large air intake above the rear wheel arches to feed the car’s powerful engine.

At the rear, the taillights of the current car have been retained and there is also a familiar rear wing, albeit now without the central support currently found on the R35, along with quad tailpipes inspired by those of the C7 Corvette.

  • DingYeh Yang

    No. Please don’t ruin it. Just no.

  • Dennis James

    The true greatness of the Corvette C8 is how they managed to build it for such a cost that a 60k sale price brings profit. That is the feature Nissan has to beat. And I can bet they will not be able to, judging from the endless price hikes on the GT-R since launch.

  • Leconte Dave

    Would cost 200k probably

    • Six_Tymes

      why? The Corvette doesn’t. Nissan could go back to reasonable pricing if they wanted to.

      • Leconte Dave

        They keep getting expensive every year

      • Mr. EP9

        Yeah, but we have seen that Nissan has no intentions on doing that. And with the current state of the company, one wonders whether the GT-R even have a future.

      • if that’s what they wanted the iDx would hvae replaced the Z already…

  • FFEMT6

    If they do reengineer the GTR as a mid-engine car, I hope it looks nothing like that render. It just came out that the C8 with Z51 package will be under 65K. That is the base car with Z51 performance goodies that accelerates to 60mph in under 3 secs. The next gen GTR won’t be able to even come close to touching that C8 price.

  • brn

    This is interesting. If anyone is poised to compete with the C8 on price, it’s Nissan. Maybe they’ll surprise us. Bring on the competition!

    Even if they pull it off, I’d still take the ‘vette over the gt-r.

  • William rowe

    Nissan makes junk, the last 2 or so years esp the last year all we have seen is junk so yea I don’t think anything like that would happen. They have no one in charge that knows what they are doing

  • Carman

    A R36 will not be as cheap as the C8 because it will be revolutionary in terms of technology. It will most likely be electrified and will definitely be AWD plus an ounce of practicality. This is what defines a GTR. When it came out over 10 years ago, it had one of the first rear mounted DCTs and one of the fastest 0-60 cars that you can also drive in the snow. The C8 has no new tech – an old pushrod V8 and a DCT. Mid engine is nothing new. A Pontiac Fiero was mid engined and so was a MR2 from the 80s. That’s how the C8 keep the price low. Surely, the C8 could have all those new drivetrain in the future, but it will def then be six figures in price. The GTR also maintains its resale value very well. Most 2009 is still around $55K which means a decade old car still retains 65-70% of its original value. The GTR is definitely rare.

    Kudos to Chevy for bringing this C8 to the market though. It’s definitely a strong contender for the masses, but I just can’t wait for the R36 to come because I want to see what new tech Nissan can bring again to destroy its competition at an affordable price.

    • Big Black Duck

      Idk…They can go totally retro and offer the most analog car you can buy…I wish the next GTR looks like the Nismo IDX concept and has very little electronics

  • Bash

    Oh boy. On the other hand, why not.

  • MID4 III

    why not, the GTR is no longer the Japanese ponycar it once was anyways. though the back seat may present some packaging issues here that the Corvette dind’t have to worry about.

    also it would robably be a smarter move to develope the next GTR and Z to share a platform so that might be tricky if the GTR goes MR All

    also also if this was going mid engine wouldn’t they have had to have started developement for it years ago? like it took GM 3 years to do this to the Corvette and the C7 wasn’t even that old of a car. the GTR is pushing 10 years at this point…

  • SteersUright

    Love the idea, especially if they can match the Corvette on price. However, I do sincerely hope it looks absolutely nothing like that render!

  • Navigator Navy✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ🍑

    Nissan Motor whatever should invent a mid-engine sports car for the arm and a leg those chumps are charging for an engine with a face of Osama Bin Laden — yeah, it is that ugly.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    I wish the they would.

    I will burn Yokohama to the ground if they even try.

  • Knarck

    An R390 revival would be welcome in this new age of hypercars

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