Fiat Will Not Build A Successor To The 124 Spider – And That’s Sad

Fiat won’t replace the Mazda MX-5-based 124 Spider when its life cycle ends, as it is looking to re-invent its line-up.

Earlier this week, chief executive Oliver François revealed that the company will focus much of its energy in the future to expand its city car business and growing the 500 family. The executive went on to state that Fiat won’t build any big cars, premium cars, or sporty cars, seemingly ruling out the possibility of a successor to the 124 Spider.

During a recent interview with Autocar, François added that, while the 124 Spider is profitable, it isn’t particularly important for the future of the Italian car manufacturer.

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“The 124 market is a niche one. It is profitable business for us – but only because of the joint venture,” he said. “It was an opportunity and we took it. It makes money and it adds a certain cool factor but I accept that such a car may not be key to the future of the brand. It is not what I’d call a pure, absolute Fiat, but for now, it remains an interesting opportunity.”

Earlier this year, Fiat’s UK branch announced that it would stop selling both the Fiat 124 Spider and the Abarth 124 Spider claiming it wasn’t making any money with the two sports cars.

Sales of the 124 Spider have never been particularly strong; in 2017, only 7,800 units were sold across all of Europe. We suspect that some buyers have been put off by the fact that the 124 Spider is more expensive than the MX-5 despite essentially being the same car but with small design changes and a different engine.

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  • I love my Abarth 124. More people should have bought them. Sadly there’s not many cars like this to choose from at this price. Total bargain and all the car I actually need day to day.

    • StrangerGP

      No it’s not a bargain, in my country it’s more expensive than a Mazda MX-5. I’d pick the Mazda in an instant if only I could afford to have a second car.

      Fyi I’m not saying it’s a bad car, it’s just hard to compete with an established and beloved model as MX-5. Plus now there’s a RF version which is even more practical.

      • It was a bargain in the UK. I got mine cheaper than the MX5, no one pays list price for new cars. Personally I prefer the looks of the Abarth 124 to the MX5, and the sound even more so! Plus its got a slightly bigger boot/trunk than the MX5 if practicality is something you look for in a 2 seat convertible. I dont, but I happily get my travel bags in it and enjoy driving it everyday.

  • Craig

    Based on my personal experiences with businessmen and business ‘executives’ I can tell you something that you probably already know. Most of them aren’t that smart.

    • Six_Tymes

      Truth. Most are just good at articulating bullshit, or regurgitating what others around them want to hear. Regarding the 124, in my opinion it looks so much better than the MX-5, I just wish it had its drivetrain.

      • mig1nc

        Agreed. I think the 124 is much better styled.

        • SetNick

          People dog on it but it drives better than the Mazda badged MX5. Maybe it’s the turbo engine for me.

          They will either be worth a lot in the future, or they will be one cheap car to pickup used…great for a project.

    • db

      I’m not so sure if they are terribly smart or not but imo I believe they got their noses too far into the accounting books and let profits and losses guide them too much.

  • SgtBeavis

    Wow, just how frackin’ stupid is Oliver François? You have ONE good product. That product isn’t hugely profitable but it is profitable and it is the nearest thing you have to a halo product.

    Instead you’re going to focus on your worst product that doesn’t make any money. Well, at least you given Mike Manley a good reason to kick you to the curb.

  • Blanka Li

    The one car that made Fiat remotely interesting again . . . wow.

  • I was expecting the usual “it isn’t profitable”… but it actually is?!

    OK, it is because of the joint venture, but even Toyota made Supra with BMW, so, what the hell, Oliver?

  • Giannis Antypas

    Mazda Will Not Build A Successor To The 124 Spider – And That’s Indifferent

  • Hoozyadatty

    All FCA needs to do is cover this car in Alfa Romeo clothing and put that amazing 2.0l turbo and 8 speed tranny from the Giulia/Stelvio in it and we would have a real treat on our hands.

    • Ilbirs

      It’d generate a great Alfa Spider, for sure. Other brand that would be benefitted is Dodge. Imagine a “poor man’s Viper”, for example. One important question is about how much the Giorgio platform can be shortened.

    • Salih Ahzem

      This car meant to be an Alfa but after the late Sergio said that “no Alfas shall be made out of Italy” they updated the sheetmetal for the Fiat rather than scrapping the whole project.

      • Hoozyadatty

        I’m aware, but Sergio is dead and his reasoning was stupid. As long as it has the Italian heart is all that really matters.

  • Don’tBeSoStupid

    Between living in Houston and Central Illinois I think I’ve seen 5 of these. Definitely not a big seller at all. Don’t really care for the headlights compared to the Mazda but the rear end is amazing.

    • db

      I’ve seen five of them already…..this year.

  • crabbyolddad

    My first sports car was a then new 1972 Fiat 124 Spider. And despite all the Fix It Again Tony jokers, I enjoyed the car for over 6 years and was never left stranded. In my lifetime I actually owned 7 Fiat vehicles, some sedans and some sports cars (X1/9). None of them ever let me down. My current sports car is a 2002 Miata that I scored from its original owner with 33K on it a few years back. The latest generation 124 Spider, while picked on by a segment, is a nice car and should be continued even if the inept management thinks otherwise.


    • db
    • Six_Tymes

      “I enjoyed the car for over 6 years and was never left stranded.” now you know first hand people lie and exaggerate, nothing has changed. you see lies spread daily here, same about politics.

      a close friend had a 74, that car was so much fun to drive, he owned it without problems for 5 years, drove it daily until one day he fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a ditch, the entire sub carriage was ruined, the car was totaled. Good that had many years of enjoyment with Fiats, I always wished to own one.

  • Kash

    That just means that they didn’t sell enough to accept whatever changes Mazda wants to continue on with their deal.

  • Ben

    If it could fit, FCA should drop a Hellcat engine into the Fiat 4C! Could you imagine that little car, carbon fiber frame and 717hp?!

    • db

      Your rear tires wouldn’t last a week.

    • Bo Hanan

      I’d settle for a simple 2.0-T w/ 200HP. Any engine that would help it get out of it’s way.

      • Ben

        In the 4C forums there is a lot of talk about swapping to a EA888 due to form factor. I don’t think anyone has done it tho.

  • db

    That looks gorgeous.


    FCA really enjoy making all the wrong decisions when it comes to Alfa Romeo and Fiat products

  • Alexandro Pietro

    FIAT´s core business always were small cars.This is the true.

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